Startseite Doku Dokus Länder Europa Ukraine Azov Dnepr & Donbass Bn POWs captured near Ilovaisk Aug 30 2014 – Eng Subs Doku Stream

Azov Dnepr & Donbass Bn POWs captured near Ilovaisk Aug 30 2014 – Eng Subs Doku Stream


Azov Dnepr & Donbass Bn members who disregarded the conditions for leaving the encirclement via the Humanitarian Corridor. Instead of honoring the requirement to leave their weapons and equipment behind, they tried to force their way through with them and were captured and taken prisoner.

Dumbass „heroes“

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with valuable Translation assistance from @JShastun (Thank you!) Doku Stream


  1. Those cowards of Ukro-nazi battalions were just brave to burn civilian
    peoples. When they fought against Donbas militia they were defeated and
    humiliated. Ilovaisk was a glorious victory for the Donbas militia.

    1. +Svetliaok Dymnova Get US war criminals out of the Middle east and the
      Ukraine and hope the Russian army will go and crush their Neo Nazi
      killers ,once again . and put an end to their Bandara torchlight marches
      ,once, and for all time ..Nazis in Europe must be stamped on ,

    2. +tv watcher
      In the words of famous Communist and civil rights activist Paul Robeson:
      „Because my father was a slave, and my people died to build this country,
      and I am going to stay here, and have a part of it just like you. And no
      Fascist-minded people will drive me from it. Is that clear?“

  2. The very fact that all the racist anti-russian comments on this video are
    posted by people with neo-nazi symbols for profile pictures, gives you
    valuable insight into the people who support the current Ukrainian

  3. they’re lucky didn’t shot to death or tortured after being captured. it is
    opposite to some country which they slaughter even tortured the person
    which they captured to death. so,. i would like to say these soldier are
    civilized. im not siding anyone because we are equal human, have same blood
    breath same oxygen. BUT for all,. whoever do the bad things they will reap
    what they sow. God Bless ALL

  4. Don’t worry the nationalist are rising up again and you will loose, trust
    me we already promised a thousand years of darkness if you don’t off your

  5. Novorussia brave defeders, good work. We in Serbia would fight to end our
    US occupation, but we have no one to support us like u do. 

    1. +harbinger200 LOL, Serbia is about to join NATO! Get this, Serbia is about
      to join the same military organization that destroyed Yugoslavia!

    2. +harbinger200 defenders? That ones are chechens from Russia. What deal does
      he have with Ukraine? They captured 30% of Donbass and locals ran to
      Ukrainian controlled territory.

    3. +harbinger200 go and suck your inbred father you fucking spic fake ass
      Balkaner of a serbian subhuman, AAaahh
      you are so fucking pathetic ppl

  6. The Russians did the same thing as them. What kind of bullshit are they
    speaking when they say they are humanitarian. I know one thing. When that
    Russian soldier slapped that POW I would have punched him right in the
    mouth. And then I would have told him to send my body back to the Ukraine
    because I will not surrender to the Russians.

    1. +LuRcH Do a google search on $6 billion dollars used by the U.S in the coup
      and how protesters were paid to turn up. Read about how U.S politicians
      turned up during the coup encouraging and baiting the Ukrainians. Read
      about how the U.S uses colour revolutions in order to achieve regime
      change. It’s all out there. I know the Russians are no angels, but in this
      instance they have been seriously provoked, or bear baited if you like, by
      the U.S and the E.U.

    2. I believe the Americans are there to help the Ukrainian Army to keep Russia
      from land grabbing.How do you know the Americans were paying and organizing
      the coup? I haven’t read anything about that.

    3. +LuRcH Why are the Americans there? That’s a good question. What do you
      think? Considering they paid for and organised the coup in the first place,
      I’d suggest they were deliberately trying to stir up trouble with Russia.

    4. Would you really punch that Russian terrorist right in the face?! Or would
      you piss your pants and start crying like a bitch? Idk you I’m just asking,
      you really know who you are. I just know one thing for sure, you were never
      in combat.

    1. +hell 0 LOL in the bottom of your comment you never said that you did or
      did not oppose the Iraq war.
      Answer the question kid.

    2. +jon doe
      Czech Rep
      United States of America.

      Yeah I’m from the United States, but I have the freedom to not support wars
      of aggression unlike you Russian communist regime ass wipes.

  7. Fucking idiots. Never yield rather die. Otherwise like that, they will fuck
    your honor , even your nation’s honor. Just take 1 ammo and shoot your

    1. +222nightwolf In Ukraine, a radical group seized power and made a civil war.
      In this video, a Chechen wanted by the Georgian mercenary who promised to
      kill Chechens. He says where is that Georgians, nicknamed „Doberman“, and
      you have to leave an environment?
      And the military says I don’t know where this Doberman.

  8. Such a shame to see brother fighting against brother. This conflict was all
    orchestrated by the judeo-bolshevik globalists to weaken the white race. I
    hope we can one day see a peaceful solution to this conflict. Much love to
    my slavic brothers from Ireland.

  9. They stripped them to check for neonazi tats, it was a baaaad time to have
    a swastika tat, field surgery with a combat knife.

  10. kind of convenient that a camera happened to be available for all of these
    captured/surrendering forces and that they were luckily 100% co-operative
    with their captors, rofl.

    1. +Hunter Ziegelmann it just a vid showing pows nothing more, we hard plenty
      of footage filmed in Iraq and Afghanistan

    2. Exactly my point. If they refuse to speak to their captor what would the
      consequence be? What reason do they have to speak to their captors at all?
      It is not like they will be shot. This whole video seems kinda wierd. Like
      it is out of context.

    3. If they were shot because they don’t respond to questions while imprisoned,
      that is a war crime. So the fact that they tell everything make zero sense
      and is unusual.

  11. Can anybody explain, what is going on there? Don’t try to influence me, I
    just want to know what the whole situation is about.

    1. +The 10,000 league Seems legit. And who are those guys on the ground? are
      they just part of the ukrainian military, or those nazis ? 😀

    2. +Kurt Klemm
      You will see comments referring to the ethnic Russians as „communists“ and
      the western Ukrainians as „nazis“. There are neo-nazis fighting alongside
      the new Ukrainian government in a group called Azov Battalion. Their logo
      is a mish mash of several Nazi SS symbols and they currently have their own
      military. In the east there are a lot of communists fighting alongside the
      Donbass republics, but this is primarily among the older generation. When
      you watch videos of the Ukrainian war, look out for a red and black flag
      with a trident. This is the flag of Right Sector. They are a far right,
      white nationalist paramilitary. They were the ones pulling down Lenin
      statues a couple of months ago. They are modeled on an anti-soviet
      terrorist group called the UPA (Ukrainian insurgent army) which conducted
      terrorist attacks in the Soviet Union, and were infamous for collaborating
      with Hitler during World War 2.

    3. +The 10,000 league Okay thank you ! its quiet hard to look through
      …especially there is not a „neutral comment“ as such below. On the one
      hand there are people, calling the ukrainian forces „the nazis“ and on the
      other hand there are people, blaming the pro-russians. quiet difficult…

    4. +Kurt Klemm
      Soldiers belonging to Donbass (Luhansk and Donetsk republics in eastern
      Ukraine), have captured soldiers belonging to the western Ukrainian
      The context is that in 2014 there was a coup in Ukraine which saw a Russian
      allied government ousted and a new western back Ukrainian government
      installed by the USA. Predominantly ethnic Russia portions of Ukraine
      (Donbass) did not accept the new government and a civil war broke out.

    1. +struan john LOL very desperate, these bastards fed by the US will have to
      leave ukraine in the future, Ukraine is Russia, it seems that they could
      not make an ethnic cleansing of the population as they are fighting back
      for their country.

    1. +Turkistan KZ Сукаблять тупая. Чурок забыли спросить. Хоть бы русский
      выучил, прежде чем тут извергаться, чурка ёбаный.

    1. +maplecote ha this is nothing, nobody is crying about geneva violations
      happening every day in yemen by saudis, or in pakistan by american drones
      killing civilians, or by cluster munitions used in afganistan and iraq by
      NATO,or turkeys genocide vs kurdish civilians in cizre. fucking bandera
      nazi scum shut your mouth and go read something

  12. Those chechens from Russian army are brave to humiliate prisoners(as it
    always was). But the fact is that they managed to capture only 30% of
    Donbass. The fact is that 90% of locals ran to Ukrainian controlled

    1. +Jose Raul Miguens Cruz
      lol.. You fucking asshole, fucking spaniard or who. I’m russian speaker
      from Donbass. Say what you said to most of russians and they will smash
      your heads. Chechens are the most hated shit in Russia. They killed
      thousends of russians in Chechenia. Fucking asshole. I don’t care about
      nazis, and don’t use this word to cover your fashist criminal ideology.

