Startseite Doku Dokus Länder Europa Türkei THE HISTORY OF THE TURKISH AND OTTOMAN EMPIRE – Discovery History Ancient Culture (full documentary) Doku Stream

THE HISTORY OF THE TURKISH AND OTTOMAN EMPIRE – Discovery History Ancient Culture (full documentary) Doku Stream


the history of the turkish and ottoman empire (full documentary). thanks for watching.

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  1. The ottomans had always respect to the other religions..
    If they didnt there wouldn’t be Armenians left but Armenians are still

    1. +GameUploader King . I know a lot aboput the Ottoman Empire. For example
      that they killed thousands of bulgarians, greeks, serbians, etc, just
      because they didn’t convert to islam. Also they kidnapped Young boys and
      girls. The boys they made brainwashed soldiers and send back to their
      homelands to fight their fathers and brothers.

    2. +GameUploader King we will see how butthurt the Turks and Muslim invaders
      in Europe will be with a Cross shoved up its ass.

  2. *What can stop religious war and hate?* We only have one thing in common:
    reality, the truth. *Most people are just not living in it.* Most people
    actually do not know reality, they live so much i their heads. The truth is
    in all the religions. Religions all tried to wake people up, but failed,
    because people took *the myth instead of the truth* in the religion. People
    need to hear the truth, it could already be too late. Google truthcontest
    ASAP, or when you feel like it.

  3. The best friends of Somalis are Turks, they always helped Somalis whenever
    they struggled throughout the centuries unlike those ‚Arabs‘!

    1. +KhaatGuy They were all Europeans who mainly invaded other European
      lands,whereas most Asian invasions have been unprovoked and were always the
      catalysts for conflict.Vandals would not have settled N Africa were it not
      for the Hunnic invasions,and the Visigoths were settled and intermixed with
      Iberians before savage Bedouin aliens traveled two continents to wage
      Jihad.Whites had always been the original oppressed minority.

  4. You think the ottomans are cool?

    Batak Massacre, Bulgaria. An except from the New York Herald, depicting an
    eye witness account :

    “My father in law went to meet the Bashi-Bаzouk when the village was
    surrounded by the men of Ahmet Aga, who said that he wanted all the arms
    laid down. Trendafil went to collect them from the villagers. When he
    surrendered the arms, they shot him with a gun and the bullet scratched his
    eye. Then I heard Ahmet Aga command with his own mouth for Trendafil to be
    impaled and burnt. The words he used were „Shishak aor“ which is Turkish
    for „to put on a skewer (as a shish kebab). After that, they took all the
    money he had, undressed him, gouged his eyes, pulled out his teeth and
    impaled him slowly on a stake, until it came out of his mouth. Then they
    roasted him while he was still alive. He lived for half-an-hour during this
    terrible scene. At the time, I was near Ahmet Aga with other Bulgarian
    women. We were surrounded by Bashi-Bozouk, who had us surrounded, and
    forced us to watch what was happening to Trendafil.“[11] One of her
    children, Vladimir, who was still a baby at his mother’s breast, was
    impaled on a sword in front of her eyes. “At the time this was happening,
    Ahmet Aga’s son took my child from my back and cut him to pieces, there in
    front of me. The burnt bones of Trendafil stood there for one month and
    only then they were buried.”

    Peaceful and modern people they were :)))

    1. +Ali Zain Maybe it’s because the Ottoman Sultans weren’t Turkish. They were
      mostly of Greek or Slavic origins. Their mothers were Christians.

    2. +Omer Sorgucu Ottomans are one of the best Muslim Kings in the History of
      the world. Much love and respect to them. may their souls rest in peace.
      And Sultan Salman Khan was truly Magnificent. I am very much inspired by

  5. Peoples like Greeks and Serbs always cry like bitches when its comes to the
    Ottoman Empire, while actually they there very Loyal to them and there one
    of the strongest Countries (Vilayets) and they lived (most of the times)
    good. I as a Kurd i view it Positive to us Kurds but the Ottomans at all
    was different, once it was good to Muslims & Non-Muslims and once it
    changed but the Gruesome thinks werent because of Islam.

    1. Dear Friend, live Greeks and Serbs and whoever in peace…we at least
      succeeded to form free states with no medieval bosses as the Ottomans and
      nowadays Erdogan…
      While you speak about us, your country Kurdistan is ensclaved…you even
      don’t dare to speak kurdish , let alone write it…you don’t even dare to
      spell correctly your kurdish names if the contain the letters x and w in
      official papers, ID’s etc…so mind your business with our wishes for
      Kurdistan’i azadedin!

