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Ape To Man: Evolution Documentary History Channel (Englisch)


Englisch Dokumentation

Apologies for the bad quality. It’s a tremendous documentary so I still wanted to post it. Couldn’t find a better version.


    1. +Jennings Campbell no, actually you don’t. Science is backed up by tonnes
      and tonnes of mutually supportive, demonstrable evidence. Clearly, you are
      a deluded superstitious dumb fuck.

    1. +Natalie ….Yes Natalie, you believe. A belief is a feeling not supported
      by evidence whatsoever. such as religion. Science demands facts before it
      is accepted.
      I feel so, so sorry for you.

    2. I know in my heart God is real because I been saved thru Jesus. I will pray
      for you to see the truth and I believe the Holy Bible was inspired by God
      so therefore I believe what it says

  1. I knew as soon as I scrolled down I would see a bunch of debating. I am a
    geneticist, I have seen evolution happen under a microscope. If changes can
    happen in single cells over a short period of time there is no reason why
    changes can’t happen in a large organism over a long period of time. Don’t
    believe me, go get a microscope and a sample of cancer cells and watch how
    radically different DNA can change. END OF STORY EVOLUTION IS REAL, sorry
    if it contradicts your strict interpretations of Genesis.

    1. +Juandre Swanepoel First of all, no. Macro evolution is scientific fact.
      Species will absolutely diverge according to environmental changes.
      The biology of an animal doesn’t adhere to the definition of the word
      If a single species separates over different lands over time their DNA will
      become so different that they cannot interbreed.

  2. Love this! Very educational! I have always been dreaming of working with
    things like this. I ‚discovered‘ Dinosaurs when I was 3 and ever since then
    I have read everything I could possibly find on them, also watched movies,
    documentaries, even had tons of dinosaur toys..shortly after I started
    reading up on paleontology in general, like the time in between dinosaurs
    and the human ancestors. but lately I have become more and more interested
    in human ancestors history or whatever I should call it…and sure, there
    are some great uni courses that you could take (I so will!), but if you
    actually want to WORK with things like this, how do you actually get
    there???? does anybody know? anyhow, great documentary, awakened my
    curiousity even more!

    1. +legend goku ….Islime is the most twisted bunch of shit that ’s called
      itself a religion in quite a while. Even the so-called reasonable or
      moderate muslimes want to kill apostates and non-believers.
      All religions are lies, but islime is too backward and primitive for
      today’s world. I suppose it was fine for a barbaric child molester like
      MoHAMmad, but islime simply is not practical in a civilised society.
      MoHAMmad forced a bunch of goat molesters to follow his religion or die.
      That is not the action of a strong god, but that of a petty thug (a thug
      that molested children).
      The world will be a million times better when religion finally dies.

  3. This is such a LIE and everyone knows it by now.. Its part of the NWO
    global/Elitists attempt to HIDE our Creator from Us so they can control and
    have you serve them. THESE People are APES and get paid a of of money to
    run their con game keeping YOU from Knowing the Almighty God .Genesis 5:2
    Male and female created he them; and blessed them, and called their name
    Adam, in the day when they were created.

    1. +jennifer siagian
      Another example of this silly book just contradicting itself, in 1 Peter
      3:15, you are expected to give evidence for and defend reasons gor your
      faith when asked by a non believer.

      1 Peter, 3:15
      “Always make ready your defense to anyone who demands from you
      an accounting for the hope that is in you .. ”

      If you were a „true“ christian, you should have known that.
      But your not, your simply a victim.

    2. +jennifer siagian you see, you’re just not getting it. simply spewing out
      and rehashing quotes from your fairy tail book is quite meaningless. a book
      on its oen is not evidence of itself, as there is no coroberating evidence
      to back it up. You really are deluding yourself woman. tattoos are a no no
      has you actually read the stupid bloody thing, but this is what you morons
      do you just cherry pick the bits you think youd like to stick with. and why
      do I need a nap ? such a throw away line. stick to the subject. such a
      waste if time. read it again, this time all of it and bloody well take note
      of what the horrible thing is saying, do that, and if you had have half a
      brain you’ll turn atheist on the spot and start living life in reality.

  4. It hurts my intelligence and my eyes to see retarded documentaries like
    this based of fabricated evidence, sorry I meant to say “fossils“. I’m
    just here to ask a few questions which hopefully someone will have a
    logical answer to them.

    1) What caused the big bang to happen ? As we all know, you need an action
    in order to receive a reaction.
    2) How or where from did the first self replicating molecule originated
    from ?
    3) What mechanism or consciousness decided the percentage of apes to go
    through this incredible process to become humans ?

    This silly idea of evolution is resting in air as it doesn’t have even a
    foundation to it, nor it answers the most basic questions of a 12 years old

    I tried to understand evolution and this is what I found.

    The Piltdown Hoax advanced as evidence in 1912, dismissed in 1953, Found to
    be the jaw or an orangutan wit hteh remains of the scull of a human body.
    Neanderthal advanced as evidence in 1912, dismissed in 1963,
    Zinjantrophus advanced as evidence in 1856, dismissed in 1960,
    Ramapithecus advanced as evidence in 1964, dismissed in 1979

    That’s evolution for you. You’re welcome.

    1. +~ Bright Romeo ~ Clearly, you lack any intelligence to hurt.
      1) What caused the big bang to happen ? As we all know, you need an action
      in order to receive a reaction.

      The „Big Bang“ is not evolution, it’s Cosmology. There is a vast
      difference, look it up. Science is working on this. And the fact that we
      don’t fully understand yet, is OK. But we don’t short change ourselves and
      give credence to a god of the gaps explanation. That explains absolutely
      nothing, because if it was due to an intelligent entity, where did that
      come from. And if you quote your bible, I’m gonna bitch slap ya.

      2) How or where from did the first self replicating molecule originated
      from ?

      Again, this is not evolution, it’s abio-genesis. There are hypothesis (not
      theorys) that the first single cellular organisms came about near the warm
      flues in deep ocean currents. But, again, we don’t know yet and science is
      working on it.

      3) What mechanism or consciousness decided the percentage of apes to go
      through this incredible process to become humans ?

      It’s called evolution driven by natural selection. It has no „direction“ or
      „purpose“ and there is no end goal, it just is. And it’s not some kind of
      consciousness at the helm. I dont know what you mean by „percentage of
      apes“, the question is nonsensical. Humans, by the way, are apes. Please
      pick up a science book and start reading. It’s absolutely fascination stuff
      (backed up with FACTS).

      „This silly idea of evolution is resting in air“. Really? I’m presuming you
      have absolutely no grasp as to what the mechanisms of evolution entail.
      What is it that you don’t accept ? We have more evidence and an explanation
      for evolution than gravity. Evolution by means of natural selection is the
      best ex-plantation we have for accounting for the abundance of species we
      have today. Please. open your eyes and don’t leave your brain in the
      parking lot.

      Your last rant about hoax’s and dismissing claims (?) lost me. I’m not sure
      what your trying to say there, but there have been many many claims or
      hypotheses top be correct that have been submitted to science journals,
      peer reviewed with supplied data only to be thrown out as toal rubbish.
      That’s the beauty of science, it’s self correcting.

      Remember that time you had polio and lost the use of your legs and you were
      a total fucking mess ? No, you don’t? Well, that’s because what we’ve
      learned from evolution we now apply to modern medicines as well as a mass
      of other areas of science. What’s wrong with you?


    1. +Blue Tiger Sorry, but religious nut jobs deserve nothing more than
      outright ridicule, when a person completely side swiped the laws of the
      natural world in favor of an unseen sky-daddy, and some of whom go to act
      on their beliefs, then they deserve to be publicly mocked and humiliated to
      the end of time.

    2. +Nonna D Who are you to insult religious people do you forget that they are
      people too and have feelings just like you? Therfore I shall quote
      something from I believe it Socrates for he said „Be kind for everyone you
      meet is fighting a hard battle“ ie a battle religious people face daily
      such as being mocked for having their own beliefs in a higher being we have
      something called free will therefore do not mock those who have different
      ideas to you

  6. the chromosomes in Apes doesn’t match that of Man. It as discovered in the
    mid 90’s. Its the science that evolutionist don’t want to talk about.

    1. +mic jam The word THEORY has TWO DIFFERENT MEANINGS you idiotic cunt. I’ve
      tried telling you what it means in science, but you’re just too fucking
      retarded. Even high school kids know that THEORY is the written work they
      do, as opposed to PRACTICE. Guess you never made it to school, asshole.

    1. +Serenoj69 there has yet to be found one missing link (lucy has been
      debunked) this video is making the claim so proof falls upon the claimant

  7. we as a humans have went so far with tech and developments . but i never
    seen a monkey did it before ! and if i would say that we can live for a
    long while and having a babe monkey i swear this monkey will never ever
    speak even for a milion of years . so you ppl went to moon and out space .
    and yet you think you are monkey ?! this is epic funny and who ever believe
    in that deny the religions says how can we trust anyone can say any thing .
    how about Darwen ? isnt most of ppl believes that Darwin is right ? but
    they deny all the prophets and so . anyways . i never seen an elephant
    became a flying horse so i will never ever believe that i was a dirty
    monkey licks his own piss to clean his damn shit or eating the hair bugs
    cleaning the family members hair . and who ever thinking that he or she was
    monkey . go ahead move to the jungles give the humans some space . . you
    guys gotta stop believe in the shit of hollywood .

    1. +Enox Einox You have to understand that evolution takes place over the
      course of MILLIONS of years. We can observe the evolution of simple cells
      under a microscope, their DNA changes and mutates over the course of mere
      hours. Why would it be a stretch to believe that larger organisms could do
      that same thing over the course of millions of years? We have more brain
      power than monkeys, so we have the ability to develop technology and form a
      deeper understanding of the universe around us. You gave an example of an
      elephant becoming a flying horse. That just shows me that you don’t really
      understand what evolution means. A monkey does not become a human
      overnight. They slowly mutate, natural selection takes place, and very
      gradually we start evolving larger brains and walking upright. You should
      do some research on evolution because I think a deeper understanding of it
      would really enlighten you.

  8. EVOLUTION: HOLLYWOOD FICTION. A bone here, a fragment there , Hollywood
    makeup artists everywhere, concocting paste and glue figurines of what they
    wish to be: Over ambitious university faculty and professors desperate for
    grant money, fame and name; Unreliable radiometric dating estimates one
    rock at 250,000 years when, in fact, it it’s basalt from volcanoes of fifty
    years ago. To say, “ we know this fossil is a million years old by the age
    of the rocks; and the age of the rock is a million years old by the
    placement of the fossil “ is circular reasoning – and not real science !
    Bone can fossilize in just a matter of a few years. Also, geneticists know
    one life form can’t evolve into another. Just a 0.3 % nucleic change in a
    chromosome structure of DNA. would kill a chimpanzee – and any other animal
    – much less evolve into anything . I laughed through this science fiction;
    especially when the narrator says, “ this bone in the ground was from a
    tribal chieftain who had children, and that he had to hunt to survive“, as
    if the narrator was there. For all he knows it was an Elephant Man birth
    defect who was sterile, cast out of his village, hid in a cave – and ate
    human flesh…

    1. +Randall Wilks pretty frightening to read the Christian comments on this
      film. Truly disturbing there are people like this among us.

    2. Oh, look, +Steve Russo just graduated from the Creationist School of
      Complete and Utter Nonsense and wants ot impress us with all the shit he
      doesn’t know.

  9. Its to bad we are devolving from the ape. Ever try to climb with your feet?
    Fur would be nice to help 80% of the people on earth stay warm. Or if we
    had night vision as good as rats (our distant DNA) A tail would be nice to
    hold the iPhone while driving. But if I dont use my brain (that came from a
    fish) The evolution theory would as last pass as stupid.

    1. Why is it that you cant answer a simple question that pisses on
      Evolutionary theory? Your only able to degrade. How bout I give you power
      over a tornado not random but even precise control and a new car factory
      to use to (Evolve) A car? Will that happen? Never? but very easy Put you
      in a jungle with an ape your superior to with no tools, weapons, shoes, But
      intellect.. Whos gonna win the fight for survival?? You would win of coarse
      because you believe things happen for no reason. Thank God opps I mean
      Darwin such amazing Design comes from no where,,(but no purpose sure helps)
      I hope my tadpole inspired brain can believe that some day but maybe in a
      billion yrs? It will.oh and better grammer

    2. Your right because as the superior species of an ape would you last 3 days?
      with no clothes or shoes or food in a jungle? Thats how we are born to the
      enviroment Gee it doesnt work.

    1. +The FaZer I agree, too much going in circles with these made up
      conversations and shit, I don’t care to know these people and their life
      story, just get to the fucking point -_-

  10. Latest research shows a different picture. We are hybrids (only subsaharans
    have no or almost no Neaderthal genes). But all of us others have 1,5 to 3
    % of them in us. So there has been intercourse and that is a bit different
    from killing them. Currently it is thought that wave after wave of Homo
    sapiens sapiens got into Eurasia and so their genes became dominant.But we
    are simply partly them so they did not go extinct nor did we stay the same
    as our ancestors. It seems our ancestor were more modern than we are if we
    say H. neanderthalensis is an archaic hominid.

    1. +Serenoj69
      I would imagine that there was a range of reaction to Homo meeting Homo,
      but usually in Nature two species that compete for the same resources
      (different climates, same niche for all Humans involved) results in
      rigorous competition. And I don’t think that Early Homo sapiens and
      Neanderthal played sports! Possibly and probably there was that fringe that
      was attracted to different (That happens a lot in Nature too) rather than
      For whatever reason, there is no Mitochondrial DNA within our cells from
      any other species like Neanderthal.
      This means that either male Homo sapiens and female Neanderthals were
      genetically incompatible and unable to successfully produce fertile
      offspring, or that Neanderthal and Denisovan women were really, really,
      REALLY ugly.

    2. +Danaus plexippus Well….first we must know if any of these people
      regarded the others as something alien to them or just some other tribe. We
      don’t know. And there are instances of warfare among tribes but also
      peacefull coexistence. It is true that homicide among current
      huntergatherers is staggeringly high: 15-60% of all people in such a
      socieyt dies at the hand of another human….But if all were seen as equal,
      it would not give any of the two races a disadvantage as neither would be
      targetted more. Moreover: there is afaik no evidence of one targetting the
      other. Tha tis deduced based on current behaviour I think. What is sure is
      that these people have intermixed. How is not so important to me. I wonder
      if forensics will ever solve a 40.000 case of rape….