    2. +Jose Raul Miguens Cruz lol.. You fucking asshole, fucking spaniard or who.
      I’m russian speaker from Donbass. Say what you said to most of russians and
      they will smash your heads. Chechens are the most hated shit in Russia.
      They killed thousends of russians in Chechenia. Fucking asshole. I don’t
      care about nazis, and don’t use this word to cover your fashist criminal

    3. +Yuri Serebryanski what? the chechens destroyed and killed a lot of fascist
      terrorist in Donbass they were very good in hunting nazis.

    4. +philzy P lol. 30% of Ukraine is liek that. Why fake russian you
      motherfucker? Russian nationalists come here from Russia to fight Putin and
      his chechen dogs.

    5. +Yuri Serebryanski aww let me guess your a butt hurt yank trying to pose as
      a fake Russian you people are shameless.

    1. I’m partly polish as thousendsw in Ukraine and you stupid russo-trolls can
      only shit ur pants crying here. Where are banderians fucking assholes? The
      asshole with glasses on photo is chechen from Russia, he is already killed.
      Those mother fuckers managed to capture only 30% of Donbass. Whole mrussian
      reserve army with about 500 tanks and other stuff. And where are citizens
      of Donbass? They ran to ukrainian controlled territory.

    2. +lukasz nawolski stupid troll this video is a montaged 🙂 lol it was known
      1 year ago even. Stupid fuck. It was done to fear cprrupted cops. Fucking
      asshole troll.

  13. ეს მართლა განდონი პლენს რომ ურტყავს :|

  14. пфффффффффффффф! более 30 сек не могу смотреть на путинского –
    ЗАЩЕКАНЦА!!!!!!! Томск!

  15. Ποιοι ναζι ρε πανυβλακες, δεν ζει κανεις τους ποια…

  16. все воздастся-кто издевается над пленными-тот и есть собака безродная…

    1. +Vadim Polovin
      This is not the Russian military in the video. These are ethic Russians
      which make up the majority of people living in eastern Ukraine. Telling
      ethnic Russians to get out of Ukraine is like telling Welsh people to get
      out of Wales.

    1. +Mauro Sorrentino
      Ukrainians are not the enemy. It is the Ukrainian US puppet government
      which is the enemy

    2. +CharlieWilliamsSucks
      Well, what I have learned in the years of the Cold War is, that it doesn’t
      matter how bad it looks, Russia always has enough weapons …
      We often draw a picture according to the European or even American way of
      living and seeing things, but that’s Russia … things are different there.
      Weapons were always important, even if people will have only bread and salt
      to eat let’s say.
      Of course I hope it won’t escalate, with US wanting to put weapons inside
      the so called shatter belt it is normal that Putin won’t just sit and
      watch. But as EU politicians are just puppets and jump only as high as US
      says they should, I won’t wonder if it happens.

    3. +Ivo Radev I am not sure about that – Russia is really in the shitter
      economically right now – BRICS is already dead and China has little need
      for Russia since the Ruble collapsed. Putin can increase the instability
      in Syria but all eyes are already focused on what Putler is doing there and
      the fact that Russia has not accepted any of the fleeing Syrians. Russia
      is quickly isolating itself from almost everyone.

    4. +Ivo Radev Putin is now building a brand new military base in Syria.
      Looks like another war is about to explode.

  17. this is a clear video evidence of war crimes being carried out by so called
    DNR , supported by Russian Federation , I. e. POW,s are not to be exploited
    under Geneva convention laws . Thus making Russian Federation, headed by
    criminal Putin , a terrorist state. Long live Ukraine !

    1. +John Geidans
      Ukrainian military breaks several ceasefires and shells civilian homes and
      nobody bats an eye. Donbass militia man slaps a Ukrainian and suddenly you
      want to scream about the Geneva convention.

    2. +John Geidans why cos one of them got a slap and then made to jump up and
      down? not exactly Guantanamo treatment

    3. +John Geidans America is a terrorist state bith headed by thug bastard
      Obama you American dog. down with evil Ukraine LONG LIVE PUTIN LONG LIVE

  18. Wars know only losers. Hell, why did those motherfucking assholes took down
    flight MH-17 ? Nothing to win by war. The rich get richer and the simple
    people die.

  19. I’m pretty sure they never got to rebuild a single house , if you know what
    I mean. leader is talking about how he’s human and treats them better while
    his buddy kicks pow in the face.

  20. 4:10 dont ask them for that , the are proud of this , the like killing
    innocent peoples like in 1943. Tradition of ukrainan army -killing womans
    and childrens

  21. da chto ty kozel nesesh urod da te be toljko i mozesh pizdetj privet
    MOTOROLJE sviniji ,a chihi esho blyadj vernutsja k vatanam .prorok

  22. So I guess Ukraine didn’t matter, just like Holodomor. Russia owns Ukraine
    whether they like it or not, sad to see

  23. Почему украинцы такие дрыщи? У меня в 14 лет телосложение крепче было чем у
    большинства этих „воинов“

    1. +Vadim Polovin
      1: This video was taken in Ukraine.
      2: The men in this video are ethnic Russians in Ukraine.
      3: The soldiers in taking the video are not members of the Russian
      military, they are soldiers of the Donbass republics which are an ethnic
      Russian majority.

    2. +Vadim Polovin Donbass is the former Russian territory which was given by
      the Bolsheviks in the Soviet Union and Russians live there. The Ukrainians
      decided to kill them and the Russians of Donbass rebelled, and the militia
      from Russia helped them.

  24. Victory to Novorussia and all the anti fascist fighters.

    Disgrace to uk, canada, americowars, zio nazi ukro scum.

    1. +Сибиряки ебало завали пилдрила и иди хачам в Москвабаде соси. Уебали сука
      всю вашу хуевую армию блядь. По ходу 30% Донбасса – это всё что смогли
      захватить. Лохи.

  25. …..russian occupied ukraine is a disaster, at the behest of the criminal
    regime in moscow plotnitsky has eliminated the russian terrorists bednov
    and mozgovoy (both ambushed on the same road which i have petitioned should
    be renamed „the dead end“ :), also eliminated were ishchenko and dremov….
    dremov had just gotten married, so the russians gave dremov a land rover
    with a bomb wired in it, but they didn’t tell dremov about the bomb (see
    how sneaky the russians are), talk about a short honeymoon………
    bahrooom chshhhhh…..congratulations on your wedding dremov!!! and a big
    happy new year to bednov!!!

    1. +Hunter Ziegelmann
      Stick to the LAST century then, and IGNORE the WORLD’s greatest financial
      crisis, caused by the USA & Britain.

    2. +Tommy Le No Tell me more about the grain famines, corruption of officials,
      and general lack of stable ideology that made the USSR fail in less than 80
      years. rofl.

  26. fuckn pussy russians. invade a country, and beat pow’s. fuckn hate the
    russian fucks. karma gonna be a bitch with trump in office. russia=pussy
    ass bitchs

    1. +w canes
      Saying that ethnic Russians invaded Ukraine is like saying that the Welsh
      invaded Wales. They’ve been living there for thousands of years. No the
      Russian military did not invade Ukraine.

    2. +w canes This is the novorossiyan army, the people that captured these
      ukrainians have been living there from the start. But I suppose most of you
      Americans can’t comprehend the fact that sometimes your country is the bad

  27. I guess Russia expects Ukraine to just sit back and let Russia take the
    country over, otherwise they are killing innocent civilians. Same ol‘
    Russian Bull Shit. I will however give Russia credit for being the biggest
    criminal enterprise(MOB) on the planet.. Just a fact

  28. It makes me sad that people call Russia the fascist… clearly none of them
    saw what the Ukrainian government did to the people of Donbass…

  29. isis would beat both the russians and the ukrainians easily..russia
    militarily aint that good, so as ukraine..only thing that nations scared
    about russia is russia nuclear arsenal and thats it..many dont know, a
    russian paratroop unit got wiped out by poorly trained ukrainians units
    late last yr also..the only units that doing good on russia side is
    pro-russian chechens, rest is just shit.