    2. Abartma canim…do not exagerate and idealize the ottoman time! Non Muslims
      were second class citizens and the had to buy the right to stay alive
      paying a special tax called haraç !….
      Thru this tax among others got the sultans their money…Sultan Selim II,
      sun of Suleyman and Hürrem ordered once his grand Vezir Sokullu Paşa to
      order to convertion of all non Muslim citizens to Islam…Well, the grand
      Vezir said to the Sultan it was fine for him but then he asked the Sultan:
      Does your Majesty has then an idea how I get the safe of the Palace full of
      gold coins?…

  6. Skills of armenians : Hate turks in youtube videos and being butthurt

    Skills of greek people : Living in a fantasy World and being poor xD

    1. +One Piece for Life You forgot turks: Go on every video that is even only
      slightly related to Turkic history and claim everything as their own,
      meanwhile calling Armenians, greeks etc. worthless peasants.

  7. no this wrong selim 2 had two little brothers byazid and jahangir . the
    funny thing is that except for selim 2nd all oh hurrams childeren Loved
    Mustafa dearly .When suleiman had mustafa killed mehrama daughter of hurram
    and suleiman ended relations with her parents .the youngest jahangir love
    his elder brother so much that he died 3 days later..Hurram was a real
    witch and the plague that destroyed ottomens,this women then conspired
    against her own son byazid and had him killed just so that her favourite
    selim could become king

  8. Traditionally, civilization has been defined as the coexistence of people
    who come together around humanistic thoughts and feelings,and who are
    conscious of their being human. Since people naturally live in groups,some
    degree of civilization has always existed. True civilization is based on
    refining ones manners, thoughts, feelings and strengthening ones will
    power. Some identify civilization with dazzling advances and innovations in
    sciences and technology – from trains to spaceships, broad streets and sky
    scrapers to dams and nuclear power stations, telecommunication systems to
    electronics. But these are no more than means of an easy, luxurious life.
    Modern facilities can help „modernize“ life’s outward appearance, but this
    does not mean that people of that society are civilized.
    It also provides an environment that encourages people to develop their
    potentialities. And truly civilized people are those who serve their
    community, in particular, and humanity, in general, according to the
    thoughts, feelings and abilities developed and refined within that
    Thus civilization is not to be sought in riches, luxury, and a comfortable
    life in large, richly furnished houses, or in production techniques and
    amount of goods consumed, for such things are no more than elements of
    material pleasure and physical well being. Rather, true civilization is to
    be found in purified thinking, refined manners and feelings, and sound
    views and judgments.
    Civilization lies in peoples‘ spiritual evolution and continuous self
    renewal toward true humanity and personal integrity – to realizing their
    full potential as the „best pattern of creation“. People must realize that
    civilization is not, as some blind imitators of the West believe, something
    to be bought from a store and worn. Rather, it is final destination that
    can be reached only by following a rational way passing through time and

  9. Fuck Turkey and Fuck the ottomans. Somebody should nuke Turkey. There is
    nothing to glorify when it comes to Turkish history. Just ask the Armenians

    1. +mustafasonmez24 Dracula was famous even in his lifetime . Why ? Because he
      was a freedom fighter .
      No you are NOT wallachian , you are part of barabaric savage race of
      talibans who allmost destroyed greek culture , who killed /destroyed
      anything near them, including millions of armenians (armenian holocaust ).
      Obviously you turks are proud of this .

    2. +davazno1 Because of stupid vampire films count dracula known to world. But
      ottomans knowt to world by its own my dear. But i understan ur feelings. İt
      is not ur fault to be member of a weak and unimportan race like wallachian.

  10. I always loved the Ottoman Empire and even the turks in the nowadays
    They have something specific that other ones don’t have.

  11. Like you guys lemme tell you something: This empire was made so we would
    have a ISLAMIC empire, a REAL ISLAMIC empire, how ALLAH wants it to be! Say
    WHATEVER you want, In islam you have to Respect all religions! The
    armenians betrayed us, do yaaallll even know this ??? The russians wanted
    to attack us and the Armenians BETRAYED US! we even made them Paşas! We did
    nothing wrong and then THEY DID START! Pleaseeee INFORM YOURSELF

    1. +Selin askefir
      If you killed all those who „betrayed“ you and revolted against your
      beloved Tyranny, the only people who would have survived in Balkans would
      be the Sultan, his mother and your great-grandma. Nobody wanted to live
      under such a TYRANNY. If you want Ottoman Empire, give your own mother to
      their harems. Not again christian children.

      you?! Arent We good enough? WE ARE! Those are also O N L Y H U M A N S ! I
      want the rights Islam gave us ALLAH didn’t made those rules without a

  12. Scum Turks, they are Mongols with no culture, bunch of savage and barbaric,
    no wonder no one like them, look at the map; everyone in the region hate
    scum Turks.