  11. I have a problem with this ape to man …. why here in 2016 there has been
    no proof of a ape turning into a man ….. if man came from apes , it seem
    to me you could find that still going on today hum

  12. danplex… why is it that if people dont believe what you believe or what
    you want them to believe. . you turn quite nasty.. please dont send me
    anymore emails because they will not be responded to and will be deleted.

    1. +Grant Mauger LMFAO? That was fucking hilarious…you were right to laugh
      your ass off! What the fuck are you doing making racist remarks on
      YouTube? Why aren’t you headlining Radio City Music Hall? With a wit like
      that you’re going places…Priceless! Keep up the good work!

    2. +Jonathan Leitch Sorry I fat fingered. No they don’t look like Barry. They
      are more reminiscent of Moochelle Obama the Sasquatch! LOL!

    1. +handredplus cola So it’s not idiotic that fucktards like you believe in
      something false, women’s made from men’s rib, or humans created from clay.
      This it’s a theory, but it’s far more plausible than your shitty bullshit
      from bible/quran.

    2. +handredplus cola
      Idiotic like how? Idiotic like talking snakes and magic apples and cramming
      millions upon millions of species onto a stupid boat for years? (I’m
      assuming it took that long for the water to, where would it go? Never mind)

  13. Ok so this is what Scientists say we should believe that people are apes
    and that the big bang is real, and that the world may die from disease,
    violence, dying from natural disasters, and Solar Flares.. But God says that
    war disease and natural disasters are a part of the end. (When Jesus comes
    down and takes us believers in Heaven), and that God created the Heavens
    and Earth..

    Which one seems more legit the stupid ape story or the legit God created
    the Heavens and the Earth story?

    1. +_ Buddyroar_
      Natural disasters are the result of a living, shifting, breathing, farting
      planet. When we stop having occasional earthquakes and volcanoes, we can
      worry. These are natural pulses of the living Earth. Occasionally, we get
      socked with a comet or meteorite that rocks our world to the core of life.
      Somehow, so far, life finds a way through these catastrophes.
      All that nasty shit you just mentioned, all those natural disasters and
      more, are what helped shape us into what we are today. Think all those
      things are NEW??!?
      Likewise, all extant flora and fauna have weathered many a catastrophe and
      somehow had the tenacity as a species to survive until times got better.
      This is how life diversified into the myriad forms we see today, as well as
      all the extinct species.
      Often what heads into the disaster is quite different than what comes out
      on the winning side. This is evolution. Natural selection of the best
      suited to its niche. Open niches left by mass extinctions are quickly
      filled and exploited, not soon after the dust settles. Often, this could
      mean millions of years of hardship before the sky clears.
      More often than not, species will succumb to violent or extreme change
      because they are too specialized in a certain microcosm or niche and that
      niche gets wiped out.
      But the Meek always inherit the Earth, those pragmatic, omnivorous and
      adaptable species who had been living underfoot and underground or deep
      within the ocean.

    2. +_ Buddyroar_ Well certainly not some invisible figment of ancient man’s
      collective imagination. The path to *TRUTH* is through the presentation and
      examination of *EVIDENCE*. Sooo…… please list ALL empirical evidence
      for creationism……… *ANYTHING?*…………… *ANYTHING AT ALL?*
      ………….*SURELY YOU MUST HAVE SOMETHING*…………*NO?????*
      Evidence, you know, that thing that rational people use for making
      decisions. It is really so much better than made up shit. *FAITH IS NOT A

  14. Just a point here…If we evolved from apes then why are apes still
    around?I mean when a species evolves the original species doesn’t end up
    ever making it. Just funny how elephants and their water dwelling original
    species they evolved from are no long around any more right. So how would
    apes have made it 2 billion years along side us as we evolved into humans
    from apes….Seems best believable outcome in our timeline but just doesn’t
    fit..We let apes survive along side us but hated Neanderthals so much we
    killed them off??? RIGHT

    1. +Fjolltzu I started redaing that, it’s heavy going with heaps of examples.
      Stick to it. It’s an absolutely amazing world.

    2. +wooe Our ape „cousins“ are from a different lineage. Just like your cousin
      relatives are from you aunties/uncles line, not your mother’s or father’s.
      And you exist don’t you ? Really, this is simple bloody primary school
      stuff. Religious people must be the most lowly educated people wherever you
      find them. Poor bastards.

  15. The idea that people believe we as humans came from apes is hilariously
    Are all the other apes that didn’t evolve the retarded ones?
    That was a joke!!
    In all seriousness, we can believe whatever we want of course. I don’t buy
    it for a second though.

    1. +Vincent Bédard Dont even compare it, creationism is below comparison and
      does not even deserve to be on the same playing field.

    2. +Monster Mousse
      Wow jeebus thumper calm the fuck down. You call me gay yet you want to fuck
      my ass? Just take it easy, and read a scientific book for once in your life.

    1. +Vanndy Thea Well if that’s the case, he created your 2 parents who
      obviously did not give 2 fucks about teaching you logic, critical thinking
      and skepticism. Poor bastard.

    2. +Vanndy Thea „God created all“. Including talking serpents, impregnating
      spirits and zombies superheroes and all.

  16. l think what happen hear is to keep the evolution alive they try and create
    the theory alive by making up story’s just like when l was at school to
    keep it going on and on and on and yet we have come to end of the age

    1. +arthur nas
      You’re right. It’s a greatest trick of all time apparently. Even though
      it’s really badly thought out by today’s standards. But when bronze age
      peasants believe it and pass it on their children there is no stopping it.
      Not until the whole world starts thinking in the realms of logic and reason

    2. +arthur nas
      You really are crazy dude. You can’t just find some old ridiculous book and
      call it an encyclopedia of facts, especially not if that same book has
      talking snakes and magic tricks written inside.

  17. Psalm 50:
    22 “Consider this, you who forget God,
    or I will tear you to pieces, with no one to rescue you:
    23 Those who sacrifice thank offerings honor me,
    and to the blameless[d] I will show my salvation.”

    1. +adi Fried, baked or mashed? Again, you are using reason to disprove
      alleged evolution. You gotta stop that… using reason to disprove the

  18. I am Muslim and we should believe in parts evolution because its actually
    makes sense but disagree with human evolution because if humans evolved
    from apes then we would still have have humans that look like apes today
    just like there are different types of birds and whales. second Monkeys
    should have been wiped out, because of survival of the fittest and we
    missing the link. Also If Lucy is 3 million years old then „lucy“ would be
    one of the very first monkeys, and monkey today are the final evolution. I
    don’t understand why we even think that were related to monkeys we have to
    many differences. Besides there are skeletons of humans that were 10-12
    feet tall and today were 5-6 ft tall on average, so humans couldn’t have
    evolved from a 3-4 ft monkey that would just be weird.

    1. +DTBrnes There is a path to *TRUTH* and that is through the presentation
      and examination of *EVIDENCE*. Sooo…… please list ALL empirical
      evidence for creationism……… *ANYTHING?*…………… *ANYTHING AT
      Evidence, you know, that thing that rational people use for making
      decisions. It is really so much better than made up shit. You apparently
      believe a book with talking animals, food that falls from the sky, sticks
      that turn into snakes, people who walk on water, etc. Have you ever SEEN
      any of those things? How does any of that qualify you as a rational human
      being? You say you have faith? *FAITH IS NOT A VIRTUE, IT’S THE

  19. Please if you believe in religion don’t watch this . and stick to your
    holly book and don’t make dump comments that reveils your already low
    intellectual level , thank you

    1. +Randall Wilks thanks for your comment , I agree that we should question
      and find evidence , my message is for people that can’t stop bullying and
      attacking scientific theorys without no evidence but just because they
      BELIEVE what’s written in some old books is true and as you know BELIEVE is
      not a fact or an evidence ,

  20. quick science lesson for everybody….
    science= finding monkey bones in the dirt…conclusion is it died
    not science= finding monkey bones in the dirt…conclusion is it was great

  21. Why do the comments sections of all these incredible documentaries all
    devolve into retarded discussions about religion? I’ll tell you why…. “

    I have two questions for any Americans reading this comments section: 1, If
    you believe in creationism, how does it feel to be regarded with
    embarrassed pity by your European (and Canadian) brethren? and 2, If you
    are educated, how can you bear to live amongst these utter fuckwits?

    1. +SimplyReg Fear response. They fear science for it shows more and more what
      our real origins are. It is very difficult and threatening to people when
      the basis of their lives and their future (death) is in the balance. And
      that is what the evolution theory does to them: it offers them a far less
      rosey alternative in which they also can be far less selfrighteous. Of
      course it sounds great to think that you serve „the right God“. Just like
      many of them also get a boner from thinking they live in the best country
      in the world. All illusions and painfull when they fall apart…

    2. +Reasonably Sane Your beliefs on the validity of evolution by natural
      selection, with particular regards to human beings,

    1. +Bruce Jemcek No, we’re all Homo sapiens with only slight variations in
      brain volume. Size and density of jawbones reflects the type of food that
      we eat and is evidence of evolution that can be witnessed within a persons
      lifetime. When migrants emigrate to first world countries that eat more
      processed foods then in two to three generations jaw size decreases. Look
      up gracilization.

    1. +ya ha I suggest you go and look up photos of Gorilla and Chimp fingernails
      and then go kill yourself when you see the truth. Their fingernails look
      identical to ours. No other animal has nails like that.

  22. If white skin is an adaptation that happened within the last 10 thousand
    years as is believed, then these Neanderthals would have probably been much
    darker than how they are represented in this feature.

    1. +bluesborn At least red hair is trait we inherited from the Neanderthals.
      White skin etc: never saw anything about that so I think you are just
      guessing. It might have developped 10000 years ago, it might be a
      Neanderthal trait that happened early on in their existence in which
      case it is 100.000s of years old.

    2. +bluesborn
      I just read that a section of the Neanderthal genome revealed that at least
      some may have had red hair and very fair skin.
      Also, check out „Charles Darwin’s Birthday Suit, the Evolution of Human
      Skin Pigment“. This is referenced there as well.

  23. Lol do some real research and not just youtube research… And you will
    understand that there was NEVER a time when man was not… Meaning that
    there was no ape to man just man we live in a religious and science
    theorists times which means your only looking at it from 2 angles… The
    European man can maybe say he’s been on this planet for about 2000 years…
    What about the previous hundreds of thousands if not millions that humans
    were already here? How can we find out go to the Vatican there are over 6
    miles of ancient artifacts covered up by the church… Hmm why would that
    be? Surely we are not being told something important to the life of the
    human… This mundane 9-5 mom-fri life is just how you manage sheep we are
    nothing but a flock of sheep. Until we stop arguing about who is right this
    shit will continue… but hey most of you think i’m chatting shit so go
    back to your sad lives of disagreement due to your own ignorances…

    1. +VL RLT-A
      „Nobody is trying to get their shit together.“ Does that include YOU? Poor
      attitude, if you ask me.
      As futile and frustrating as it may seem, it is important to keep a better
      attitude than that, even when it seems you are the only one who gives a hot
      shit. We cannot wait around for Room Service, AKA Divine Intervention, to
      clean up after our mess. To give up on our HOME is irresponsible to the
      point of recklessness.
      Do your part, and spread the word. We all have to do what we can to clean
      up this planet and start using clean fuel, safe farming habits and raising
      better quality food.
      I push butterflies. I cannot bring back Monarch numbers single handedly,
      but I can get others in on it.
      Butterflies are addicting in a wonderful way, and butterfly gardening has
      caught fire in recent years, due to the recent decline in Monarch and bee
      numbers. People do care, at least enough of us to make a difference. Most
      people just need motivation into action.
      $$$ has to go. Greed is a complete roadblock to real progress. That is why
      cleaner, greener products and foods are more expensive.
      That is why the latest, greatest medical technology is way the fuck out of
      reach to slobs like you and me.
      That is why a complete imbecile like Trump is in the lead for the highest
      office in the land!!
      It’s bass-ackwards.

  24. Man NEVER FROM Ape Today still Gorillas Chimpajee and more Monkeys;shame
    story Darwin Alllllllllllllllllll Lair

    1. +Maurice Vermeersch
      NP. I hope evolution and its surrounding studies become clearer to you.
      They are fascinating realms
      of power and struggle! Always remember,
      Fact is much stranger than fiction and
      Knowledge is Power!!
      Good luck to you :-)>

  25. Oh Yeshua.. Please don’t delay to eradicate these Dumb Darwinists. That
    worship the Creation rather than You their Creator.

    1. +Matthew Kwasnica Why would anyone out of free will worship a egomaniac,
      narcissist with clear antisocial disorder in the first place. You are sure
      you worship a God or are God and the Devil just a name game for the same
      hopefully fictional figure? Apart from evolution, that God seems much
      like that dad that hits his kids and wife in sadistic ways because they
      didn’t do like he commanded and when confronted the wife says „but he also
      has a nice side..“….Sure…men created a lot of things among which
      several Gods.

    2. +Matthew Kwasnica
      The Earth is moaning and in birth pains for the arrival of its lord??
      Are you on crack or something?

  26. homo erectus who lived before 800,000 thousand years were more taller also
    hunters live in families !! more developped than neanderthal who lived only
    40,000 years back !!! this is against the theory of evolution!!?

    1. +محمد الشهاوي Crocodiles are successful because they’re well adapted to
      suit the environment they live in, you don’t see them eating penguins nor
      eating Nepalese monks. In my country they’re protected because humans in
      their greed nearly forced them to extinction. Uttering stupidity doesn’t
      make any of the thousands of gods become reality.

    2. +Gary Bell ACCORDING TO adaptation. the crocodile is the most succesful to
      all environmental changes up till now & also crocodiles are ancestor of all
      mammals .. so why to develop into man

    3. +‫محمد الشهاوي‬‎
      There is no „more developed“ or „less developed“ in evolution. There is
      only fitness to environment. Homo erectus might have frozen his tits off
      had his descendants not evolved into Heidelberg Man then into Neanderthal,
      who was perfectly adapted to the cold, sunless environment of Ice Age
      Neanderthal was a strong bastard that relied more on strength and brawn
      when bringing down prey, and it shows in their recovered weaponry. They got
      up close and personal with dinner as they wrestled it down with hand held
      The more gracile Homo sapiens, however, developed weaponry more for
      distance (throwing) when bringing down prey. Brains over brawn.
      This edgy technology and the ability to share it with other Homo sapiens
      down the road was our edge over Homo erectus, Homo neanderthalensis and
      Denisovan Man.