  30. Слава Украiни и героям слава! Шокирующее объяснение празднику 9
    мая!(рассекречен архив НКВД) Почему в одних странах празднуют 9, а в других
    8 мая? Легенда гласит, что из-за часовых поясов несоответствие. Не верьте
    этому фейку, это все путинская пропаганда! От нас скрывают правду! Символ
    победы георгиевская ленточка только для тех кто празднует 9 мая, а кто
    празднует 8 мая символ победы красный мак с черной головкой, но тут тоже
    обман , мак с зеленой головкой Значит не мак это. А что это? Это разбитый и
    сильно натертый пукан,посередине черный цвет- пукан уже не смыкается(
    сильно раздолблен). Мало кто знает что европа подписала акт капитуляции 8
    мая, одним из пунктов (секретный)было условие поголовного пробития дна всем
    европейцам (чтоб победа была полной и запоминающейся на 70 лет) и
    присвоения статуса гейропейца. Русские вани всю ночь трудились и закончили
    9 мая, поэтому в России празднуют именно 9 мая. Долгое время в России ряде
    других стан удивлялись, почему в европе так много геев. Согласно
    обнародованным документам ( и поведению) там все пробитые заднеприводные
    петухи, и они этим гордятся и это правильно, нужно чтить свою историю.
    Слава Украiни и героям слава жертвующим свое очко ради соединенного ( по
    системе анус шляпа) Пидорстана (USA)

  31. in the end moscow will lose this war, moscow will not be able to say they
    lost this war to the US or to the EU, they will have to admit to what is
    inconceivable and incomprehensible to moscow, they will have to admit they
    lost the war to ukraine

  32. It’s simply crazy how these Russians claim that it’s their land, even
    though they were a small minority in every region/oblast of the Ukraine,
    except in Crimea!
    Война слухов лжецов! Русские были меньшинство в каждом регионе Украины
    (кроме Крыма). Так как же это возможно, будет земля ваша?!

    1. +Alex Anderson what???? What shit are you talking about??? lol Who are
      those chechens, buryats, yakuts and others of Russia regular army who
      invaded Ukraine? Who are those who annexed Crimea? Where did those 700
      tanks with crews come from? Civil war? On 30% of one region? Go buy some
      brain before talking something, stupid shit.

    2. +Sebastian Till Did you use google translate?

      Whats crazy is you talking about a country you never been to and basing
      facts on things you see on wikipedia. Just because it doesn’t say you are
      Russian ethnic in your passport doesn’t mean shit, and that is what
      statistics are based on. And it’s not Russians vs Ukranians. It’s a civic
      war. People are calling themselves Russian because they don’t want to be
      associated with those assholes who started maidan. In reality everyone is
      Ukrainian, and all that really means is that we are from the same place and
      share the same problems.

    3. +Sebastian Till Russian regular army and mercenaries captured only 30% of
      Donbass. I’m also russian speaker. And noone supports that scum from Russia
      who invaded our country. Half of ukrainian army is russian speakers or

    4. +Sebastian Till These people are not „Russians“. They are just people who
      live in that region. They want democracy and if they cant have it they will
      want independence.

  33. These Russian dogs are so full of shit. They used mortars, grad missiles,
    chemical weapons, but nooo, they accuse Ukrainians for doing what they did.
    Typical Commie lies. Ukraine belongs to Ukraine. Fuck off, slavic swines!

    1. +Ingvar Osjamets I,have been to several countries all over the world.And in
      all of them they didn’t like Russian tourist. They are rude, never polite
      and extremely loud and drunk.

    2. +Mark van Oosterwijk This is the first time I’m hearing of such. Russians
      are disliked by those, that are suffering from complex of inferiority, that
      much is true.

    1. +Josip Jelačić Ma to ti je izreka do kraja – prava evrupska – znas sto si
      mi sada pomilovao jaja – uff

      Majmuncino jedna

    2. +Josip Jelačić Naso se da kaze neko ciji se text od preko 90% sadrzi samo
      od slova „a“ i „h“ … sta je??? Jel ti se zaglavila tastatura???

    3. aahahahaahaaahahahahahaahahahha jebo majku jel su i vama spojili korejsku

    1. +Alex a
      I suppose you believe that the British are „terrorists“ for fighting
      against Nazi occupiers in Europe ?

    2. +Alex a Good to see Putin has totally failed in his attempt to incite Civil
      War & unrest throughout Ukraine. The UAF are heroes, they held the line
      against Moscow’s cockroach filth, and prevented them & Russia achieving any
      of their evil objectives. Slava Ukraina!

    3. +Ian M You fuckin wanker. The UAF are an army defending their homeland
      against an invading force, the same as any military would do, these guys
      are heroes. The Scum are Putin’s mercenary butchers, killing Ukrainian
      civilians. Couldn’t hold its ground against Ethiopia? Really? Lol, so how
      come Putin’s fucking pigs after 18 months of intense battle couldn’t even
      win more than 40% of the Donbas region?? Answer that you mindless little
      prick. Do you even know where Ukraine is on a map? I think not.

    4. +Alex a oh shut the fuck up you utter faggot coming from someone who
      supports an army that chops off the fingers of captured fighters hangs and
      kills innocent people runs over little girl with a tank the ukrianein army
      is nothing but scum and i love hearing the news of there deaths the
      ukrianein army couldnt even hold its ground against Ethiopia ukriane is a
      shithole full of nazi faggots

  34. What caused the rebellion in the first place? WHAT CRIMES DID THE NEW

    I mean, you rebelled like 5 minutes after the russian puppet president was

  35. To all the retards who claim there are no russian troops in Ukraine: What
    are Chechens and asian looking people from Siberia doing in
    eastern-Ukraine? And dont say shit like: they are helping
    eastern-Ukrainians because Chechens and asians dont give a fuck about what
    is happening there

    1. +peter R exactly. The Russian army defeated the US/Israeli trained Georgian
      fascist idiots in a few days. They could’ve annihilated these Ukrop morons
      too in a couple weeks if it was an actual invasion, as NATO / Kiev keep=
      claiming. btw, if Russia has invaded Ukraine, why hasn’t Kiev declared
      war??? Ukraine heading the way of Greece, probably even worse.

    2. +Peter C If Russia did attack, invade ukrain area, with regular troops, the
      war would be over in 2 weeks. It is a shame that the US government, for $5
      billion US taxpayer dollars, destroyed a legitimately elected government in
      Kiev, and in its place installed a government of nazi bandura pigs! The
      bitches nazi scum in Kiev, who have already destroyed the economy, who have
      impoverished the people, will, in time, be subject to the rule and revenge
      of the freedom loving fighters of Novorossia! Long Live Novorossia! „Death
      to the nazi invaders!“ This was the cry, in these same areas, in the
      1940’s. There is no difference between a german nazi and a ukrop nazi. They
      deserve the same fate!

  36. NATO needs to roll in there and do something about this shit, Russia wont
    do anything, their military is weak compared to NATO and their economy
    couldn’t handle a war at this point let alone breaking trade agreements
    with the west would kill them. Statistically speaking, if the US could
    destroy the Russian Army the same as they did the Iraqis, they would do it
    in 2 weeks. We can deploy an air force larger than yours solely via
    Aircraft Carriers off your coast within 24 hours along with the thousands
    of planes and soldiers based in the west? Good Luck Russia with your ageing
    cold war tech.

    1. +Сибиряки „my friend feel the force of my people through song and the video
      clip’s title for the video clips“

      Thank you. Сибиряки, I grew up in fear of Soviet nuclear strikes. I
      lived in an industrial area. I expected to die at any moment.

      Question – was there something in the food given to Soviet children to make
      them very tall? I’ve never met a Russian born after 1960 who is less than
      1,8 meters in height. Even your women are taller than our women.

      Maybe only tall Russians get to come to America?

    2. Little , tiny Chechnya have Russia all it could handle

      So many dead Russian , earn on the streets of Grozny by dogs

    3. +Сибиряки „who come to me with a sword will perish by the sword“

      Alexander Nevsky said that a long time ago, I think.

      Well, my friend, we agree that there is a grievance, one that requires

      I suspect that the creatures motivating the conflict in Ukraine are not
      going to be held accountable at first for their mischief.

      In time though everyone will know who is motivating this pain. They will
      be held to account.

      I am most displeased that the US 173rd Airborne is working in Ukraine.
      Our airborne like the VDV, shock troops. They will leave some day, rest

      If they get involved in Combat… a lot MORE of us will be upset than are
      upset now.

    4. +Сибиряки „I agree with you but the time goes, not what can not be solved
      only worsens the degree…. Russian human patience is not infinite“

      I agree. The patience of the Russian people are being sorely tested. So
      is the patience of the people of Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria and other places
      where my people go.

      Take care, Sibiryaki – we are running out of money. Once we are out of
      money we must go home.

  37. Russians are stupid! Killing their own people. They need to be killing
    Muslims if they want to kill someone!!!

    1. +War & Peace
      I know. But hey according to their beliefs anything they do it’s for
      freedom and democracy LOL Now they are against „Muslims“, they DO believe
      that Russian Army in Ukraine. They have no proves but their „free“ media
      said so it’s true lol I feel sorry for Americans half of them are
      brainwashed puppets and another half of them don’t care what their country
      is doing in the world…

    2. +Aleksey Gashev LOL! Yankees killed over 60 millions of indians. It’s
      biggest ever genocide in history. They occupied lands of indians, then they
      occupied Mexico’s Texas. Yankee=murderer=monkey.