    1. +LucianLondoner
      I believe what I can see and can touch.
      Science is tangible, based upon tangible, testable, undeniable evidence.
      Religion and Alien conspiracy theories are not. Have you ever SEEN an
      Alien, or a miracle occur as in the Bible? Seen any talking snakes lately?
      Little green men? Such „theories“ are nothing but hearsay.
      Evolution is fact centered.

  27. why doesnt anyone ever read the full title of Darwins book of questions and
    theories? „the preservation of favoured races in the struggle for life?“ in
    his study, who was the FAVOURED race??? do u all realize what you are
    saying if you subscribe to darwinism??? lmaoooo!!

    1. +FilmForceStudio I don’t believe in eternal hell nor apostate, so ur wrong
      there, u guys do the research on ur own like most people u will ignore what
      this worthless theory boils down to. I’ve done extensive research on it.

    2. +GMS Shar Ahmath Ba Where’s your source of this? I haven’t ever heard
      anything like it. By all means, you might be correct, but I haven’t found
      anything that seems racist in his works.
      Anyways, that doesn’t exactly change anything in the debate. Einstein
      married his cousin, after all; just because the person who invented the
      concept was strange doesn’t make the concept strange.

  28. Evolution isn’t even good science. Macro-evolution isn’t observable,
    repeatable, or testable, therefore it is a shitty excuse to not believe in
    God. More faith to believe in this horse shit with all it’s „transition
    fossils“ than to believe in God.

    1. +WinningEdge101
      if I had to describe your stupidity with one word. I would have to create a
      new one, because there is no word to describe how much of a fucking idiot
      you are.

    1. +Danaus plexippus
      Fact is most people care …and enough to do something about it. But we
      must be honest. Global warming is a political hoax.

      Be truthful and simply point out the poison of pollution …

    2. +Jack Frost
      This world is not healthy. I can feel it. Don’t YOU notice a difference, or
      don’t you give a shit? This planet can only put up with a certain amount of
      shit before she starts making life hard on the perpetrators (us).

    3. +Danaus plexippus
      Care to explain Nasa’s statement that proves global warming a hoax?? ..
      How about John Kerry’s showing global warming a hoax??
      Top people from the UN and EU stated global warming is a hoax!!

  29. easy that we are evolving and everything is evolving…..we are changing
    and we will change – we can be more intelligent or more strong or more
    others things that human mind can’t image. we come from apes it’s easy to
    see that just in the pictures

    1. +Snaxbar
      Yes, and where did the „building blocks“ come from to form this so called
      life form? It came from the „rocks“ so yes you do believe you came from a
      rock. Go backwards in the theory and you will find out that you actually
      DO believe life came from rocks.

      Also what hard facts do you have about evolution?

      Evolution is not a fact and they are far from having any hard evidence for

      #1 – They cannot prove the Earth is billions of years old by dating methods
      because the test they on those dating methods have been proven to be way
      off and even other atheist scientist have said that dating methods like
      carbon dating are not accurate and people „select“ the dates they want to
      fit their theory.

      There are tons of things flawed with dating methods, they have dating
      living creatures to be 20,000 thousand years old when they are still
      alive. They have dated volcanic ash that has just came about to be super

      They have dated the same parts of animals to be different ages apart.

      So #1, Dating methods are not only flawed but they are FAR from accurate.
      So far from accurate that many books say things like „Give or take 300,000

      #2 – All you know about fossils is that they died. Nobody can prove
      evolution through fossils and has yet to do so.

      All they do is find fossils and put them in a specific order to make it
      „look“ like its evolution but putting fossils in a order does not prove

      Also they have never found any intermediate fossils.

      And lets pretend that they did found some weird creature.

      Can they prove that it had any children?

      No they can’t.

      So how can you prove that species or creature was able to not go extinct if
      you cannot even prove that fossil had off sprint to continue to survive and
      not go extinct?

      #1&#2 = They assume a ton of things when trying to prove evolution. They
      are assuming the conditions of Earth to be the same when using dating
      methods, they are assuming fossils layers or rock layers to be different
      ages even though they cannot prove that.

      Also lets rewind a bit.

      The big bang

      What exploded?

      The big bang theory has changed like 10 times and more ever since it has
      came out.

      The big bang used to be a giant size across that exploded, then every few
      years they kept saying it was smaller and smaller.

      Soon they said that a DOT exploded.

      Now they are saying that NOTHING exploded.

      Well question.

      What exploded???

      You don’t have the answer then don’t claim your theory is a fact of life.

      Its not proven and to me is more unlogical than a creator.

      Also, how did Time, Space, and matter come into existence from NOTHING,
      thats a good trick.

      Finally, they give the big bang all the properties of God because they know
      the only logical way for us to exist is for the big bang to have the same
      properties God used to make the universe.

      Funny how they give the big bang the same properties of God as if the big
      bang is God.

      **The big bang theory and evolution is nothing more than what you BELIEVED

      There is no proof of it.

      That is why they hide behind „Billions of years“ because there is not a
      shred of evidence that has stood the test of time to back it up.

      There is NO observable evidence of evolution or the big bang.

      I can drop a pencil and see gravity working.

      Can you show me a fish turn into a non fish?

      Can you show me a cat turn into another kind of animal?

      Can you show me a lizard turn into a bird?

      No you can’t. You are ASSUMING it happened with no real evidence to prove
      the theory.

      And I am not talking about Jesus right now.

      Talking about Jesus is useless when talking about is there a God or Not.

      Bringing Jesus up is a subject of which God is the creator if you believe
      God to exist.

      The thing is.

      There is no God
      There is God

      If there is God, then you have to find out who or what God is.

      But you don’t even believe in God so why would you want to talk about Jesus
      when you don’t even believe there is a creator in the first place.

      The big bang and evolution TAKES FAITH to believe in because you cannot
      prove it.

      Just like you cannot prove God exist.

      You cannot prove where the big bang came from and how time, space, matter
      came into existence from nothing or always existed.

      And I cannot prove how God ALWAYS existed with no creator to create God.

      Looks like neither can prove it.

      So that means BOTH are BELIEF’s.

      The difference is.

      Your belief is being taught as if its a fact when its not.

      And I say there is more evidence pointing to a creator than NOT a creator.

      And yes you do believe you came from a rock.

      If you don’t believe you came from a rock then just do this and it will
      prove you believe you came from a rock.

      #1 – Start at the big bang and how it exploded

      #2 – Then go from there and explain how Earth, Stars, elements formed.

      #3 – Once you get to Earth please explain where the materials came to form
      life on Earth.

      When you realize its from a ROCK, don’t tell me you don’t believe you came
      from a ROCK because the sad truth is you DO.

      Your theory says it rained on the rocks for a long period of time and life
      came from non life, came to life in the oceans, grew some legs and became
      everything we see today.

      If you want to BELIEVE that, you can BELIEVE that just like I BELIEVE God

      But don’t call it science when its far from it.

      And why would you ever dare to think animals and the universe can do things
      „billions of years ago“ that they cannot do today.

    2. +King David
      We didn’t come from a rock but rather it took millions of years for
      microorganisms to form the building blocks of a life form…

      There is no proof what so ever that proves there is an almighty god other
      than a stupid rambling priest or preacher or whatever the fuck that goes to
      his job aka church or temple or whatever to preach retardation to brainwash
      everyone and regress rather than progress. And no one said Jesus wasn’t
      real…he just wasn’t this powerful Jesus Christ…wouldn’t be surprised if
      the Bible was written by some drunk fuck one night tbh XD

      Evolution isn’t only supported from humans…fish have evolved and adapted
      to walk on land…the first reptiles…and there are fossils that prove
      this. Then they evolve to become dinosaurs. This didn’t take days, months,
      or years, but rather thousands if not millions of years…

      And I’m not too sure but rocks aren’t made up of microorganisms such as
      bacteria, that evolutionist use as evidence for evolution.

      And I think you confuse us to modern day apes, which we aren’t or even
      related to. There was a line of apes a long time of go that went through a
      chain of evolution and adapted to the environment around them to become the
      current day humans…

  30. my cousin is a doctor in zurich. he is so damn religious. i asked him how
    he would explain the virus? what is a virus?
    what is HIV?!
    simply ask all doctors who believes in shit about HIV they have so
    difficulties and all explaining a different story while the real doctors
    are all same 🙂
    thank me later!
    ps: never get any help from a religious doctor they simply don’t know what
    they studied.

    1. +nikolathereal
      I cannot imagine what this religious guy told you about HIV, but viruses
      don’t exactly fit neatly in taxonomy.
      A virus cannot replicate outside of its host cell. Viruses exhibit
      properties of both living beings and inanimate crystals.
      HIV and its kin, SIV and FIV (along with Hepatitis B and C), are bloodborne
      pathogens. You can only become infected thru contact with blood or body
      fluid on a mucous membrane or open sore. The threat of transmission is low
      with bloodborne pathogens.
      HIV is a retrovirus. That is a virus that begins with a strand of RNA. Most
      viruses begin with a strand of DNA. HIV was passed to Humans possibly thru
      the bushmeat trade, esp the slaughtering of Chimpanzees, who carry the SIV
      precursor to HIV I without getting ill. (Google „normal flora“). HIV II has
      been traced to the Green Colubus Monkey. HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus)
      is SIV (Simian Immounodeficiency Virus) that species-jumped and became HIV.
      A variant of HIV/SIV is FIV, (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) found
      naturally in Africa’s Big Cats. It is not certain whether cats caught it
      from Primates or Primates contracted it from close calls with Feline
      predators involving injuries. At any rate, FIV doesn’t affect Simba’s
      health adversely either.
      Asian Old World Monkeys, like Macaques, succumb to illness (AIDS) when
      exposed to SIV/HIV, and Fluffy and other non-African cats will succumb to
      FIV acquired AIDS (FAIDS).
      Hope this helps. Stay safe. And vaccinate Fluffy.

    1. That is actually kinda true. There is actual evidence of Neanderthalensis
      DNA in Homo sapiens DNA, so they must’ve cross bred some time after they
      arrived in the European and Asian continents 🙂 it’s pretty safe to say
      they did the same thing in Africa as well

  31. Dan…. If that is what you want to believe then you go right ahead.. Makes
    no difference to me what you think. Also I’m not prepared to descend to a
    gutter level argument with you. . Why.??, BECAUSE YOU’RE NOT WORTH IT. What
    is important to me is that I believe in God… Not whether you believe… I
    just don’t care about what you think or believe plus the fact you come
    across as a complete RETARD.

    1. +Therese Mackenzie the only conclusion that i cam across with you is that
      you simply cannot back up your claims so you have to resort to insulting to
      distract everyone from the amount of bullshit that you are full of. its
      simply quite pathetic and i hope you grow up some day.

    2. +Therese Mackenzie
      Somebody need a WAAAAHmbulance??
      This is how you debate? When cornered with facts, you attack and then pout.
      „I don’t wanna pway wit you anymore!!“

    3. Go play with your trains… I’m not going to explain myself to the likes of
      you.. Don’t bother replying as I’ll delete any reply you send to me.

    1. Why is evolution not real ? You seem to be bashing people who are actually
      trying to further their knowledge in one of the most factual theories upon
      our existence.

      You feel a deep sense of hate because of your own personal lack of
      knowledge. You want to feel like a special snowflake who’s a genius when in
      reality you’re just a lunatic going around puking out your shitty opinion.

      I don’t understand how you can disagree with evolution when you yourself
      are living proof of a Neanderthal.

  32. this is bullshit , the biggest bullshit I have ever heard , at least
    Donald Trump is real and not made up to make suckers suck even more ,

    1. +Danaus plexippus i feel sorry that i see you explain the same shit to
      these guys over and over again. it must get hard arguing with fucking
      donkeys that just deny plain facts.

    2. +helen randell
      My, my, my…
      Aren’t we just full to the brim and overflowin‘ with Christian Love.
      That kind of shit will give you cancer faster than Saccharin, and it’s made
      of the same phony-ass ingredients.
      You might be all full of God’s „love“ while you’re in church, but other
      than that you are just a hate filled, ignorant CUNT.

      Nobody came from a monkey’s ass, except maybe YOU.
      We all have a common ancestor with monkeys and other Apes, and we are
      evolving AWAY from each other (diverging).
      Only cocksuckers like you want to blow the world up in the name of your
      fucked up, piss ant god.

    3. Helen- please save your breath. These rants are sure to cause a dangerous
      increase in methane levels considering they equate to air out your ass.

    4. +Tehcookie vanilla
      NO its not educational at all and stuff all the so called evidence you have
      been told something that you want to beliieve that you want too hear ,
      Santas bought him the latest Holden Club sport and sent rudolph and his
      boys to the slaughter house along with the Easter bunny and the tooth ferry
      , theres heaps of evidence WTF , NO WAY “ THE BIBLE IS TRUTH AND THERE IS
      WORLD WIDE EVIDENCE , and you can not get better evidence then that ,
      what we humans have discovered about our world is mind blowing but as we
      do add the final touches to spice it up to twist and confuse people . jus
      face it if you are a sinner you are going to Hell , if not eternal life 1
      or the other not half and half 100 percent God or else see you at the
      barbq bring a plate your body and soul , hiding behind bullshit evolution
      is not going too save you it will only lead you to hell

  33. What horse Sh… not a shred of evidence of in-between monkey & man, there
    are still monkeys, why’d they miss the boat.. nasa, scientists, governments
    still trying to steal god from you, whatever his form is, make you
    insignificant. no, degrasse and douches like him are insignificant with all
    their lies. it all started with nasa and every lie, scam,cgi, fakery with
    not one real photo of earth, not one, they admit it’s all Photoshop. closed
    minds are going to enslave you sheeple..just use your senses. look at all
    the same stars above your head, never changing, ever, are you still
    hurdling through space hundreds of thousands ph? really? better hope space
    doesn’t end!! or ouch

    1. +Dave Stewart
      Are you a poe?
      Humanity isn’t a goal for primate evolution.
      Dozens of transitional fossils found.
      Nobody wants to steal your god blankie.
      Nobody’s lying, except the Creationists.
      The fucking moon landing was NOT faked, you cuckoo.
      And finally, the Earth is NOT FLAT.

    2. +Dave Stewart
      *not a shred of evidence of in-between monkey & man*
      Except that there are. There is a line of species that we descend from that
      we have found.

      *there are still monkeys, why’d they miss the boat*
      This is like the number 1 marker that tell you that the person saying it
      have nu fucking idea what they are talking about. It can be the best
      argument from ignorance there is.
      Evolution has no goal or predetermined paths. We are not more or better
      evolved than any other life form there is. All other life form exist for
      the same reason that all of your relatives still exist, life split up in

    1. +aguila1
      Titty Blanket.
      Spathiphyllum Aglaonema Deiffenbachia, Xanthesoma atravirens albomarginata
      Sauronautum guttatum venuosa.

      I just put a spell on your superstitious old country ass.

    2. +aguila1
      First stage is denial.
      Second stage (you) is anger.
      Moving along I see….
      Keep studying.
      You don’t know enough of anything yet to be accusing others of being dumb.
      Unless you can give me one shred of evidence, one citation that refutes in
      its entirety the ToE, then keep your opinions to yourself. It is the LOSER
      that responds with insults in lieu of proper rebuttal in an argument. I use
      these debates to educate, not engage my opponent in a pissing contest.
      Please continue to do more than scratch the surface of what may be a
      disturbing but realistic account of our origins, and the origins of all
      Or you can just fling verbal poo like a monkey.
      Your choice.

    1. +sk81991 What is a „kind“? The evidence is that you are an ape and you
      share a common ancestor with all the apes.

  34. Evolution is all garbage. At some point nothing existed. Not air, nor
    light, land or creatures. You can’t get something from nothing. If you are
    trying to tell me scientist know that is the biggest joke. Those are
    theories PERIOD.

  35. Number of Christians: (Approx) 2.2 billion.
    Number of Bibles sold or given away each year: Over 100 million.
    Best selling book of all time: Bible (Over 5 billion copies
    sold/distributed to date).
    There are over 37 million churches in the world.

    If your all happy living a life that has absolutely no meaning what so
    ever, go ahead, but if you actually stopped and thought about it long
    enough, you’d come to the conclusion that there must be more to life than
    living for the sake of it. For one thing, why do we all have a sense of
    morality? What is the need for it without a God? Surely without God,
    anything is permitted?

    Everyone here harping on about how they don’t believe in a God, yet are
    slaves to their own desires.. you say that you don’t believe in God, yet
    I’d bet anything that you have made something in your life your God.

    Even if evolution is true (I don’t believe it is) it still doesn’t negate
    the need for a creator. You can’t just say „I believe in evolution, all
    Christians are nutters, God is a load of crap“ xD

    Stop being narrow minded, and think for yourselves.
    – Coming from a former atheist.

    1. „A belief is not merely an idea the mind possesses; it is an idea that
      possesses the mind.“ Robert Oxton Bolton

    1. +Paul David
      Humanity is not a goal for Primate evolution.
      Apes and Humans (also Apes BTW) have a common ancestor but are evolving
      away from each other (diverging) rather than toward each other.

  36. You don’t have to be an atheist to believe in evolution. I believe in God
    and also believe in evolution. These two things are not exclusionary lol.

    1. +Christian M. Taylor
      It is not uncommon for most moderate Christians (the Pope included), Jews
      and Muslims (in a way) to understand evolution. The Bible is used as a
      point of reference for Jews and Christians, and not taken word for word
      (except by Fundies).
      Personally, I find any scientific or historical source that cannot be taken
      literally to be for the most part useless.
      The Bible is harmless when taken in proper context, like Aesop’s Fables.
      But it becomes a danger when people allow it to overtake their lives as a
      literal guide thru the ages.

  37. Christian who disbelieve evolution: Go to, read the articles,
    read the book references, and discuss with actual scientists who are
    Christian and know evolution and old earth are true

    1. +Marlene Crowe
      Seems we are a little bipolar like our close kin the Chimps, who also wage
      war upon each other, but are also capable of great tenderness.

      It is apparent that our technology has surpassed our humanity.

    2. +Danaus plexippus Sad that because of our evolution, and human
      advancements (our modern technology)… we can kill and maim one another
      ever so much more efficiently. Seems our „elevated minds“ are somewhat
      barren and helpless

    3. +Marlene Crowe
      The dog scenario is very similar to our own, but dogs actually do a better
      job in society than most people!
      They have been conditioned to quell their natural impulses to chew, dig and
      otherwise cause mischief in society, but is perfectly normal for a dog. In
      fact, trained not to „misbehave“.
      People act on a different set of basar impulses than dogs do. We are
      Primates, not Canids. Plus we have all this technology. When we screw up,
      it’s big. Dogs are more social than Humans. I honestly believe we have a
      more difficult time with socialization than dogs do.
      We KNOWING do wrong because we think we can get away with it. But any puppy
      will push that envelope too.

    4. Yes true Danaus, dogs do show feelings of guilt when they disobey. Good
      point. Once again, only my thoughts here: Animals care for and will
      rescue their young, for survival of the species, which is instinct. About
      dogs, I’m inclined to favour the idea that evolution did not stop suddenly
      on one particular day. Man has interacted with dog for many years,
      and have been constantly breeding various types of dogs for improvement of
      breed, tailored for a specific need. Perhaps more important though, is
      that in our teaching, and loving them we have indeed affected the dog’s
      evolution profoundly. But your thought, that they sin. Why do they feel
      guilt when they do wrong? Is it because they recognize that when they chew
      up our boots it will cost us another 100 bucks to buy a new pair? They’ve
      been conditioned to seek our praise, affection and rewards, but we work
      against their instinct, which tells them to chew, and often over-rides our
      influence. Eventually after repetitious cause and effect, they realize
      their punishment is connected to that act, and they may cease to do it. I
      don’t believe animals can sin because they do not have the intelligence to
      understand the ethical reasons not to.
      I believe humans are continuing to evolve, and perhaps our biggest leap was
      the moment God intervened in our world, showed himself to us, and in
      the successive years since that God has interacted with us and taught human
      beings, in the period leading up to and especially including Christ.
      Why do I think that humans do bad stuff it is different? We do bad, even
      though we know it is harmful to ourselves and/or to others. We cannot
      stop, no matter what we do, or learn. We have the intellect to know which
      is the right thing to do, yet still choose the wrong thing to a hopeless
      fault, and imo this is a sin. We do wrong even when the reward is
      ultimately bad, and we have no freedom to escape from this, our
      over-all inclination to sin.
      Of course we do choose to do the right thing also, even when it can be a
      risk our own lives, altruism, without personal gain or reward in sight. We
      humans have a moral and ethical code, and we have the freedom, the
      understanding and intellect to choose right.

    5. +Marlene Crowe
      Dogs can „sin“ when they misbehave. Dogs feel and show guilt very readily.
      They know.
      That is all that your sin is, bad behavior.
      Selfishness is RIFE among the Animal Kingdom; YOU take that salmon from
      that Grizzly Bear.
      Selfishness at its heart is just an every-man-for-himself free for all to
      spread MY genes. (Note: I don’t actually live by that code.)
      We evolved sharing and sacrifice because we are highly social and
      intelligent. We put others‘ needs over our own because we have evolved
      love. Anyone who has seen footage of an elephant mother rescuing her infant
      from a steep sloped watering hole realizes soon that WE don’t have a
      monopoly on love.
      We are the only species that can do a whole host of things thru technology,
      but our wild side gets in the way, and we have the conflict known as „sin“,
      unwanted behaviors that once served us well as wild animals.

  38. Genesis 1:27King James Version (KJV)

    27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him;
    male and female created he them.

    It’s that simple. The word of God has the final authority

    1. +GamingLeprechaun Just as birthdays and days of the week and even the
      precious little shoe Nike are all pagan as well but we don’t worship the
      origin of it. We’ve turned it into something good. As far as Christmas,
      it’s not recognized anymore as pagan but is recognized as the celebration
      of Christ birth. So once again Merry Christmas

  39. You stupid atheits!

    We are no animals! We didnt evolve from apes. We are better than animals!
    We were created.

    Its ridiculous to think that everything just came out of randomness
    (although Im not exactly sure what random means when it comes to evolution).
    The Idea of an allmighty, not-human creature who created everything is way,
    way, WAY more logical.
    We are here for a reason!

    The flying spaghetti monster crea-

    1. +marragonn
      Sorry to bust your bubble, but Humans ARE animals, and what’s more, we
      didn’t just evolve from Apes; we’re STILL Apes.
      „The idea of an almighty, not human creature who created everything is way
      way WAY more logical.“
      Oh really?
      Who created the creator, and that creator, etc.?

  40. You have to be a fool monkey to believe evolution. Evolution scientist are
    changing to creation scientist. Why???? Many scientific reasons. One is
    they found Noah’s Ark and evidence of a world wide flood with ocean fossils
    on mountain tops and whales in deserts. The flood kills all evolution
    theory. They found both human remains and dinosaur remains together and
    ancient man drew pictures and statues of dinosaurs proving man saw
    dinosaurs. If one monkey became man you would have only 1 language all over
    the earth. A tribe would not say we end one language and start a new one.
    After Noah’s flood man built the Tower of Babel and God says He came down
    and changed the languages to confuse and spread man all over the earth
    resulting today with over 4,000 languages. Anyone with more than rocks for
    brains knows evolution is a fake. Recent dating methods prove the old
    evolution dating of millions of years is a FAKE. New dating methods proves
    a earth more like 6,000 years old. I did not want to be a Christian, I
    studied evolution and creation and found evolution to be a LIE and creation
    to be truth. With science I became a Christian. God created me with a high
    IQ. I love it when people argue they came from a family tree of DUMB apes.
    Dumb apes cannot understand creation science. They need to evolve more.

    1. +Dean Jackson

      „I’ll tell you what, you go pray for me while I go think for you.“ –
      Christopher Hitchens.

      A quote that says it far better than I could, and with less swearing and

    2. +Zeupater The youtube video, „proof dinosaurs really lived with man“ ;. It
      is a 27 minute video and it proves both existed at the same time and this
      means evolution is dead.

    3. You simply don’t know what you’re talking about. If you like your religion,
      fine. Enjoy yourself. But you’re kidding yourself if you think know nearly
      enough to make an informed statement about evolution. Not to mention
      radiology, cosmology, genetics or any other branch science you casually
      conflate with evolution.

  41. Evolution was so called white pople, stuck in caves out of fear from over
    exposure from the sun. The original whites came into life being mutated
    albino born. The original men and women were brown and not apes….

    1. +Randall Wilks I am not saying its a special place… You can look at
      atoms of being something we know exist but is unseen. This is recent
      science of creationism on how we were formed. So basically you got to think
      there are energies we can’t see aside from atoms.

    2. +Randall Wilks I never lied about shit, spiritual realm is unseen. No
      debating. Just like matter, atoms being unseen. Combine the two and see
      where Im coming from.

    3. +Yikez89 That’s the really great thing about making up your own bullshit.
      You can be an expert on it. You can puff yourself up and say „I know shit
      that you don’t know.“ You are indeed the world’s greatest expert on the
      shit you make up.

      People lie. People lie and write books about their lies, they are still
      lies. If other people believe their lies, it makes them feel important. But
      if 50 million people believe a foolish thing, it is still a foolish thing.
      There is one thing that does not lie: EVIDENCE

  42. This is a interesting and also the stupidest theory in our history. Most
    ridiculous thing about it is not the concept in itself but a fact that
    people actually believe all that bullshit. There are many other crazy
    theories, but the only fact is that animal comes from human and not

    1. +Liberal Atheist I’m actually a Christian from basics, but I’m step over
      the religious knowledge and I’m not talking about scientific theories.

  43. If we consider the evolutionary argument to the origins of man, then the
    question I would like to ask is, what external environment or condition
    produced or adapted a species to seek knowledge about ones origins, or to
    seek identity and purpose how did complex cells begin to question their own

    1. +Bilal Nazir
      i know what i talk about.the ability to speak as we have now and
      intelligence, are all prducts of evolution, along a particular direction in
      which we eolved. linguistics came up as a result of both these attributes,
      the ability to speak as we have now and our intlligence to organise
      words/sounds into a language.
      i hav learnd enuf

    2. what the fuck are you on about!! look, evolution is based on the premise
      that a species evolves as it adapts to its environment.

      Language-i.e.species able to speak in a way that is creative, with infinite
      possibilities and scenarios to engage with and is grammatically constructed.

      If the most esteemed linguistic has argued about the lack of empirical
      evidence as well as the impossibility of acquiring that evidence (lack of
      indication in the fossil record) then how do you explain it. You keep
      going on about prototypes and direction. Evolution is an unguided process
      learn your shit man damn!!!

    3. lnguage is a form of communiction.the hint of how this developed i said in
      my firat satement itself a particuar quality being evolved is because the
      prototypes of that being evlved in that direction.
      the direction in which our prototyoes developed lead to this state.

    4. +saber kolm You don’t make any sense what so ever, firstly you have
      presupposed that certain „prototypes“ (whatever they are) already think. As
      the linguist Noam Chomsky has argued that language is the tool of thinking
      and so for a species to think it requires the creative capacities of
      language. My question is how did language develop. Chomsky has also
      described the current evolutionary approach to to the origins of language
      as flawed, it helps explain human communication but not the creative
      element of language and the grammatical laws! btw Chomsky is an athiest and
      please check ur selling before you send a message,

      thank you

    5. +Bilal Nazir let me try giving ananswer.a particuar quality being evolved
      is because the prototypes of that being evlved in that this
      case that quality/attribute is intelligenc-it all came from our prototypes
      thinking of how to take advantage of the available things to their
      advantage.but then, the next question that comes is :“why did not other
      anumals evolve like us ?sure,they too „thik“ and take advantage of the
      environment!then y did they not eevolve.
      well to answer this, let me give a small example-imagine another animal,
      and our ancstor in its first stages of evolution(its hypothetical
      anyways).both „thinks“ to take advantae/utilise the surrounding, but the
      amount of „intelligence“ in both are different but the difference is very
      very narrow.this differnce then,throughout generations become even more
      complex and divrges and he two species have ecome entirely different
      hpe, i made my point clear.