    3. +Philip Lobrano
      You fucking idiot man. The south Russia almost the whole Caucasus region
      are Muslims. It’s like saying Americans should kill all the Mexicans in
      their south. We don’t kill people because of their religion. However those
      Ukrainian POW’s are the volunteers from „Right Sector“ a racist group who
      thinks that Ukraine for Ukrainians only. Now do they deserve to be treated
      like shit? I think the do…

  38. Russia get out! Free & independent Ukraine!
    The Ukraine does not belong to Russia…
    They did break out of the encirclement , there are only a handful of POW`s
    in this vid ffs! & remember they are POW`s! so treat them as such! Name
    Number & rank, that is all you would get out of me if I was young & fit
    enough to fight!

  39. I think, this terrorist who spoke n this video is no longer among „us“ them
    ether! Fck U Los Terroristas! Wh ostarted the war? „You start and blame
    Ukrainians“ What a bulls..t!

    1. Speak mandarian or what ever people understand.. Rest of the world do not
      go along wath you or speak with you… 😀 So, keep it you’re self.. 😉
      Ruskie trolls

    1. +Heti Bukta how do you know that? They even talk in russian and that
      mercenary from Russian federation who is in glasses is a chechen. What is
      he doing in another country?

  40. Azov batallion pow, sure because your bullshit propaganda isn’t enought
    know you openly lie x)

    1. +Сибиряки claro porque tu não tens uma trela nesse pescoço 😉 és tipo uma
      cadela do putin ahahah

    2. +Сибиряки teenage? xD lool its funny since you have the stupidity to think
      that you are talking to a kid, and second you pedophile, learn to speak and
      write english i didn’t understand shit you wrote

  41. his is a democracy anyone unrecognized Donetsk and Lugansk People’s
    Republic? mock captured soldiers? With such yours Republic will not last
    long ..

    1. +Ingvar Osjamets where are nazis there you asshole? And it’s no Azov
      batallion there at all. Average soldiers of Donbass batallion. Fucking

    2. I hate Nazism, I am a humanist, a pragmatist. I hate to NATO as well as
      perhaps the entire west. After all, what I saw.

  42. Чурки чеченские, кроме смерти вам ничего не желаю!

    For those morons, who believe that Bandera was an SS agent, idiots – he was
    jailed for the period of WWII!

  43. Glory to the Heroes of Novorussia, the Defenders of Novorussia! They
    protect their homes and birthrights, in spite of the nazi kiev government
    troops shelling and killing civilians, men, women, children, and shelling
    hospitals, schools, even churches. Death to the nazi invaders!

    1. +Yurik Silver Serbia? your confused .. how will this end? you think your
      Bandera living ass will survive … your own sakashvili even said that it
      will take 20 plus years to get back to what we where in 2012 LOOK WHAT YOUR
      STUPIDITY DID… 20 years till we come back to what we were 3 years ago
      stupid shit plebe

    2. +Axios .king you bitch, it’s faster ou will be raped by some chechen or
      arrested by Police in ur shitty Serbia when you come back. Don’t use
      translater to type in russian lol. Хуеглот пидарский.

  44. Here we have it again and again. Russians stealing from Ukrainians,
    stealing Ukrainian land, and taking Ukrainian people as their slaves, yet
    they say we are brothers? Russians prove what a maniacal race they are.
    An enemy to civilized society. Absolutely no reasoning with these people.
    Their posturing is truly shameful.
    So many replies to this post I had to add for clarity sake. I do not want
    Ukraine part of the EU/Nato alliance. Most Ukrainians in Ukraine do not
    want to become members of the EU. They want Ukraine to be a sovereign
    nation. Also conservative Christians regardless of ethnicity do not want
    Ukraine to be a member of EU or Russian Federation. Ukraine has to be kept
    separate and free from all dominating forces.

    1. Final truth Colonization of Yugoslavia 1991 = Colonization of Ukraina 2014
      Same directors same plot, only different actors.

    2. finanly the truth Colonization of Yugoslavia 1991 = Colonization of Ukraina
      Same directors, same plot, only different actors.

    3. “ INVASION of GEORGIA“ CCCP whats left of it recognized independence of
      GEORGIA GRUZIA in 1992 are you retarded ? this is what happened in
      Gruzia USA empire and the gang trained armed instructed when and how to
      attack Georgian army dissmantled in 5 days IF you have no clue what you
      are talking about than do not say anything. +Feyg Aeckaunt

  45. Pls dont hate my people we arent all dumbasses. The western people gets
    nearly perfectly manipulated by mass media. I hope you ll defend your home
    and friends, altough some of them are gone :/ Greetings from Germany. P.s.
    You guys got fucking balls, i dont know what i would do if i had to fight
    against my neighbour village :(

  46. As an Romanian, i m happy to see Ukeaineans and Russians fighting. They are
    both the same. Same shit, different assholes.

    1. Stating with poroshenko’s head, then get the rest of the nazi bastards in
      the Rada and ther „right sector.“ Why are nazi killers now accepted by
      the US/EU/NATO as being some kind of acceptable government? Oh, only $5
      billion US TAXPAYER dollars put them into power. SHAME!

  47. Безработные Укропитеки засрали весь ютуб. Идите работайте за газ
    расплачиваться надо

    1. +Alex Galitschehko Первый раз от тебя слышу,полюбому вам такое показывают
      чтоб думали что у нас в России такое показывают)))

    2. +Alex Galitschehko На НГ хлебну. А так то не пью вообще. Слава России
      смерть бандере!

    3. +Константин Арестов Да да только пёс это похоже ты как на видео, которого
      чечен пинает по голове

    4. +Константин Арестов Да я тебя обосрал – а ты даже ухом не повел. Унитазный
      ты дрищ кароче. Пойми наконец- всем в мире насрать на вашу украину

  48. Lixo russo comunista, „o comunismo é de facto materialista e anticristão;
    embora declarem às vezes em palavras que não atacam a religião, os
    comunistas demonstram de facto, quer pela doutrina, quer pelas acções, que
    são hostis a Deus, à verdadeira religião e à Igreja de Cristo.“ Pio XII

  49. Russia simply wants east Ukraine back so they can keep their oil pipelines
    to the Black Sea. Lots of money involved!!!!

  50. Это ж надо так запудрить мозги россиянам. Российские военные даже зная и не
    скрывая на видео говорят о своих потерях. Но все равно не видят правды.
    Истинно русские „иваны“. Даже не жалко их

    1. You see how your brain was wash by Putinbox (TV) all the time your
      government TV as there is no more independent media in your country was
      repeat Nazis Nazis and now you believe to is you who are castrated as you
      don’t see that KGB mafia running your country that all they friends get
      rich and all you people so you don’t ask they give you a enemy and blame
      everything on him wake up !!!!!!!! There is no Nazis in Ukraine there is
      more in Russia people just have enough of soviet system so they want
      democracy and this is what your KGB Putin don’t like so he attack them.

    2. What an idiot! It seems that the nazi kiev crazies have been breeding
      morons, psycopaths, intellectually castrated individuals. They now have
      such a dememted political structure, they have begun to include foreigners
      into the highest levels of government, the latest being the „tie eating“
      idiot of Georgia, shit head Shakaavili.

    3. Like what ? what is happening in Ukraine ? People wake up that Soviet model
      of life is not a Life so they want to do the way they like more and because
      of that Russian Minister Sergier Lawrow says that Ukraine need to stop
      they course to west or they will lose more lands. Who the fuck you Russians
      think you are to tell another people how they should live ?

    4. You see Propaganda have lots of meaning thats why you are a Idiot movie of
      so call not Russian equipment use by some farmers whit some music can be
      call propaganda to for all Russians who believe in the God Putin this is a
      great movie for me just another stupid propaganda from Russia that probably
      is not for Western countries only for Russians so they can think how great
      and strong and cool they are where in fact you all are dumb brain wash

  51. So you thugs are breaking international law yet again .. thieves,
    murderers, marauders and communist punks.. your day will come that you’ll
    reap what you sow.. Ukraine will survive, and its people will overcome..
    you thugs, will not.

    1. +Dalton R It has nothing to do with swastika idiot, bringing swastika
      behind kolovrat doesn’t change its meaning to your agenda.
      Azov uses Black Sun symbol, which is not Slavic symbolic but Germanic. and
      other symbol they use is Wolfsangel which is also Germanic, also was used
      by Nazi divisions and corps.
      So which Nazi groups exactly used Kolovrat, you dumb zebra?