    1. +Fender Blues
      This is exactly why you hear Creationists rant on about the „New World
      Worldwide cooperation and peace would fuck up their plans and their
      So they invent bogey men like the Illuminati, the Anti Christ and Satan to
      scare us back to the fold.
      That might work on the next guy, but not ME.

    2. +FilmForceStudio
      Thank you for your comment, I don’t think there is any hope left.
      Humans try to distance themselves from all the animals, in a cleverly
      designed way, they invented religion, for this deception saying that there
      is a god that made us and gave us domain over all the animals on the planet.
      But imagine this, Chimpanzees sitting in a circle and the one standing in
      the middle tells the others that there is a god, and god made us all in his
      own image, looking at it in this prospective, it seems Ridicules, but that
      is exactly what we do.
      I think all religion around the world should be removed and never to be
      allowed again.
      Most of all wars and problems in the world, right up to to-day have been
      caused by religion.
      That’s why I say there is no hope left, the stage is set for total
      destruction, unless we do away with religion, and learn to co-operate with
      one-another. Living in a society has helped us in many ways, but I’m afraid
      it will be our ultimate destruction.

    3. +Fender Blues Was it, though? I see it differently. Nature is unbelievably
      violent; humans are, as of yet, the only species on Earth capable of
      reflecting upon this fact. Sure, we wage wars and aren’t treating the
      climate very well, but then again, nature never did either. Humans fight
      amongst themselves just like all other animals; the difference is, humanity
      also has the capability to perform benevolent acts to nature as well. We’re
      a relatively young species still, but I think there’s still hope for us.

  44. which of the beliefs that exist are ‚really‘ TRUE?

    Isn’t it odd that the Koran says that we should say the following;

    Say: He is Allah, the One! Allah, the eternally Besought of all! He
    begetteth not nor was BEGOTTEN And there is non comparable unto Him.

    But why would the Koran say that? when the Bible says: For God so loved the
    world, that He gave his only BEGOTTEN Son that whosoever should believe in
    Him should not perish but have eternal life.

    These two verses stand in direct opposition to one another.

    The koran was written more than 500 years after Jesus life, death and
    resurrection. The message about His life, known as the gospel, was preached
    all over the Mediterranean and north Africa for all this time and even an
    Ethiopian learns about Christ in the Book Acts: Acts 8: 34-37 NKJV

    34 So the eunuch answered Philip and said, “I ask you, of whom does the
    prophet say this, of himself or of some other man?” 35 Then Philip opened
    his mouth, and beginning at this Scripture, preached Jesus to him. 36 Now
    as they went down the road, they came to some water. And the eunuch said,
    “See, here is water. What hinders me from being baptized?”

    37 Then Philip said, “If you believe with all your heart, you may.”

    And he answered and said, “I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.”

    So here we see an Ethiopian believing in Christ Jesus in around 50 AD. So
    look at the simple issue of time. Some Muslims say that the Bible, that is
    the Torah (law) and the Injil (Gospel) or the old and new testaments, were
    corrupted and the Christians believe lies but not according to the Koran

    Sura Ma’idah 5:46:

    And in their footsteps We sent Jesus the son of Mary, confirming the Law
    that had come before him: We sent him the Gospel: therein was guidance and
    light, and confirmation of the Law that had come before him: a guidance and
    an admonition to those who fear Allah

    We see that the Quran states that the Torth, the Zabur, and the Injil were
    all given by God.

    If anyone – Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Athiest or anybody else – claims that
    the Injil is corrupted, then it would seem they do not believe the word of
    Allah, since the Qu’ran says that the Word of God cannot be altered:

    “Rejected were the messengers before thee: with patience and constancy they
    bore their rejection and their wrongs, until Our aid did reach them: there
    is none that can alter the words (and decrees) of Allah. Already hast thou
    received some account of those messengers” (Qu’ran Al An’am 6:34).

    So if the Koran says that the Gospels are true what is the problem? Well
    the problem is the koran might say the gospels are true but the Gospels say
    that Mohamed is not a prophet of God.

    Galatians : 6-9 NKJV in these verses the Christian believer Paul is trying
    to explain why non Jewish believers don’t have to get circumcised as some
    Jewish people have said they did.

    6 I marvel that you are turning away so soon from Him who called you in the
    grace of Christ, to a different gospel, 7 which is not another; but there
    are some who trouble you and want to pervert the gospel of Christ. 8 But
    even if we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel to you than
    what we have preached to you, let him be accursed. 9 As we have said
    before, so now I say again, if anyone preaches any other gospel to you than
    what you have received, let him be accursed.

    So Paul is desperately trying to remind the believers that they don’t need
    to believe anything other than what they already know. They already knew
    Jesus and the way.

    But what is so important for us today is the fact that Paul wrote this
    around 50-60 AD! So think about this…

    But even if we, or an angel from heaven, Paul says, an ANGEL FROM HEAVEN!
    Even if an ANGEL FROM HEAVEN tells you something other than the Gospel
    message then it will be FALSE, a lie, deception, not true, DON’T BELIEVE IT!

    Mohamed claims to have recieved the Koran from the ANGEL GABRIEL around 610
    AD! About 550 years after Paul!

    „Ayesha reported. The truth came unto him [Muhammad] while he was in the
    cave of Hira. The angel [Gabriel] appeared before him and said „Read“. He
    [Muhammad] said, „I cannot read.“ He narrated. Then he [Gabriel] took me
    and pressed me hard till there came great exhaustion on me; thereafter he
    let me off and said, „Read.“ I [Muhammad] replied, „I cannot read.“ Then he
    [Gabriel] took me and pressed me hard for the second time until there
    appeared a great exhaustion on me; thereafter he let me off. He [Gabriel]
    said, „Read.“ I [Muhammad] said, „I cannot read.“ Then he [Gabriel] took me
    and pressed me a third time till there appeared a great exhaustion on me;
    thereafter he let me off. He [Gabriel] said, „Read in the name of your Lord
    Who created, created man from a clot. Read and your Lord is the most
    Generous, Who taught with the pen, taught man what he knew not.“ Then the
    Prophet returned therewith, his heart was trembling and he went to Khadijah
    [Muhammad’s 1st wife] and [Muhammad] said, „Wrap me up, wrap me up.“ Then
    they wrapped him until the dread went away from him“. Mishkat IV, pp.

    This account of how Mohammed started to get messages from the ANGEL GABRIEL
    shows from a Biblical perspective that he was deceived by a spirit
    pretending to be from God.

    Although this seems simple it is in fact the simple truth of Islam.
    Mohammed was genuine and being deceived didn’t know he was spreading a
    false message. He believed what he had been told and passed that on to

    Read the Bible for yourself to find out the truth about God and Jesus.
    Jesus is the truth and the way. May God bless you as you try to understand
    for yourself. <><

    1. +Gilbert9909
      What we do and how we treat THIS PLANET is just as important as how we
      treat ourselves and each other.
      That is what I live by. Whether we came from star dust or pixie dust
      doesn’t change those facts for me.
      I am part of Nature and how I treat my surroundings is bound to affect me
      and others. I pick UP litter I see.
      I am part of the Universe that is questioning itself and aware of itself.
      But if I lie, cheat or steal, the Universe isn’t hurt, and neither is
      Nature (unless I am poaching). The people I lie to, steal from and cheat on
      are hurt. And I denigrate myself as a person. My most valuable possessions,
      honesty, trustworthiness and confidentiality, go out the window.
      And if I am caught lying, cheating or stealing, I bloody well deserve what
      I get, now don’t I?

    2. +Danaus plexippus Ok, But you said; Nature and the Universe doesn’t care if
      you do wrong or not. You have absolutely no way of knowing this assertion
      as you are not nature or the universe, so why would you think to make such
      a statement when you DO NOT know at all?

    3. +Gilbert9909
      I should have clarified my statement better; I don’t worry about death or
      obsess on it. But I fear it enough to jump out of the way of a speeding
      truck and otherwise stave it off for as long as possible.
      As far as what happens to our „inner selves“ when we die, I would think
      that flickers out too. There is no judgement of our lives but by the
      living. Some people make the world a better place when they come into it,
      others when they leave. We are judged by the legacy we leave.
      But if you think that the world and the Universe are full of justice you
      are wrong. Nature and the Universe doesn’t care if you do wrong or not, but
      your friends and society do. That is who you have to answer to, your fellow
      man. Sooner or later, someone will kick your ass if you continue to do
      wrong by people. He who lives by the sword dies by the sword. Someone
      always has a bigger sword.
      But if you are kind and giving and respect your fellow man, you will
      conversely attract good, giving people into your life rather than a bunch
      of enemies.
      And as far as caring for the planet, that is a must. Earth isn’t going to
      put up with much more shit from us.

    4. +Danaus plexippus Ok, when you stated talking to me you said ‚you are lost‘
      and ‚the book I read is a distraction‘ and then you said ‚I am not afraid
      of death because I cannot stop it.‘ and then you said ‚I never said I was
      afraid of death.‘
      Ok, I am not lost because I am heading toward death the same as you. The
      book I read does not distract me from heading toward death, I will get
      there, it’s only a matter of time. So now you say that every living thing
      should be afraid of death… but why?

      If we like every living thing dies why should we be afraid of it? What does
      death mean? What will happen to the inner self when our body dies?

      The book I read says ;We live once to die and then the judgement. In saying
      this it implies that we live on after the death of our bodies and that a
      higher power assesses our life.
      What if this is true? Then maybe we would have something to fear when we
      die? <><

  45. tbh…i think the hairy ones were just chimpanzees that were walking up
    right but adapted to life in trees to evade predatory animals like the
    clouded leopard or the African lion and other felines that were alive
    during that time.

    1. +Malik McCullom Oh good, for a minute there I thought you might have been
      one of those dumb arse Christian, Jewish or Muslim creationists but I see
      now that you’re just a very ignorant child.

  46. Lol, there is no good evidence for evolution, all you have is what people
    „believe“ happens over millions of years. Its easy to take some computer
    and make a ape turn into a human as if it were true. I could do the same
    with a frog, I could take a frog and put it on TV and show it change into a
    bird. It doesn’t prove anything just because you can trick people into
    believing a theory that has no real evidence. The only scientific fact is
    micro-evolution, everything else is speculation on what you want to
    believe. We can observe small variations, you can’t observe millions of
    years or witness macro evolution.

    #1 – Carbon Dating methods and other dating methods not only have proven to
    NOT be accurate but they have plenty of times proven to give dates on
    living things that would match 300,000+ years. Most dating methods are
    inaccurate and for the ones that are semi-accurate they are only accurate
    up to a point of so many years.

    #2 – You think because a dog can producer a smaller dog, or a bigger dog
    this means over the course of a million years its going to magically turn
    into a bird or magically become the size of a school. Sorry, not only is
    that dumb but its not observed and its what you „believe“ happened or can
    happen, but as far as proof there is none.

    #3 – The way people talk about fossils proves nothing. You found a fossil
    in the ground and you want to tell me that its proof of evolution? Can you
    please prove to me that fossil of that creature had any offspring? After
    all, if you want to prove that something evolved you would have to prove
    that the fossil you are looking at had any children so that species could
    continue to evolve or survive. You CAN’T PROVE that fossil had any
    children. The only thing you know is that you found a fossil and its in the
    ground. You are putting YOUR OWN interpretation on the fossil and not
    actually proving any facts.

    The fossil layers have been proven to be wrong by all of the petrified
    trees running through the rock layers. Lets pretend you have 3 fossil
    layers. We will call them layer A, B and C. Layer A is 1,000 years old.
    Layer B is 100,000 years old and Layer C is 1,000,000 years old.

    If you found a tree that was going through all of the 3 layers it PROVES
    that those layers cannot be different ages or at least that far apart in
    age. I mean what happened? Did the tree grow for 1 Million years through
    the layers? I think not.

    The fossil layers have been proven wrong by many reasons.

    Also they date the fossils by the fossil layers and date the layers by the
    fossils found in the layers????

    That makes no sense and again proves nothing.

    They say the fossil’s date the layers and thats how they get the ages of
    the layers, but then they will say the fossils are dated by the layers….
    Notice how they don’t really prove the age of anything but use circular
    reasoning and keep going in a circle to trick people into believing they
    are related to a frog.

    Don’t tell me evolution is a FACT when its far from it.

    Evolution is a belief and the only fact is micro-evolution and
    micro-evolution does not prove macro evolution just because you can use
    your imagination and „imagine“ what would happen in 80 million years.

    Please provide evidence that hasn’t been proven wrong, that has stood the
    tests of time, that hasn’t been proven faked or staged, that is observable.

    Evolution is a THEORY, a belief.

    Evolution takes MORE faith to believe in then God creating you thats for

    If you want to believe you and a banana are related then you go believe
    that, but don’t be a hypocrite if thats what you believe. The next time you
    step on a ant you better feel sorry because you just killed your ancestor.
    The next time you kiss a frog it might actually turn into a human like off
    the movies!!! After all if you give it millions of years that frog might
    turn into a human!!!

    I have watched thousands of debates on evolution.

    I still have been waiting to see some proof. I have yet to see it. The only
    thing you get is „We believe this happened“ or „Over the course of millions
    of years“ or „with time“ or „far back in the past“ or „ect“

    You see, they have no real evidence that can stand up today in 2016. We
    don’t see any of this shit happening in our daily lives and they want you
    to just accept evolution as a fact and „Trust“ that is how it all happened.

    And why?

    Well of course because they don’t want to accept God so they have to have a
    substitute or crazy theory.

    I would accept evolution if it were true, the fact is, there is NO evidence
    especially observable that you can prove this theory.

    Usually when you bring up these arguemnts someone will say „Kent Hovind“
    wanna be.

    But why? Because if you watch those debates with Kent Hovind he destory’s
    all the evolutionist.

    And I am unbia’s, just because I believe in God does not mean I will put my
    bias on a debate. I have watched many Christians get destoryed but that is
    because they are not on par to debate some evolutionist.


    Go watch on youtube, type something like „Kent Hovind Debate“ and pay
    attention to the evolution response on every debate.

    I have watched every video and have waited for the proof and I have yet to
    see it, please show me ONE answer in any of the debates that is PROOF.
    Because every so called „Proof“ the evolutionist bring up gets destroyed in
    every video I have watched so its not a proof.

    **What would be proof for me?**

    show me a frog turn into a human (oh we can’t because it takes millions of
    years) #1 How do you know this and #2 if it takes that long then its not

    Second, prove to me any fossil you found had offspring so I know that
    creature could have survived for evolution to even take place

    Third, Please show me how your dating method is 100% accurate or at least
    so accurate that people even use it in court to prove the dates of dead
    bodies, items.

    I used to believe in this crap until I studied science for myself.

    You assume stuff they teach you in school is correct, until you sit back
    and read everything and find out „Wow….. really there is no actual proof,
    its nothing but imagination and theories but as far as proof I see no
    without a doubt proof“

    1. +King You talk about lack of evidence? I fart in your general direction.
      Your ignorance is seemingly your own form of bliss. You’re probably one of
      those ignoramus idiots that believes the earth is 6000 years old

  47. Out on a hunt, Honey I’m home? How fascinating each time I see a different
    perspective? Yet, all are in my opinion no less important to discover how
    we evolved. I certainly believe this had to take place to come out as who
    we all are as the human race. Interesting though is even today I see kids
    grow to be larger in stature in one generation? Years back scientists were,
    or are going to classify apes as human? I believe this is a good step to
    take hoping that poachers will be murderers! Even if not reclassified they
    should be charged with murder! I am very fascinated by gorillas who have so
    many traits of people. And to see all the orphaned young pisses me off! To
    use a hand of a mature silver back used for an ash tray, and to many heads
    being sold out in the open makes me feel crazy with anger! I won’t go into
    the elephant’s! These primates are a generation of humans through evolution
    and nobody should get away with tearing their families to shreds,

    1. +Kerri Morris
      The woman killed defending Gorillas was Diane Fossey.
      And what a great approach and beginning, starting with the children. That’s
      where attitudes begin to form, and kids are our future.
      And you are on the same wavelength as me when it comes to Capital
      Punishment across the board when it comes to poaching rare animals.
      Replacing poaching opportunity with career opportunity is key as well, as
      well as putting the screws to anyone possessing contraband. There needs to
      also be more grass roots education when it comes to Apes, elephants and
      other heavily sought animals, and plants like Venus‘ Flytraps and orchids
      In addition, there really needs to be a positive impetus for these
      countries to increase and restore habitat, decrease logging and habitat
      destruction, and limit access to more protected species such as Mountain
      Gorillas and White Rhinos.
      There needs to be a growing support for these animals and plants before
      it’s too late.

    2. +Kerri Morris
      Charges, as follows:
      MURDER I for the poaching of any of the Great Apes, if not SHOT ON SIGHT.
      MURDER II, or accessory to murder, for dealing in contraband (hands, heads
      and other F***ing disgusting souveniers). These Apes are too closely
      related to us to be treated this way.
      Manslaughter, if not shot on sight, for the poaching of non Primates such
      as lions.

    3. +Kerri Morris
      You got me going now!!
      I think part of the problem is poverty in places like Africa, where
      poaching can reap a huge payoff, not unlike drug dealers in the inner
      There needs to be some redirection of behavior; perhaps these poachers
      could make enough to live on doing guided tours? Education and opportunity
      is key here, possibly instilling a new respect in people while giving them
      a new livelihood, and education! Most people just want to be close to wild
      animals in their natural habitats. It is the minority causing all the
      With this alternative in place, the screws can come down on active
      poachers. Shoot the bastards on sight!
      Making it a federal offense to OWN any contraband animal or bush meat will
      also deter this disgusting hobby.
      1 Gorilla head or Chimpanzee burger = 2 lbs of pure Heroin!
      At least in the eyes of the law…

  48. The error in the biblical view is something that can’t be refuted as it is
    based on faith – no matter how many scientific arguments are put foward, as
    to the very unlikely plausibility of the biblical approach, the believers
    will believe, thats why they are called believers. But the error in the
    people that believe in evolution is actually faulty in that their logic
    implicitly only presupposes two possibilities: Evolution or Bible: and
    since bible teaching is not plausible for them, they choose evolution. For
    me, both are faulty theories. The biblical approach is just not plausible
    for me. And as for the theory of evolution, there is simply no observable
    evidence that macro evolution takes place (where new species „evolve“,
    which cannot breed with its so called ancestor). There is difficulty of DNA
    replication without mRNA, and requiring pre-existing machinery to
    re-produce itself. At this stage, all I can say is that we just don’t know
    yet – like a lot of other stuff

    1. +Pankaj Duggal A strawman argument is when creationist invent pseudo
      science like mico and macro evolution and then argue against their own

      There is nothing called micro and micro evolution is all just evolution.

    2. +Randall Wilks Implying that there is a mechanism that leads from micro
      evolution to macro evolution, relies on the existence of evolution – it is
      therefore a circular argument.

      About the time metaphor – that is a strawman – I am not claiming that at
      all. But on the same token, time will not become mass.

      There is no single point at which speciation occurs – a zero sum sequence
      will equal zero.

      An advanced study is required in the philosophy of science to grasp that
      science is also based on faith, but different ones from christianity or the
      bahai. For example one of them is the faith that you can understand the
      whole by understanding the parts, via a mechanism.

      The future – I think more knowledge from new discoveries will happen.
      Especially discover of new forces not yet detected – one opposite to
      entropy, which tends to bring things together, and secondly an organismic
      force that allows for life to happen.

      Molecules just do not self assemble – the biologists say the the membrane
      is simply a lipid bilayer – really simple – then make one in the lab. They
      just cannot do it at present. Even if the organelles of a cell are taken
      out, and then put back in, the cell doesn’t work.

  49. evolution is a alternative to believing in GOD. .it’s not a fact and it
    will never be but if you want to brainwash yourself by listening to this
    crap or other crap by Dawkins then knock yourself out, but just remember
    evolution makes you stupid. …

  50. Why do we not see monkeys evolving into humans today? we see thousands of
    humans and monkeys where are the half monkey/humans today? 2016

    1. +zoo stupormundi
      Boy, have YOU got your facts all fucked up.
      If evolution were a fairy tale, we’d all be fairies.
      RELIGIOUS INSTITUTIONS have been allowed to exist tax exempt for far too
      long now, so they can spread their lies and hate. So-called Christian love
      is highly overrated.
      Religions are the true tax payer supported fairy tales.
      Tax the Churches, Mosques and Temples NOW.

    2. +Slavik B You don’t find any in history at all. It’s because it’s a
      fairytale. Evolution is the biggest fairytale on the planet. It’s a
      religion and a tax payer supported one at that.

  51. I Can’t believe this is still being taught. Everyone needs to type into
    youtube EVOLUTION DESTROYED IN UNDER 5 MINUTES. David Berlinski shreds
    evolution as he should!

    1. +bee craft
      Pardon my dangling participle, but I meant non Human Apes of today cannot
      evolve into Humans, because we already exist. One extinct Ape in particular
      evolved into us.
      It is conceivable, though unlikely, that one or more Great Apes could begin
      evolving convergent with Man, but they would never be truly Human, as they
      would have different immediate ancestors. Then you have OUR evolution
      during this hypothetical time frame…

      And yes, most mutations ARE detrimental, with a few being neutral or
      There are LOADS of evidence of the evolution of Man from an arboreal
      quadrapedal Ape to a bipedal, terrestrial Ape (Human).

      „“We also share a common ancestry with bananas.“ We share about 60% of our
      DNA with bananas. We share common ancestry with every species on this

    2. +Danaus plexippus Sorry I don’t understand your position because you kind
      of contradicted yourself. You said in your second paragraph that the fossil
      record proves apes turned to humans, then you said, did you really expect
      apes to become human? Anyway mutations that alter the genome almost always
      are a detriment to that species and there is no proof from the fossil
      record of apes turning to humans period end of story. We also share common
      ancestry with bananas

    3. +bee craft
      Mutations do not „add“ information to a genome; they simply alter it.
      „Where is the evidence that an ape can turn into a human?“ The fossil
      record, for beginners, but common ancestry with other extant Apes is
      confirmed by genetics.
      „…apes stay apes…humans stay humans“
      Did you really expect apes to become human?
      We evolved from a common ancestor, and are evolving away from each other,
      not convergent.
      Humanity is not a goal for Primate evolution.

    4. +Randall Wilks Ok Randall so not even addressing Berlinkis’s arguments
      let’s address your argument. „Science is based on evidence“. Where is the
      evidence that an ape can turn into a human? According to the knowledge we
      now know today about DNA apes stay apes, bacteria stay bacteria, and humans
      stay humans. There is no scientific evidence for this macro evolution
      theory at all. Dawkins cant even name 1 mutation that adds information to
      DNA, so I would love to know what information or evidence you have that
      these 2 scientists do not with all due respect.

    5. +bee craft I didn’t attack him, I just stated facts and anyone who says
      „prove it’s not true“ is being a horses ass. Science is based on evidence,
      not someone’s say-so. If Berlinski had any REAL evidence he would do what
      every honest scientist does and submit his work for peer review. Trying to
      bypass that process does not lend credence to him.

  52. All men and women came from Adam, and Adam was from dust. Therefore believe
    in Almighty God and anticipate your inevitable meeting with Him. Let not
    this short attractive life deceive you, O, man.

    1. +Dingle Berryson No problem Bud. 🙂
      “ You cant learn anything from anyone if you cant handle your ideas being
      challenged and respond with anger or intolerance“
      This is very true too. Didn’t think of that one tbh. Yeah, you really don’t
      learn anything by shouting down someone else. How can you? People need to
      start realising this, but it will take a few millenia I’d say for the human
      race to evolve emotionally, to communicate with each other in civilised
      ways. It’s indisputably better. I think that’s what Mr. Gandhi must have
      meant by „The intelligence of love“.
      Anyway, cheers again. Nice talking with you. I admired your candour towards
      someone with differing viewpoints.
      Have a happy Christmas 🙂

    2. +Dingle Berryson “ I no longer think this way nor do I believe in a god.
      Although I do appreciate your response and the respect you show towards me.“
      Well said Dingle. It’s just so damn refreshing to see people disagreeing
      with decency towards each other.
      Beliefs aside, I respect you and Aristo Saola for being two civilised human
      beings. Good on ya & cheers 🙂

    3. +Dingle Berryson
      Thank you for you reply. It takes effort ot even type a reply. So thank you.

      That is the thing, even Jesus did not see Allah, nor did Moses nor did
      Abraham. For one, you are not in a realm and sanctification to see Allah
      and, two, if all was shown to you, then where is the challenge of believe
      and disbelieve. In other words, where is the challenge of going to
      university, is there really a need for examinations?

      Think about it. What would you say is your idea of God? Please give me a
      basic explanation.

    1. +King Kong
      Prove it. Provide the world one shred of evidence that brings the theory of
      evolution to a grinding halt.
      You’ll be famous for more than acting like the world’s biggest monkey.

    1. +Randall Wilks
      Well, 40 years ago I read in a college textbook that „men evoluated from
      neanderthals“. Now I can read in the current college textbook that this
      opinion is not true. Which textbook do you suggest to obey? And … how can
      you assure that in 40 years current opinion in that matter will not be
      changed? That is the first. And the second: 500 years ago „any college
      level astronomy textbook could corect Arystarch’s misconceptions“, couldn’t
      As you can see – suggesting college textbooks can be sometimes ridiculous.

    2. +Gary Bell
      Step by step your statements are more and more irrational, poor intelectual
      dwarf. I suggest less alcohol and more books 🙂

  53. the biggest lie ever told! there has never been any caveman people! You
    were all made in GOD’s image. Anyone who thinks if you had a family tree
    that went back far enough that you would find a new kind of human? You just
    found a ncie fairy tale to tell your kids! I can’t believe how stupid
    humans have became. If you believe this, we might as well tell the world we
    all evolved from Snoopy! Blah blah!

    1. Everyone rack your brain on this one. Some scientists claim the meteors
      killed the dinosaurs. With that statement, that sometimes is posed as fact,
      let’s say meteors or even comets destroyed the dinosaurs millions of years
      ago. During this time, we know birds already were around supposedly. If
      these meteors killed all the dinosaurs, why didn’t all the birds die too?
      If anyone can just respond with an original thought for once, I’d
      appreciate it! Dont‘ appeal to atheists, come up with your own reasons.

    2. +nathan mckenzie Hi sweetie. In this world, there is real evil in the
      darkest shadows and in the most ordinary places. There are many true
      stories of the innocent and the unimaginable. Between the world we see and
      the things we fear, there are doors. When they are opened, nightmares
      become reality. And I believe they are all controlled by one supreme
      entity. Satan. There’s preists out there who have exorcised 5000 people in
      their lifetime. You want a good listen? I recommend listening to the 7
      interviews of Malachi Martin. Regardless of your beliefs or anything, I
      really think it’s worth a listen. He talks to art bell. To me, there is
      real evil out there. In this world, there is real evil. In the dar

  54. * Just a fantasy theory without any factual proof. without logic, reason,
    mind, technology and science.

    * Are you that certain to bet on there is no after life but what if you are
    wrong? what if there is eternal punishment hell and eternal goodness and
    pleasure heaven?

    * I am just telling you guys, the evolution theory is the biggest lie that
    is emerged from so called science, actually it is from pseudoscience

    * No sane person would deny gravity because it is observed infinite times,
    but there is nothing observed about macro evolution, evolution is full of
    gaps, having full faith in time it must have happened, it doesn’t explain
    how life in the first place started, it doesn’t explain how DNA can become
    real from material, and this DNA is still far far advanced than humanity
    current cumulative technology

    * While we don’t believe anything we see became real randomly in this
    world, believing in this entire universe became exists randomly is not for
    a people who has a brain to think

    * I am just warning you that, this life is not a purposeless random thing
    that you can live as you wish with your full desires. It has aim and
    consequences after death

    1. +Furkan Gözükara You do realize what Allah is, do you? It’s a story your
      parents told you. Without their self-serving lies Allah would never existed
      in your mind in a first place.

    2. +Kibbleball
      Pretty much, although at least the Bible mentions the word ‚love‘ once, so
      that somehow abrogates all of the violent and bigoted shit.

    3. +Doc Reasonable I disagree. Just one violent, hate filled religion claiming
      to be more loving than another violent, hate filled religion. The
      Christians hate the Muslims…, the Muslims hate the Jews and EVERYBODY
      hates Tom Cruise. Crazy shit.

    4. +Furkan Gözükara I hate to stereotype people, but most of the Muslims I see
      on YouTube are dangerously stupid and hatefully ignorant. They make the
      average Christian seem as if they’re of normal intelligence.