    2. +Rex Lat Well you obviously don’t even know what your own symbol is. It’s
      a slavic symbol- a Коловрат Свастика – Kolovrat Swastika. Look it up.
      But the point I was making is that just because you and Azov uses a
      variant of the swastika to represent, doesn’t make you a nazi. All

    3. +Rex Lat I didn’t say swastika, I said variant, just like variant for
      nationalist groups in Ukraine you call Nazis. The point wasn’t about your
      emblem but about your hypocrisy

    4. +Rex Lat its always funny to see how you accuse Ukrainians of exactly what
      you do. And yeah so what Russian backed, but why make such a fuss if the US
      decides to help Ukraine? Yeah I know you would rather have the ability to
      slaughter without them defending but you should understand why some in the
      world don’t want that.

  52. And to treat prisoners in this manner, and to film it and show it in public
    is an obvious violation of the Geneva Convention. Fuck off Russia !!

    1. +Kozak glory And change you nickname. Cossacks are fight in Novorussia’s
      side (more than 5.000 cossacks from Ukraine and Russia).

    2. +Kozak glory What a shit you write???? Please don’t continue watch ukranian
      oligarchs media. In Donbass people are in prorussian side, we are against
      Maidan, nazis as Bandera or Shushkevich and sionists as Kolomoiskiy and
      Poroshenko. You, ukranians, want to be a new european Irak under USA
      ocupattion and new slaves oligarchy mafia???? Ok, but in Donbass NO.

    3. +terfgdyutjtjjjjfj And bombing Donetsk and Lugansk with phosphor bombs made
      in USA or burning people alive for political reasons as in Odessa is an
      violation of what convention????????? What do you think about that??????I
      think is worst than show prisoners in public.

    4. Yes ,Exactly my thoughts as well. How many millions did perish during the
      „Holodomor“ in Ukraine in the 1920`s ? And later by Stalins draconic
      collective farming ? And now Putin`s Novorussia experiment is trying the
      same thing, to bring Ukraine under the terror of Kremiln.

    5. I guess these “ illegal“para troopers,

      have never even heard of the Geneva Convention.
      They claim these POWs have“ invaded their land“. The Donetsk Peoples
      Republik „.
      There is no such entity in existence ! Its all in their fucking minds.

  53. Chronicles of Ukraine:
    Ukraine was first mentioned in chronicles. Note, not Little Russia, not in
    any other way, namely Ukraine! Chronicle includes several components –
    Laurentian Chronicle, The Tale of Bygone Years, Chernigov, Kiev,
    Galicia-Volyn chronicle which describe events from 860 to 1292 years.
    Sources chronicles are very diverse – this princely chroniclers, princely
    letters, reports ambassadors, military stories, eyewitness accounts, the
    Greek chronicles and so on.
    Ukraine was first mentioned in the chronicle the story of Igor’s campaign
    to Polovtsy Svyatoslavovich in 1185.
    Many sources of Kievan Rus‘ is identified with Ukraine.
    In some versions, such as Ermolaevsky list (1189-1213 years), called
    Krajina Ukraine in Kiev chronicles – Borderland Galich …
    The name „Ukraine“ is mentioned in connection with the death of Prince
    Vladimir Pereyaslav Glebovich later – when describing the events of the
    reign of vrёmen Galicia-Volyn prince.
    Daniel Romanovich, Moscow and Russia then nobody knew …

    Higher education institutions: the Russian Academy of Sciences was founded
    in 1724 .., Moscow University in 1755. In Ukraine
    Ostrog Academy was founded in 1576, Lviv University was founded in 1661

    Printed primer in Ukraine came out in 1574 in Lviv, in Muscovy it happened
    60 years later – in 1634.

    Religion: Kiev archdiocese was founded in the year 988, and Moscow only in
    1458. Kiev Metropolia 460 years older than Moscow.

    Capital: Kiev based 482-year, Moscow was founded in 1147 the son of
    Vladimir Monomakh Yuri Dolgoruky. So Kiev is older than Moscow 665 years.

    The first monarch in the classic sense crowned in Muscovy Ivan the Terrible
    in 1547 in our lands Daniel of Galicia – 1253

    Mongol yoke: Kyiv lost the Mongolian yoke in 1363 after the Battle of Blue
    Waters; Moscow lost yoke in 1480 after standing on the Ugra, and a tribute
    to the Crimean khan Muscovy Dress up
    1700, including the beginning of the reign of Peter 1.

    Title: The first time the term „Ukraine“ is found in the chronicles under
    the 1187 year.
    For the first time the term „Russia“ find only during the reign of Ivan the
    Terrible, 400 years later.

    Author of one of the world’s first constitution Pylyp Orlyk.
    April 5, 1710, was elected hetman. On the same day he announced „the rights
    and liberties troops Zaporizhzhya“.
    In the US Constitution adopted in 1787. In France and Poland only in 1791
    Historical facts you need to know.
    Powers called Muscovy Tsar Peter I renamed in Russia already in the 18th
    century, in 1721 !!!

    Moksha tribe called his Moscow river, and the translation of the name, from
    the language of Moksha, sounds like „dirty water“ !!! Any other language in
    the world can not translate the word Moscow !!! The word „Kremlin“ – Tatar
    and represents fortifications on the hill !!!
    In the Middle Ages all cartographers Europe wrote and performed the border
    of Europe along the borders of Rus Rus – a territory of present-day Ukraine
    !!! Muscovy – ulus, with its Finnish people, has always been a part of the
    Horde, and Europe does justice to Asia !!!

    Muscovy (Russia) paid tribute to the Crimean khan, his sovereign and
    master, who was the legal successor of the Golden Horde, until 1700 !!! The
    Tsar of Muscovy met Crimean ambassador at Poklonnaya Hill, Sadilov him on
    his horse, he on foot, under the bridle, led the horse with the Crimean
    ambassador to the Kremlin, Sadilov him on his throne and stood up to her
    knees !!!

    In 1610, in Muscovy at Boris Godunov (Mirza Gudun) ended the dynasty
    Chengizidov (a relative of Genghis Khan), and elevated to the throne Alexei
    Cat of the Finnish type of mares, and at the wedding of his kingdom to the
    church gave him the surname Romanov, who allegedly came from Rome rule
    Muscovy !!!

    Catherine II, who after the occupation of the last free Ruska Power – Grand
    Duchy of Lithuania (the territory of Belarus) in 1795, told his order
    called Finno-Ugric tribes Muscovy some Great Russians and Ukrainians – true
    Rus – Little Russians !!!

    No one has ever seen in the original contract of reunification between
    Muscovy and Ukraine, allegedly signed by Bohdan Khmelnytsky and King
    Alexander Romanov !!!

    For several centuries, archaeologists Muscovy looking for artifacts,
    confirming the accuracy of the Battle of Kulikovo, but so far without
    success, that’s just a fable about the victory over Mamai D. Don singing
    until now, all the voices !!

    Pskov, Novgorod, Smolensk region of Russia – a former Slavic-Ruska
    Principality, and Finno-Ugric Muscovy had nothing to do, as long as
    Muscovy-Horde did not occupy them respectively in 1462, in 1478 and in 1654
    years !!! And in other areas of Russia (Muscovy) never lived Slavic tribes
    and peoples !!!

    Golden Horde and her daughter – Muscovy – the only country in the world
    that kept slaves own people !!! This explains the eternal backwardness rich
    in natural resources from relatively disadvantaged Muscovy natural
    resources of European countries !!! Indeed, the efficiency of the free
    people is much higher than the slaves !!!
    P / S.
    The myths of the Russian national consciousness suffered a new blow !!!
    Initial studies of the gene pool of the Russian people, conducted by
    Russian scientists in 2000-2006., Have shown that genetically Russian – not
    Slavs and Finns purebred, no different from Mordovians (see. Article „The
    Face of Russian nationality», №15, 2006) . According to the Moscow-based
    Center Lev Gumilev dated March 18, Russian scientists first time in history
    had an unprecedented study of Russian gene pool – and were shocked by his
    results !!! Including these studies fully confirmed that the Russian – is
    not Slavs, but only Russian-speaking Finns. Results of the analysis of
    mitochondrial DNA showed that another nearest kin Russian, except for the
    Finns in Finland – Tatars: Russian from Tatars are on the same genetic
    distance of 30 conventional units that separate them from the Finns !!! In
    the myth of „Slavic roots of Russian“ Russian scientists set bold point:
    anything from the Slavs in Russian NO !!!! There are only about Slavic
    Russian language, but also in its 60-70% of non-Slavic language, so the
    Russian people are not able to understand the language of the Slavs,
    although the present Slav understand because of the similarity of the
    Slavic languages – all (except for Russian).
    Russians live in Russia, but not Russian. Russia was and there is only KIEV