    1. There is a God Jesus came to me and said I was saved by grace and his love
      was beyond any, I deal with demons and ive seen the gorilla blue faced
      beasts that wears different face masks, you will see him hes very huge
      anyhow Praise God, its true draw near to him and he will draw near to you
      especially now! the end times are no doubt here ok God Bless!

    1. +aguila1 Why must you always involve the hypothetical Goat-man into things
      that don’t add up to your Sheep-herding Codex?

    1. +Devon Bartolomei
      I think you mean humanlike animals could arise from Apes, not Humans.
      Humans have already evolved from a common ancestor with Pan (Chimps,
      Bonobos) and cannot arise again in any of today’s Apes.
      Should there be any convergent evolution between any of today’s other Apes
      and Humans, they would still be a completely different branch of Ape, a
      different genus and pathway than Homo.

    2. Valid question. I once asked the same. Monkeys and humans had a common
      ancestor- it is a misconception that humans came from apes. Evolution is
      driven by natural selection, which means the most beneficial traits to
      survival will be the ones to survive. That being said, it is still possible
      humans could evolve out of apes, but doesn’t seem likely that human traits
      would be survivable in an ape’s habitat.

    3. +M.C.A.
      Humanity is not a goal for Primate evolution.
      Monkeys, Apes and Humans all have a common ancestor, but are evolving away
      from each other (diverging), not into each other.

    1. +Mohhamed Ali „I dont understand it so it cant be true“ is the only
      argument creationist use so it should not come as a surprise….

    2. +ban b so ur calling something you don’t understand bullshit, I’ve never
      seen such ignorance, pls do some proper research next time you speak, all
      the information is at your fingertips so you really don’t have an excuse to
      be ignorant.

    1. +Ghost Hoot
      God is a convenient and anthropomorphic explanation for things we do not
      know yet. God of the Gaps.
      Questions such as how did life begin or what was before the Big Bang surely
      have logical and rational explanations

  55. God created man not evolution you will see when you die. Theory of
    evolution is just that a theory because evolution is bullshit and
    physically impossible.

    1. +Boop Loop
      Titty blanket.
      Man created God to explain the then unexplainable.
      A complex organism like a Human being created fully formed from dirt in a
      day is physically impossible.
      You and I are the result of 3.7 billion years of life’s sheer tenacity and
      ingenuity when it comes to form and function.

  56. we all came from god. evolution is a lie. I urge everyone to pick up a holy
    bible (king james) n read it n study it. but most of all, put Jesus Christ
    where he belongs (in your life) put you faith and trust in him and you will
    live into eternity (peace, love, and joy)

    1. +YHWHisSovereign
      Biological evolution is happening all around us. You’d have to be blind not
      to see it. Evolution has gone on in then past. Don’t expect to see much in
      „macroevolution“ in your puny little lifetime or our picayune existence as
      a sentient species on the planet. But there have been various speciations
      and evolutionary fast tracks observed.
      Strong evidence for evolution is selective breeding, which has accomplished
      much in our short time here as breeders of both plants and animals. The
      theory of evolution in practice.

    2. +YHWHisSovereign
      Fuck off, you retarded shitstain. Your pathetic lies have no intellectual
      high ground here. They only demonstrate you as the pathetic piece of shit
      that you are.

    3. +Inspector Gadget Creationists and ID proponents have been asking
      evolutionists to show us any biological information that evolution is true,
      but so far nothing.

    4. +Matthew Kirwan Gee willikers, I hope someday to be as smart as you. In one
      short sentence you have surpassed all the intellectuals of all time.

  57. I think I’ll take the mountains of evidence over the word of some bronze
    age middle eastern desert tribe that probably got a bit scared because they
    didn’t know where the sun went at night.

    1. Skeptist : @ sCommerce Discussions only @ “ N “ Users @ mY life business.


      GOD ( @ Name Origins Humans Named IT. That’s not his Original Name ) simply
      never created any, especially human species, he is more smarter than that
      to create someone who are destroying everything at life business which not
      even one system they created @ global life systems : for ex : current
      global events @ nuclear armageddon crisis.

      Simple Solution @ Global Life Systems ( Finite To
      the Infinity ) :
      If I was him I will simple remove
      humans species destroy there souls first @ no rebirth or reincarnation
      systems of repeating processes of life, and forbid them to enter any
      systems but not only the current global life systems @ life business.

      —————————————————————Wisdom @
      Human Species :
      Species never deserve even one life as they were and are the most immature
      species originated from the Mammals ( For Ex : Skin & Meat @ Food) @ they
      have more real value in the global life systems than these immature human
      species @ life business of livlihood .

    2. +Danaus plexippus : Just Kidding @ U need to call up God and ask him or her
      …N, how would we know now @ Trillions of Years Life Before : Certainly
      hard to remember except doing research work over it.

      God never created none @ no mess for ex : Human Species Mess in today’s
      worlds @ life business.

    3. +Garth Algar
      And what did God do before creation, for trillions of years before we were
      „created“?? Play Yahtzee??

  58. Wow, how can we have come so far but still be so dumb. Some of the
    comments on this video must stem from absolute ignorance or some form of
    mental retardation.

    1. +Hugh Hayes Nice correction – do you think you might be catching up a

      … and you’re wrong anyway, it is your stupidity which you have on public
      display, which I have accurately highlighted and which you have again
      confirmed, ironically through your misunderstanding of irony.

      A good education is all you need pal, and try to make it a „Christian“ one
      to a) settle your ignorant bigoted prejudice against Christians and b) to
      place yourself within a greater statistical likelihood of contributing to
      science and to humanity than every other education system combined.

    2. +Regor Snitram The irony in you associating „intelligence“ with „atheism“
      to prove that you are „intelligent“ is dumbfounding.

  59. God made man in 7 days and we should thank him by drinking his sons blood
    and wearing Jewellery of him nailed to a cross

  60. Humans are the most dangerous and scariest animal on our planet. We could
    wipe out all living species by a click of a button.

    1. You’re giving us too much credit. We could not wipe out all life on Earth
      even if we tried our hardest. There are some organism on the bottom of the
      oceans who live independently of even the sun, how are nukes going to kill
      them? Other animals on the surface can and will adapt to the radiation.

  61. Why so many dislikes? I mean… i dont think human = apes, but… this
    theory seems more logical, than the talks in the bible or quran…

    1. +Intelligenkeit this is not only logical but it has so many evidence to
      back it up. This is by far the best explanation, you just need to be honest
      with your reasoning. But most people don’t care about evidence, they care
      about what suits and fits their previously held beliefs.

    2. +Intelligenkeit
      because of morons who were brainwashed as kids by their religious families
      that they rather kill truth if truth kills god.

      don’t care who you are nothing can spawn out of nowhere not even Jesus
      Christ can do that THINK! nothing just „spawns“ proof – elephants are
      mammoths how? Before the ice age elephants were here but mammoths
      „elephants“ were evolutionized fur to keep warm during the age of ice for
      the convenience of there species to survive and thrive here comes the end
      of the ice age they die out and come back as not so fury versions of there
      mammoth ancestors

    2. +LightUpon Light
      A better question by far is why not honestly seek the answer for yourself?
      You have the answers literally at your finger tips right now. Honestly
      investigate the matter for yourself. You may even enjoy the experience!

    1. +Misspleasureandpain
      The „Jay-Jay“ has been around only for the duration of Mammals.
      „Johnsons“ are way more ancient.

  62. This should be fun to throw out there: Religious fervor and otherworldly
    beliefs can be produced by stimulating a specific part of the brain.


      Ask him if hes atheist he says yes
      Ask him to raise his left hand if hes an atheist he raises left hand.

      2 parts of the brain 2 answers

    1. +Kratos Aurion right and I assume we are the ones who start genocides,
      desecrating all other ethnic cultures for believing in THEIR false
      gods……. From a agnostic person.

    1. +Kanyanga Eberhard
      Don’t feel bad. Feel proud you moved up intellectually.
      A lot of theists cannot or will not get past that primitive mindset.

  63. This show is conceptually wrong. Home Sapiens did not evolve from apes, but
    apes and homo sapiens do have common ancestor.

    1. I think we have strayed into the realm of arguing over minor differences.
      I agree with you. People do indeed think that we have evolved from modern
      apes, But that is not the case. I thought I had made that clear by
      referring to a common ancestor. Cheers.

    2. +Gerry Laarakker
      It is conceptually correct, as that ancestor was also an Ape.
      The dangling participle people take away from videos like this is that we
      somehow evolved from today’s Apes, which is of course incorrect.

  64. But its strange how humans have evolved so greatly in intelligence compared
    to other species, like there is no comparison in intelligence. I believe
    there was some kind of interference in the evolution of the human race.
    Something must’ve triggered it.

    1. I took a course on this, so I’m very much aware of this but I’m having a
      hard time believing that selection pressures and mutations, or just
      ’nature‘ in general was the only playing factor in the creation of the
      intelligent human species. Why haven’t other species evolved to the point
      where their intelligence could somewhat be compared to ours? I’ve been
      reading up on the possibility of another intelligent species
      ‚kick-starting‘ the evolution of humans, and it is indeed a very
      interesting theory.

    1. +John M
      Well, a lot of them are a little confused on that they accept and what they
      don’t and are less than forthcoming.

    2. +Dennis Kautz
      No problem. Professor Demirsoy certainly didn’t address the evidence as it
      relates to linking species by heredity.

      I understand needing to research this info further. Let me know if there’s
      another scientific topic you wish to talk about.

      Nice chatting and thank you for not being combative.

  65. You know this is wrong evolution is wrong The Bible is correct God is
    real.. The big bang is auto corrected to caps is wrong.. Scientists are
    lying to you.. God keeps his promises

    1. +_ Buddyroar_
      I know very little about the Big Bang, but evolution has been verified many
      times over. Evolution is the best explanation for our origins, because
      there is so much evidence backing it up.
      Biblical accounts such as Adam and Eve in the Garden or Noah’s Flood are
      impossible, and you don’t even have to be a scientist to know that the sun
      cannot stop in the sky or that snakes do not talk or eat the dust of the
      ground. They are evolved from lizards and all are predatory. There are no
      dust eating snakes.
      God keeps his promises?? What promises?
      Where is this Jesus, who was supposed to return within the generation of
      his disciples?? A little behind schedule, don’t you think?

  66. Really stupid title. Man did not evolve from apes. Both man and apes
    evolved from a common ancestor. Anyone who was awake in 6th grade science
    class has a grip on this concept.

    Except the Biblethumpers and internet denier trolls.

    I watched about 20 minutes of this. A typical dumbed-down TV faux
    documentary, designed for the clueless and feebleminded. Ho-hum.

  67. Let me get this straight. All the apes and monkeys we see look like apes
    and monkeys in this video, but as soon as we get to Neanderthal and Homo
    Sapiens, they’re all white! How’d that happen? I mean, give some of those
    guys a shave, a three-piece suit and a briefcase and they look like some of
    the people I work with. When did people turn black, Asian and white?

    1. +mishari alhammad The Canidae family? Ah ! ok, that explains why the
      Yankee Americans who are of the Englishae family, …. no, the name is not
      „Englishae“, I must write it in good Latin, … „Anglae“ … yes „Anglae“
      family. The Yankees are a branch of the „Anglae“ family, they exist along
      the „Anglae“ original stock which has not dry off yet, although with the
      Paki invasion, it soon will.

      That´s a good analogy of Evolution! There was a species, the „anglae“ one,
      who lived in Southern Great Britain, but then came other species, the
      „Pakistane“ one, which breeds at a rabbit speed. The „anglae“ family
      fucks a lot and in a very kinky way, but with little breeding results,
      and the consequence will be that it will be replaced by the Pakis.

    2. No your all partially wrong, because in every evolotion there is a dead end
      just like a tree, some branches keep branching and some have dead ends and
      some wolves evolved to dogs while some are just evolutionary dead ends of
      the „Canidea“ family. Apes are the same case. And even though the theory of
      evolution is just a theory it is very credible

    3. +SSO Loves : What about the Americans?? The Yank people, if they come from
      the English why there are still many English people??
      And if the dogs come from the wolf, why there are still wolves??
      —That „just-a-theory“ that breeders in England developed the bull-dog
      race is ridiculous, because there are still wolves.

  68. Biology books are written by Satanists who serve Satan and have been
    ordered to pollute the minds of billions. The Bible is God’s Word, and
    nothing supersedes His Word.

    1. +Mohamed Asrouti
      The Apes are not our ancestors; they are siblings and cousins. We share a
      common ancestor with them.
      Apes are adapted to trees (arboreal)
      We are bipedal and terrestrial, and we can control our surroundings.
      That has had a huge effect upon our appearance when compared to the other
      four Great Apes.
      Humanity is not a goal for Primate evolution.

  69. You know what? We were on top of the food chain, but now, we are sitting
    down at our screens playing video games and eating chips.
    Did we go downhill, or what? Is this good? Are we gonna be eating ice cream
    for life or something in 100 years or something?

    1. +Creepkido The Gamer (CreepkidoTG) As a species, we are actually doing
      immensely well. Just think about it; we’ve developed a functioning system
      where we can treat diseases and have food delivered to us from the store
      shelves. The vast majority of children live to see adulthood. The vast
      majority of diseases that would kill a man a thousand years ago are now
      curable with just a pill or a syringe. We may not feel like it, but when it
      comes to survival, which is what evolution is all about, we are one of the
      most successful species in the history of our planet.

  70. What a load of shit. People will believe anything if you say „scientists
    say“. There is almost no evidence to support this. There is just as much
    repressed evidence to discount this theory. Most of the evidence that does
    support this crackpot theory has been disproven or even hoaxed. One way you
    can tell a bullshit story is that everyone tells it differently. This video
    doesnt even explain evolution accurately. Apes did not evolve into man.
    Evolution says we share a common ancestry with apes that is neither ape nor
    man. Of course I am talking about the content of this video and not
    evolution in general. Dont get me wrong, I am not a creationist. What
    fundamentalists believe is just as much a fairy tale. The problem with this
    is that science refuses to acknowledge race. Those are not missing links
    just different human races. Notice how every order of man are white?

    1. +Danaus plexippus ya, thats pretty much what I said. I am not saying
      evolution is wrong. I am saying the video is wrong.

    2. +Reasonably Sane
      Different SPECIES of man, not races. From Homo neledi to Modern Humans, we
      have all been Human.
      All Humans are a branch of the Great Apes. All in the genus Homo are
      considered Human.
      Apes did not evolve into Humans, at least not today’s Apes. We share a
      common ancestor.
      Evolution isn’t a linear step ladder from monkey>ape>Human.
      It is more of a branching bush, linking all modern monkeys, Apes and Humans
      thru ancestry.
      Same with the different races of Humans today. White and other races did
      not evolve from modern Africans; we all evolved from the same Homo sapiens
      ancestor (We are H. sapiens sapiens.)

  71. there is a stupid man there at 48mins who says that eagles in Kenya ,
    Africa take human children of up to 6 years old. Ignorant and stupid man!

    1. There have been many reports on that in modern time and now imagine that
      the Tuang child is much smaller than our kids! that’s an easy prey!

  72. LOL….I am starting to see how two World’s are at work at the same
    time…..the Evolutionists and the Creationist. And then there is Jesus. <3

  73. Awww, gotta love the propaganda. Funny how they try so hard to „prove“ that
    us so-called Black People evolved from apes but everywhere they go around
    the globe, especially in Africa, they find older and older HUMAN bones that
    predate the time we so-called „evolved“ from primates. Why is it that these
    European and European-descended scientist find bones of us that go from 4
    Million to 10 Million+ years old and highly advanced societies? Kill the
    propaganda. Only a people that feel very low about themselves have to go
    through so much trouble to „prove“ the Ape to Man bullcrap.

    1. +El Hajj Malik El u seriusly dont know anything babout science. what is the
      point of your ctatement?“kill the propoganda“-what?? scientists use their
      logical deductions to come to conclusions and not blind faith.why is that
      these eupropean sientists find bones that goes back into time, because
      there search for it and draw conclusins based on science.
      those who support this „propoganda“ are not those who feel low about
      themselves-that is yur micunderstanding and speculations.its thosee people
      who have a keen observations of how man evolved from a smaller stage to a
      larger,more advanced stage support his view and its quite logical-more
      perfect compex structures evolve from lesser structures-

  74. LOL, doubtful but keep trying. We didn’t ‚evolve‘ from Apes… if so, why
    aren’t the rest of the apes evolving RIGHT NOW? Of course now, make up
    excuses to defend the lie. It’s not true, never was, never will be.

    1. I don’t know what to believe anymore man I can’t believe in God and I can’t
      believe and logic because they’re both pretty much bullshit

    2. +D4u2s0t
      Your last question, I’d assume would point more to less and less genetic
      material being available. We have had more biodiversity say in the
      carboniferous period than we see today. I would be led to believe that
      given a long enough timeline, nothing would survive either because of
      lacking new genetic material or because of multiplied mutations.
      (disregarding the sun or any other long term based event causing)

    1. +MrAnimepredator no you are. you think your granddad was an ape? Don’t be
      mentally retarded!! lol. Seriously? if you want a good girl when you get
      older, show some logic!!! Girls don’t date dumb boys!

    YOU. ()cat()

    1. you! share a common ancestor with Monkeys and Apes,you! are more closely
      related to Monkeys and Apes, you! have passed the denial stage, evolution
      is not a fact i’am to GOOD TO BELIEVE SH%T THAT DON’T MAKE NO MOTHER

    2. +BOOM BOOM
      #1: We did not come from Monkeys and Apes. We share a common ancestor.
      #2 Humanity is NOT a goal for Primate evolution.
      #3 We are more closely related to Monkeys and Apes than to bumblebees,
      Iguanas or sea slugs.
      #4 Getting all emotional and pissed off is not the way to learn. Maybe you
      have passed the denial stage and entered into the anger stage, but
      evolution is a fact.

  76. This is all one of the biggest lies known to mankind. Humans did not evolve
    from Apes. Apes have always been Apes. If humans evolved from apes there
    would be no apes left for one thing i would imagine, but apes have always
    been apes. Crocodiles have been around millions of years and still look the
    same. The humanoid man like ape things that roamed the planet were what we
    know today as sasquatch people which are the original humanoid species of
    the earth. They never evolved into humans and instead involved into their
    environment i.e., got much taller, stronger and smarter. They are much more
    cut out for the earths climate and terrain than we are. Without a good few
    layers, a winter jacket and fire humans wouldn’t survive in a north
    american or european climate. Somehow humans were created and put on earth
    by some higher powers, or a species that has existed in time far longer
    that was far smarter. You could say aliens, you could say we are aliens
    maybe and that is the big secret. Many have claimed there are types of
    alien that look like typical caucasian humans with blonde hair called
    NORDICs. Maybe the nordics put some of their own here to see how they would
    thrive (the same way we are putting people on mars) and we are actually all
    from nordic decent. Atleast us white folks lol. Colour could have came with
    the evolution to climate or something i don’t know, some believe that the
    nordics would inter breed with the ape species on earth either naturally or
    through DNA manipulation, but i will say when i was a kid i had yellow
    hair, now its dark brown and my beard is black so there are natural
    elements that can cause this. Man was never APE. IT is bullshit fed to us
    because we can’t explain, or don’t want anyone to know our true origins.
    This is why any UFO or alien activity is kept quiet, as well as all the
    sasquatch or „bigfoot“ sightings. it would conflict with the establishment
    of religion and con formality. Instead they make us aware of these things
    but in the form of „science“ fiction.

    1. +Noartist Chimps are making and using primitive spears to hunt with.
      go to Most Genius Apes here on YT
      And how did we get less suited for our environment, relying on clothes and
      fire? That question answers itself.
      With a nice warm fire and Mastodon or Buffalo skin clothes, who needs a
      thick, Squatch-like coat of fur?
      And another byproduct of fire is cooking, enabling us to more easily digest
      and assimilate meat.
      And who needs to be stronger when we are
      Not supporting our weight on our arms (bracheating) and
      Not chasing down and wrestling our prey down. Spears, tools and brains take
      the place of brute strength.

    1. +jamexxxxxxxx
      Funny how we see the Ape in others before we see it in ourselves.
      Embrace your inner Homo erectus. We all have one, black, white or whatever.

  77. i don’t believing evolution how you find your ancestors but not the missing
    all my ancestors r human
    no monkeys

    1. +someone
      You’re obviously not going far back enough in time if you’re still finding
      Human ancestors LOL.
      And monkeys are on an entirely different branch of Primata than are Humans.
      In other words, monkeys are not our ancestors; we share common ancestry

  78. People dont actually believe on this. No one is that stupid. They are just
    bitter with God and for whatever reason they blame things on him. God is
    not your enemy.

    1. +lardonirdesco
      Excellent response! Couldn’t have said it better myself.
      Sometimes I wonder if these creationists actually believe the things they
      say! Maybe they say these things because they think they have to, as if
      they subscribe to Pascal’s wager or something.

    2. +Chris Banzet

      Damn your an idiot…

      *“Interesting that you would call it self-delusion…“*

      I would argue that belief in a god is a form of self-delusion as you are
      convincing yourself that deity exists. Whats the differnce between Yahweh,
      Zeus, Allah or Thor?… Nothing..

      You have simply convinced yourself that deity is true, Hence why I called
      it a self-delusion..

      *“Did you notice all the people around you on your way driving into work
      today?? NO, because you are not „AWARE“ nor LOOKING for those people…. So
      when you drive into work, you have your standard every day blinders on….
      Which is why you CANNOT see God move, because your „ignorance /arrogance“
      block you…“*

      So in your mind, Iam purposely denying the existance of God……. Says the
      Christian commenting on the feed of a video that shows both the history of
      and evidence for the Evolution of the Man………………… Hypocrite

      *“God shows up and MOVES in people’s life in a subtle way“*

      Why don’t you just say the ususal tripe of God works in Mysterious ways?..
      You do realize its an excuse rather than an answer?.. You are simply trying
      to argue and explain/ignore the bad things by calling them ‚Mysterious‘ and
      credit the good things. Its nothing more than a dodge, And yet Christians
      have still yet to demonstrate the existance of their god over Allah, Thor,
      Zeus or Venus. You can’t skip the step of explaining his actions before
      demonstrating he even exists in the first place.

      *“… So subtle that you need to actually be intensely aware AND looking
      for his presence….“*

      So why is there no scientific evidence for said God over any of the other

      *“Let’s suppose for a moment, YOU were a GOD and some puny punk human with
      his Cocky attitude said, IF you are real, PROVE IT!!?? Please!! Let’s be
      real! If you understood the „reasoning“ of God and Purpose, then you
      wouldn’t have such a BENT understanding or lack thereof.“*

      Why shoud I suppose anything about Gods nature? Demonstrate one exists

      *“For the record, guys like you AREN’T supposed to see God!“*

      What a dickhead thing to say? Who are you to assume that I or any Atheist
      isn’t worthy of the same Damascus Road experience that Paul had? After all
      Paul was a non-believer before God appeared to him.

      *“You’ve made your choice, and God tells Christians, that we’re NOT
      responsible for your soul, you are…“*

      Ok, First problem here, Did you make a choice *NOT* to believe in Allah?…
      You just don’t believe in him, Like me. It has nothing to do with choice
      and it is simply that both you and both I see no reason to believe in

      Secondly, Prove the existance of a soul.

      *“All we’re required to do is tell you about him. If you CHOOSE not to hear
      the word“*

      Yes and your claims and arguements suck. Its not a choice, Its a threat.
      Believe or Burn. You really think thats moral?

      *“the Iniquity of your soul is no longer ours to worry about… So, with
      that said, ENJOY your atheist belief… May it „SERVE YOU“ well…“*

      You really don’t understand what Atheism is do you? Atheism isn’t a
      belief… It’s the rejection of a belief.

    3. Interesting that you would call it self-delusion… Did you notice all the
      people around you on your way driving into work today?? NO, because you are
      not „AWARE“ nor LOOKING for those people…. So when you drive into work,
      you have your standard every day blinders on…. Which is why you CANNOT
      see God move, because your „ignorance /arrogance“ block you…. God shows
      up and MOVES in people’s life in a subtle way… So subtle that you need to
      actually be intensely aware AND looking for his presence…. Let’s suppose
      for a moment, YOU were a GOD and some puny punk human with his Cocky
      attitude said, IF you are real, PROVE IT!!?? Please!! Let’s be real! If
      you understood the „reasoning“ of God and Purpose, then you wouldn’t have
      such a BENT understanding or lack thereof.

      For the record, guys like you AREN’T supposed to see God! You’ve made your
      choice, and God tells Christians, that we’re NOT responsible for your soul,
      you are… All we’re required to do is tell you about him. If you CHOOSE
      not to hear the word, then the Iniquity of your soul is no longer ours to
      worry about… So, with that said, ENJOY your atheist belief… May it
      „SERVE YOU“ well…

    1. +jeff lee
      You must be here for a reason, and what you’ve seen scares you a bit.
      Denial is a natural initial reaction to any threat to deeply held belief.
      But you cannot deny forever. Nobody ever approached a subject or project,
      scratched the surface, said „YUK!“ and walked away as a winner.
      You cannot approach any science topic with emotion. That equals failure to
      understand. You have to study this topic in more depth to fully understand
      View these videos and read with an open mind, turning off your emotions.

  79. Homosexuals should have evolved dongs in their blackened by now or some
    kind of new feature. Truth is that it was never meant to go that way. Bible
    is science. Actually, try studying it without being narrow minded in what
    somebody else has referenced through academics or hearsay.

    1. +paul andrews *Homosexuals should have evolved dongs in their blackened by
      now or some kind of new feature*
      Can’t tell if troll or American.

  80. if revolution exists why does the forskin of a (jew,muslim) penis has to be
    cutton of every single birth again.
    why doesnt it revolute true the thousands of years

    1. +Moker Joker For the same reason that tattoos or hair cuts isn’t inherited.
      Evolution don’t work that way. Mutilating your genitals isn’t genetic,
      therefore it’s not going to be inherited.

  81. “ UNBELIEVABLE “ Its hard to believe that anyone with an ounce of GOD
    given common cense would or could believe in the “theory of evolution“
    Charles Darwins theory of evolution…. is just that… he has never had
    the scientific evidence, hence the word THEORY…. coming from the word
    (thought) Yet the ungodly have chosen to take it on board and preach and
    teach it as truth ! I am a GODLY man and are willing that when our first
    invention is in the market place, will put up $ 1,000000 dollars for anyone
    who can bring irrefutable evidence of evolution and the money will be
    there’s … I know this evidence does not exist so the money will never be
    claimed…. but will continue to add to that money as our wealth
    increases…. 1 million, 10 million or 100 million 🙂 the money will never
    be claimed ! So for those who believe that LIE of evolution, get cracking
    lol….. and get that so called evidence you say exists, because you
    will never find it ( however…. I will humour those who think contrary to
    a GOD of creation ) As all the evidence is there of a GOD of creation….
    the simplest one is the 7 day week were in 🙂 ^ days of creation…1 day
    of rest (7 days) marriage 🙂 Just study the Horse… with the frog in its
    hoof, or the Girrafe with that valve in the back of its head that stop
    blood from rushing back to its brain after drinking water while its head is
    down…. this valve stops it from passing out / fainting….. Also how do
    you explain… male and female of each species ????? WAKE UP GUYS !!! Are
    people so stupid and ignorant ? How is it then “ IF “ we came or even
    evolved from apes…. then why do they then use the heart from a PIG when
    replacing the heart from a person…. and not one of an APE ??? That right
    I GUESS 😉 Our graphic designer once said to me…. Most people spend
    there lives defending what they know …. instead of LEARNING TO GROW…. “

  82. One testbook sais the earth is 50 billion yrs old . The next textbook sais
    its 300 bilion yrs old. I’ve seen that according to textbooks that differ ,
    the earth is aging at a rate of 10 million years per/day .
    Scientists is the world’s best and most convincing LIARS/bullshitters

    1. +Cornie venzter
      When I wish to express myself I do not wait on permission of anyone, clear
      ? and insults are very misplaced when it seems I am the only one actually
      agreeing on your observations I))
      and actually I will look at your links 😉

    1. +Zbyszkoz Eventually you’ll die without learning our species‘ history, and
      a younger person will take your place with an open mind. No harm to us,
      just you. Enjoy. You’re part of the tail end of a very overdue to be
      extinct mindset.

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