    1. +Сергей К.
      I do not think the average Ukrainian citizen particularly wants to be a
      member of EU. It is the Globalists who are pushing for this as a way to
      enslave people, but because of Russia’s aggression towards Ukrainians in
      particular, Ukraine is pushed into the arms of the EU. Not a good thing at

    2. К чему весь этот опус рассчитанный на англоязычную аудиторию? Вы хотите
      доказать, что украинцы ближе к русским , чем сами русские…тем более
      приплетая это видео? Там же все просто – грузин Доберман сказал, что
      побреет чеченцев, тем самым оскорбив их…Теперь обиженные чеченцы его ищут
      и спрашивают у его сослуживцев где он и куда спрятался от них….Кому
      интересна ваша писанина – в России на бытовом уровне не оперируют понятием
      русский, у меня на работе есть коллеги и украинцы, и немцы, и татары, и
      русские…Если для заграничной аудитории – так им плевать, кто там
      чистокровный то? В какой стране мусолят эту тему – только в Украине, больше
      нигде. Что Киев – это Россия, так это у вас в голове, но не на самом
      деле….В мире все просто – если ты хочешь что то значить и на что то
      влиять – то должен иметь силы отстоять свое право на это, и тогда ты будешь
      суверенным в своем выборе…если не можешь – о суверенитете можешь
      забыть…Украина готова отдать часть суверенитета, которого у нее и так
      мало было, НАТО и ЕС, это значит решать все будут за нее…кто то с этим
      согласен, а кто то нет, отсюда и проблемы.В чем смысл чистоты украинской
      нации, если итальянка Могерини будет указывать вам, что говорить на
      международном уровне, А какой то человек из Люксембурга. который меньше
      Крещатника как вам жить внутри страны …Насчет братских народов – может
      это и не так, может мы и не братья – славяне, но так как у меня отец
      русский, а мать украинка, мой дед освобождал Крым, а дед с Украины
      освобождал Одессу в ВОВ, то мне на это мнение плевать, для подавляющего
      числа жителей России то, что мы братья утверждение не требующее
      доказательств или опровержений….Это просто как в семье, когда один из не
      самых умных и самостоятельных братьев допил до белой горячки, выгнал жену и
      детей на улицу и сжег свой дом….Это просто трагедия…

    1. +Michał Dobrowolski How exactly did they do that? Coming from a nation that
      was under Russia for 300 years? Stop typing one sentence at a time, and
      actualy speak out what the fuck are you trying to say.

    2. +Michał Dobrowolski Oh ye, remember 1000 years ago there was this mighty
      nation, that does not exist anymore?

  54. США должны создать целое и мирного Украина, союз различных народов. Если
    мы, американцы, должны вмешиваться , мы должны делать то, что правильно для
    украинцев не американцев.

  55. Let me ask all of you who are pro-West/pro-Ukrainian one simple question:
    If there are terrorists within your country, how do you deal with it? You
    send in police, you send in special intelligence forces. So why is almost
    entire Ukrainian army on East Ukraine’s doorstep?

    This so called „ATO“ is a denial of civil war. Do you remember the airport?
    They sent people to their deaths! The bloody government lied to their
    troops, only telling them what they actually were going to do minutes
    before riding into a firefight? They sent tanks to take a bridge, so as to
    appear as if they surrounded the airport. Yes, they sent men to die, just
    for a freaking propaganda video. This is the government the West backs.

    Remember all the hundreds of „MIA“ members of the Ukrainian Army? Explain
    the three mobile crematoriums in Ukrainian Army Camps outside of Donetsk? I
    wonder where all these bodies are hiding. The East Ukrainian people did not
    come out to the Maidan to protest, not because they supported the
    government, but because they were too busy working to complain. They are
    builders, they are fighters, they are defenders.

    These people are being killed, for political agenda, by persons who are
    supposed to protect the Ukrainian people, instead sends people out to die
    like sheeps for slaughter. And then he has the balls to cry about it and
    shed crocodile tears. Poroshenko the Western Puppet needs to step down,
    take responsibility for his actions and grow a pair.

    Even if he was forced to go through 1 million childbirths, the pain would
    not be enough to atone for the crimes on the Ukrainian people that he has

    1. Most people who get what’s going on won’t dismiss all of Russia’s crimes.
      The fact is however the coup you are referring to was a fake western backed
      to TO PUT Poreshenko in power! George Soros has BRAGGED about spending
      millions to start it. Russia has mad 2 peace agreements now and both have
      been broken multiple times by the FAKE Ukraine Nazi government. The U.S.
      central bankers need to clear the doorstep with Russia. Why? Quite simple:
      the dollar and the US economy are just about done and history proves that
      these scum push war to either prevent a complete collapse, or so they can
      blame it on Russia. That’s it. We need to remember however, at the end of
      the day it is WE the PEOPLE of this planet Nat need time end war and these
      power structures that have dominated a dumbed down human race for thousands
      of years. Talk about motivation…

    2. +Viktorya Chuikova
      When Ukrainian citizens rose up to fight against and take down the corrupt
      government of Ukraine, ethnic Russians in Ukraine were not and are not
      supportive with helping get rid of corrupt government. Instead they
      committed treason by supporting Russian invasion of Ukraine and stealing
      land from Ukrainians. How is that in support of freedom? If you are so
      for freedom. then you need to go clean up Russia.

    3. +Ludmyla Semeniuk It is our misfortune that Russia is our main backer.
      Without Russia providing aid, our people would have starved to death
      already. Meanwhile West Ukraine has foreign backers…we only have Russia.

      I would be much happier, with someone like China that is more globally

      This is how I see it; that Zahkarchenko is very free-minded, such that if
      he were not a great leader, he would have ended up dead in some pit.

      He’s too freedom minded for the sake of the Kremlin, and yet without him
      Russia has almost no power to rally the East Ukrainian people.

      I pray for his safety every day.

  56. Banderowcy? Moze i racja .Pamiętam tez o Wolyniu i bandach UPA w
    Bieszczadach. Ale kto wiecej zabil Polakow Ukraincy czy Rosjanie? To co te
    Ruskie skurwysyny robia w tym klipie z jencami ( samo nagranie filmu) to
    zlamanie wszelkich konwencji.Tego skurwiela co to komentuje i gada z
    jencami bez wachania bym pod mur postawil. Koledzy z Polski zapomnieliscie
    o Katyniu o tym co NKWD robilo z AK od 1944 roku? Owszem musimy pamietac o
    zbrodniach ukrainskich nacjonalistow ale nie mozemy pozwolic zeby Putin
    dopial swego.

    1. +Mark van Oosterwijk
      They didnt show anything you dumb cunt. People like you should have been in
      the plane, you are so dumb its painfull to read your comments.

    2. It was a bukrocket you stupid moron. They even found the Russian serial
      number. What proof do you want more:-S

    3. Why do you say that here ? It is obvious it was ukrainian army who shot
      down the plane, the proof of that is that NATO hasnt shown any evidence of
      the plane being shot down by novorussia, which means : either they dont
      have any, either they have evidence that it was the ukrainian army who shot
      it down.

    1. +nostral clapse The same way you gave these weapons to fake ass rebels in
      Syria and Lybia?
      Don’t worry, apeshit, a Ukrainian soldier with a modern weapon is like a
      monkey with a grenade.

    2. give em some uav ,satellite support better equipment all round from the
      west then they might have a chance. If not Russia will keep testing its
      weapons on them

  57. Ну вот нахуя нам это стадо долбаебов, которые ни хуя головами думать не
    умеют? Украина- уже страна рабов. Теперь три, а то и четыре поколения
    хохлов будут долги отрабатывать, моя толчки и подтирая задницы господам.
    Пусть валят нахуй в Европу, бестолочи. Только и умеют Русских обсирать. Да
    лучше быть ватником, но зато не побираться, бегая по Европе и лизать яйца
    Евросоюзу. Просрали вы свою Родину, Украинцы. 

  58. Gdyby nie kurwy RUSKIE to by tego gówna nie było !! Japierdole !!! Gieroje
    ! Ukraincy bronią swego !!Zachcialo się kutasom do RUSKICH !!! BANDYCI !

  59. You really believe that russia started a war in the ukraine? how dumb are
    you? Look it up in the internet, in international news. Read some books….
    The people in the west are just brainwashed. Poroschenko, timoschenko, Jaz
    are all US puppets. They destory the ukraine. They want to destroy russia.
    so they tell propaganda to the people. “ russia is bad“ „russians attack
    ukraine“ etc. Your ukraine „heroes“ kill children and women in the east.
    They rape them! They bombe civilian places and kill innocent people. You
    idiots believe that propaganda… Ukraine is nothing without russia. US und
    EU will steal all your ressources and you will be poor for ever! and I
    think you all deserved this! You just can’t bomb civilians, kill your own
    people, steal, rape and then call you a hero! You west ukraine scum! Just

    1. Not true, the US will not take anything from Ukraine and will actually help
      as much as possible. Why? Because US end goal is Russia, now if you say US
      wants to turn Putinland into shit I might agree…

    2. +Herr Meister The problem is that alot of the weaponry is very modern and
      isn’t owned by the ukrainian army.

    3. +ivanlagrossemoule
      you know that all military fabrics from the sovjetunion were in the
      east`They produced weapons there, so you can easely go to this fabrics and
      take weapons. so it is ukraine. when you were there even once you knew that
      it is very easy to get weapons in ukraine.

    4. +Wojtek Mlotkowski everyone who compares adolf hitler to wladimir Putin is
      a full retard and knows nothing about the past history and nothing about he
      actual history….

    1. Russian? This is a Ukrainian civil war. And btw it’s the Ukrainian
      government which are the fascists silly billy.

    1. +jin beam thank you. thats exactly what it was, I was personally born in
      Kazakhstan and after the USSR split up the same thing happened there.
      Russians were hunted through the streets and discriminated against. who in
      the right mind would want to be part of a nationalist far right puppet
      regime anyways?? you’d have to be an idiot to choose Ukraine over Russia as
      a Crimean. Putin did everything right, he gave them the choice and the
      people voted. I guess the yanks and ukrops just cant accept that the people
      of Crimea had no intention of being part of that shithole country and voted
      in big favour of joining Russia.

    2. +UArulez Ukro Nazi stop tell lies already, all world knows what you did to
      russian speaking people in Donbass, Odesa. You kill your own people, and
      think that you are fighting against Russia? Are you fucking brainwashed or
      what? Why does Russia help ukrainians and let them stay who run away from
      Kiev mobilization, why does Russia helped Ukraine soldiers after they run
      half dead to the border on Russia? And when real Russian military shows up
      for security reasons in Crimea, there was not an single bullet fired. You
      can kill only your own brothers/ukrainians stupid brainwashed bandera

  60. Pamietacie inne filmy o traktowaniu wzietych do niewoli Ukraincow. ;D Ponoc
    to faszysci byli. Dla mnie te skurwysyny z tzw. republik donieckiej i
    luganskiej sa faszystami i terrorystami. Banda mordercow przyslanych przez
    FSB i GRU. Ciekawe ilu z nich pochodzi z Ukrainy. Szczerze mowiac na
    miejscu Ukraincow kazdego komu udowodni sie , ze jest z armii albo sluzb
    rosyjskich rozstrzelalbym. Albo raczej powiesil bo szkoda kuli.

  61. I support you, Donbass defenders but this clip is not helping you. Any POW
    deserves to be treated with respect, not humiliated. Do you not think that
    your POWs will be humiliated in the same way, even tortured by the fucking
    fascists of Poposhenko?

  62. Sadly, the officers look like they’re in better physical condition than the
    enlisted men. Real leadership I tell you. I’m half Ukrainian myself and
    wouldn’t give you a penny for these neo-Nazis. Slavs need to stop killing
    their brother and sister Slavs.

  63. and in the tv eeuu still saying this people are terrorist…the only
    terrorist here is who bomb innocent people and support capitalism

  64. ‚Brave‘ man pitching shit and tormenting a prisoner. Typical Russian
    coward, all talk once someone can’t fight back. Sickens me. Russian
    rapists, child molesters and murderers sent by Putin. Taking their prayer
    books? Really?

  65. Btw, these so called „partisans“ would pleasure Mr Putin the second he’d
    get his pants down.. Than again what’s wrong with a juicy BJ, right
    „Donetsk Republic“..?

    1. That’s called „common sense“, not „experience“.. but hey, not everyone has
      common sense, so don’t sweat it..

    2. +Mr Smith Man, you so well described this process, that it makes me wonder,
      that you’ve got a lot of experience in this.

    3. Jeezusus Christosius Ingvar, what’s with all of homophobia.. Did anyone
      abuse you..? Tell us & we’ll find those bad men.. no need to suffer alone,
      we’re here for you my raped friend.. All will be well.. you’ll see.. your
      A-Hole will shrink.. your tummy will rid itself of all those unnecessary
      „proteins“.. Don’t worry, being raped isn’t the end of the world.. Also,
      who knows, perhaps this new experience will open a new leaf in your life, &
      eventually you’ll have enough courage to come-out even to your family &

    4. +Kozak glory Nope, it will result in the destruction of the whole world.
      Hey allies, how’s it like sanctioning Russia and at the same time trying to
      talk tough with China and India? Tsk tsk. I’ve seen allies in action,
      remember Iraq? Vietnam, Korea? Nuclear bomb on Japan? Lybia? Of course you
      don’t, uneducated trash.
      BTW Shitkrainian, the things you describe can only happen in your gay-ass
      fantasies, because no one is dumb enough in Europe to start a full scale
      war against Russia, and they won’t. You can bitch here in the comment
      section as much as you like, it won’t affect anything that’s happening in
      the world. Lol.
      “Kozak glory“ oh ye, glory to kozaks, so many shitkrainian soldiers
      getting their asses kicked in South East by the cossacks and the rebels.

  66. Bientôt un Maidan à Minsk car ras le bol du diktateur Loukachenko !! et il
    n’y a pas de guerre à l’Ouest de Ukraina mais vrai que des milices
    paramilitaires s’entrainent et se préparent pour aller affronter les 40.000
    mercenaires de Putine au Donbas et avec eux tous les ex-militaires
    anti-russes et aussi en Turquie des commandos tchétchènes exilés …

  67. mother fucker prisoner beater..ill will say fuck you fuckin homo.because
    that you are..if i am prisoner not say nothing.but before that take your
    head of you fuckin putins Ryssä.some day you will die with…you know.if
    anyvone see you again ya will know that..hih hih hih hih hih…go and

    1. +salotimo Fact is USA and NATO support ilegitime nazi regime of oligarch
      Poroshenko. Any of 4.000 civilians who died in these fuckin war was in
      prorussian side (separatists if you would). Fuckin nazis (as battallion
      Azov formed by nazis of around the world) bombing cities of Donbass every
      day. Peace and love are utopies in Donetsk and Lugansk.

    2. Fact is Russia is supporting separatists.Arming them all way.And ‚there‘
      had been hundreds russian mens in ‚holydays’….and died at least 200 i’ll hope that insane war stops and you all there can again
      live in good peace preparing and entering in to great better future.Peace
      and love to You all.

    3. +salotimo These bastard nazi bitch criminals killed civilians, elderly,
      women, children, destroyed homes, schools, hospitals, churches, children’s
      playgrounds cemeteries, are they supposed to be treated with cookies and
      coffee? Those bastards should have been in chains in prison! The Defenders
      of Their Homeland, Novorossia, are to be congratulated on their victory
      over the nazi bitches. And, put those nazi pigs to reconstruction work!

  68. This is a disgusting and low class way to treat POWs these rebels it seems
    are the low class criminals and murderers and now rule Novarossiya I guess
    crime and prostituion will be the new exports of Novarossiya

    1. +Roshan George Remember when those poor nazis who burnt down vilages and
      slaughtered millions of civilians were sent to Gulags? Dem poor Nazis.
      Makes you cry cry, doesn’t it?

    2. +Roshan George
      Well i guess you cant answer my simple questions nor did you comment or
      acknowdge the facts i showed you oh well goodbye live in your fantasy
      world. Is it fun ?

      Mr Putin is so evil. Obama is so good. Those evil Russians. Those evil
      rebels. The Ukrainian army is so wonderful. CNN tell me the truth please.
      who is evil this week ? Assad ? Ghadaffi ?

    3. Tell me exactly how they are being treated bad ? Show me in this video the
      exact times in this video what is disgusting ? They are getting medical
      help and not being abused in anyway. By the way the Ukranain army has
      battalions of notorious murderers and rapists some of them are pedophiles.
      These battalions are the „azov“ and „Donbass“ battalions. Azov has many
      neonazis who wear swastikas on their uniforms. Did you notice this „rebel“
      asking the POW where „Doberman“ is? .The „rebel“ said to him „we will get
      that pederast“ .Do you know who doberman is ? He is a vicious pedophile
      Georgian volunteer in this same battalion as these POWs are in. I have
      heard he was gunned down recently. When these „rebels“ get the bodies of
      these Ukranian soldiers killed in battle they put them in coffins and have
      a priest bless them and perform a service for the dead then they return
      their bodies to their families. The „rebels“ also have been returning POWs
      to their families but this group they decided to make them repair the town
      they just terrorized and destroyed. The „rebels“ are simply Ukrainian
      citizens who do not accept or approve of their countries hijacking of their
      government in Kiev. They are good people defending their country from the
      corrupt government that took over in Kiev last year who has basically been
      murdering civilians in Eastern Ukraine. by the way crime and prostitution
      are big business in Kiev now more than ever since Western billionaires are
      taking over Western Ukraine.These „rebels“ are fighting against this also

  69. В 10:55 командир говорит, что близко к 70% населения Иловайск умер. (Это
    означает что около 11 000). Это большая ложь! Интересно от того
    психиатрическая больница репортер бежал.
    At 10:55 that commander says close to 70% of Ilovaisk’s population died.
    (That means about 11 000). That is a big lie! P.S. I wonder from what
    mental hospital that reporter has escaped.

  70. No actual proof brought, only some facts from guys who point guns at them.
    This war is one big mistake. Someone wanted you to hate each other and they
    did it.
    Btw, the guy said something about that those prisoners were bombing the
    shit out of citizens of Ilovaisk. But how about you evacuate those citizens
    and do not use them as human shield? And I heard something about bravery,
    is it brave to hide in the city with shit loads of citizens?

    And actually, after Geneva convention I guess you can not make them build
    roads n shit. If they are prisoners, then they are imprisoned, no Vorkuta

    1. +Rihards Mikas The Novorussia so called nation bombs Ukrainian cities as
      well killing civilians so they are just as bad.

    2. I presume you are fighting on the frontlines. For some reason in other
      cases Geneva convention does not mean shit, Geneva does not touch the
      military actions of US or NATO, yet when another country is involved in a
      conflict, faggots like you bring up the “Geneva Convention“, well shove
      it up your ass, mkay?

  71. Clearly a violation of international law. Thanks for all the great pics!
    Your names and faces are now registered for investigation for the war
    crimes tribunal.

    And for all the residents still living in these areas think of it this way.
    You now have no freedom. You have no freedom to succeed or fail. You have
    no freedom to disagree. For if you disagree with the Soviet mentality you
    get a slap, punch or kick in the head. Real freedom eh?

    You are free as long as you don’t disagree! Now if you don’t understand
    your new reality, just bury your head back in the sand.

    1. +desireboy34 First of all, before you try to say anything, learn English.
      You sound like a real dip-shit. Correct your grammar. it could be possible
      that you are suffering from „Ed Zakary’s“ disease, that is, the same thing
      that is up your ass is „Ed Zakary“ what is in your head! So, wash the shit
      off of your face, wash the shit from your mouth, go to school and learn
      something, and then perhaps you might be able to say something somewhat

  72. malditos traidores, a ustedes putos traidores los rusos les cojen por eso
    tanto se quieren separar de ucrania, perros!!!

  73. I’m Vietnamese and I hate these Russia follower bastards, don’t know why.
    They’re not deserved honour for humiliating the opposite force

  74. ибашить хохлов до последнего пидораса ибо это суки нелюди продажные

  75. слыште там лнр днр мне бля похуй но смысл начинать воевать братья против
    братьев какой смысл

  76. if there were none of those pro-Russian assholes in Ukraine, no one would
    die. Noone. People die there because of f**ing bandits that Putin sent
    there. They came there with „Novorosya“ in mind which includes occupation
    of eastern regions of Ukraine. What do they expect? Ukrainians will let
    them run free? No. Those bastards want Soviet era to be reborn. Death to
    all of them! Death to communists!

    1. The stooge revealing it’s stooge nature. Jajajaja, The slaves, my fella,
      are those of NATO, russians will defend themselves

  77. в Иловайск синтеза русской внешней мусор бандит убийца иноземных
    захватчиков Украины, приказами массового убийцы Путина, убитого в 2000
    украинских солдат в холодной крови. ВСЕ сами по . Они и их уголовное
    идол Путин скоро погибнет от меча же использовано против украинских
    женщин и детей на украинской земле . Они станут гру3 200 и Путин
    кремировать их тела в секрете, поскольку он сделал уже с 20000 Россию
    убийцы захватчиков бесплатно украинский народ,

  78. Slavs killing Slavs. In the 90’s back in Yugoslavia, Slavs killed Slavs.

    I have to say that Russia and Serbia, are very evil Slavs. Both, Russia and
    Serbia have been killing their Slavic brothers.


  79. Russian invaders! You always wanted more territories! war will just love!
    you better do something good with the money I spent zinlic with your wars!
    ‚re manipulated within Moscow!

  80. Мрази валите в Чечню и там командуйте! Чеченцы славянам глотки резали !!! А
    нам их нужно накол садить! А эти предатели защищают страну свою под
    российским флагом! Новоросия!!! Почему не Новогодурасия???

    1. Дело в том,что мы спиртное вообще не пьем.Дыбилок не доделаный.Это ваша
      учась водку жрать как свиньи.

    2. +Ira Fal
      да нет, как про твою ебнутую семейку) пейте водки больше) чтобы потомство
      случайно не дали

    3. Это ты ублюдка кусок о своей матери или о сестре Хорошие у них имена .)))))

    4. +Ira Fal
      нет, о тебе бухая шлюха. Тебе по плану еще надо 5 литров водки за сегодня

  81. Всем кто решил, что может нам Украинцам указывать как нам жить, предлагаю
    сложить оружие, закрыть пасть и свалить в рашу иначе смерть.

    1. Да-аа… никто не указывает как нам жить, и не указывал, Украина
      самостийна!! Посмотри теперь на нашу страну(((, ты такой её хотел видеть?
      (Кто хотел в евро союз – получил его?) И кто не хотел тоже получил.

    2. +Игорь Зайцев гомосятина.. ты о чём-нить другом, кроме пидаристии, думаешь?

    3. +leikin73 ты пидарас даже и не думай себя мужиком называть. Ты питушара и
      батя твой питух и мать курица. Одно слово КАЦАПЫ.

  82. This is a true shame …. how its possible to capture by those terorists.
    Damn what a noob tube army ……..
    You are seperating from country then when army hits ukranians are the bad
    guys huh ? God damn nazi russians . Soon bitches 

    1. +Ingvar Osjamets Explaining something to you is total pointless fuckng
      retard your crusades failed all the time whose asses got kicked think again
      how many crusades your fag christian bastards done before?? :)) which had
      succeed ?? Shut the fuck up

    2. You are idiot fuckng bastards you have a internet check turkish history if
      you doesnt know anything shut the fuck up

    3. +The Patriot EagleEyeTR “We fought agains all over world agains“ Idiot
      lmao. And this retard is telling me to learn some history, you got your
      asses kicked whole crap ton of times by Russians, go cry me a river.

  83. In one breath they say the prisoners are all animals, in the next they say
    they are now slaves ….
    Nothing but hypocritical propaganda. Russians lecturing others about
    killing civilians??!! Do they know how ridiculous this sounds after the
    murderous campaigns in Chechnya and Georgia, where tens of thousands of
    civilians were killed by their hands?

    1. Funny, I though media has already admit that war in South Ossetia was
      started by Georgian side, who’s army was equiped with Yankee weaponry. No
      one falls for your shit, ugly ape.

  84. I’m from Poland, but I live 40km from Ukrainian border. I have friends in
    this country. I travel there every month. Last week I was in Ukraine 5
    days. This is beautyfull country of good peoples. It’s true the UE and NATO
    are not necesary for Ukraine, but that society needs stabilisation, reform
    of law and normal sytuation. Russia give them only a war. Putin send there
    the assasins from special forces. Look for the expesive weapon and all
    equimpment what they have- Ukrainian regular army haven’t got this.They are
    only soldiers of fortune who fight for Russian busines not for peoples in
    Eastern Ukraine. Putin want have that lands, becouse he need a Black Sea
    military area, so he send the army. Russian propagand say „The are a local
    peoples fighting for freedom“ but its not true. They are a separatists and
    they do terribly things. Now Ukrainian society are solidary, and strong.
    They want to peace and normal life, but it’s not easy to forgive that what
    Russian terrorists do on East of Ukraine. Fathers and grandpas of them
    fight for this lands and now Putin take this like a toy. Thats why
    Ukrainian peoples want to get back his lands from Russia. I believe its
    possible and they win in this hard war. They gona have own country of law,
    whithout corruption, nepotism, and finacial problems. That i wish for all
    my brothers and sisters in Ukraine.
    Glory for Ukraine- Glory for Heroes

    1. Damn you are boring, it’s not interesting reading the essays trolls like
      you have to type. Make it shorter next time(abot the size of your dick)

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