    1. +Anatolian Hittite
      haha, you just curse and can’t prove shit, I give you logic and reason, I
      tell you that all of your neighbors hate you scum Turks, you talk about
      Rojava, haha, when Bush was in power, there was no Rojava, Rojava was
      liberated after 2012 when the Civil War started in Syria, and now we Kurds
      have liberated both South Kurdistan and West Kurdistan from Iraqi and
      Syrian occupation, and now we are using these area as base to attack you
      scum Turks and liberate North Kurdistan, and everybody care a lot about us
      Kurds, because we got lots of Oil and Gas, even Erdogan nos such our dick
      and buy oil and gas from South Kurdistan, haha, we have so much Oil and Gas
      we can sink you scum Turks in it, that is why you Turks are so afraid of us
      Kurds; now we have the money to make a long lasting war and destroy your
      shitty Turkey, and when you scum Turks lose North Kurdistan or as you call
      it „Southeast‘ you will lose your access to the east to Asia, haha, we
      Kurds now control your shitty border toward south to the rest of Middle
      East, once we get North Kurdistan, you lose your access toward Asia, all
      you got then is border with Greece and Serbia and Bulgaria, haha, and they
      hate you scum Turks more than we Kurds do, that is why you Turks are so
      afraid; Erdogan spend trillion on the Kurdish region, giving us free Gas,
      free Electricity, very little tax, while you scum Turks pay tax out of your
      ass, we Kurds get all the money, but with all that; we still have no desire
      to be part of your shitty Turkey, and more than 20 million strong Kurds
      just in Turkey with a high birth rate of 7 Kurds to 1 Mongol Turks, within
      20 years we will even surpass you scum Turks inside Turkey, haha, then we
      will slaughter you all scum, what we do now in Occupied North Kurdistan is
      nothing compare to that, we have a famous saying in Kurdistan; „The only
      Good Turk is a Dead Turk“.

    2. +Anatolian Hittite
      So what does that prove? In Iran they hang everyone, it is an Islamic
      State, that prove nothing, we have a long historical bound with our Persian
      brothers same is with Greek and Armenian, and all of us; we find Turks as
      our enemy number one, just look at the map, mother fucker, no one like you
      scum Turks, no one, you are surrounded by enemies, and your days are
      numbered, we will break your shitty Turkey worse than Iraq and Syria, and
      you will find your ugly Mongol head on a stick, mark my word

    3. +ilmarinen
      haha, name a few thing that Mongol have found? The Mongols still drink
      Horse Milk in Mongolia and live in tents, we Aryan are the forefather of
      European Civilization, it all started in Persia, Mesopotamia, Kurdistan
      and then went to Greece, scum Turks, you got nothing, even all the great
      Artist of so called Shitty Turkey are Kurds that are known outside; in
      Cinema there is Yilmaz Guney, in Music there is Ahmed Kaya, in literature
      there is Yeshar Kemal, all of them Kurds that were once jailed for being
      Kurds, fucking Turks, you got nothing, the ignorant and savagery of Turks
      come down from being Mongol….

    1. During the Crieman war in 1854 Russian Kingdom tried to liberate all
      conquered balcan countries in order to stop the atrocities committed there.
      As this was totally against british interests (Ottoman empire was Britan’s
      most important ally as they helpped Britain control Egipt, which was vital
      for the british empire, as all the godos from their colonies were to pass
      through the cannel) therefore France and Britain declared war on Russia and
      prevented the liberation of those countries for another 20 years. In 1878
      the russians finally kicked the turkish asses and liberated those countries.

    2. +Antoninus Pius Actually Bulgarians and Russians troops attempted to
      liberate the city during the Russo-Turkish war (Second one I think) But the
      Jewish prime minister of Britain threatened war if they entered the city.

    3. +Antoninus Pius Thank to west. They enabled to us capture constantinople by
      4. crusade. It crushed byzantines backbone.

  13. The chain in the sea was nothing new the Byzantines used it since Leo III
    in the beginning of the 8th century, so it was a 700 year old trick.
    Mohammed knew of course about it and taking the boats from the land was
    pre-planned. The Byzantine was in now way an Empire then. It was just one
    city left, wating to be taken by someone. That one was the Ottomans. The
    Byzantine Empire was essesntially destroyed by internal struggles and bad
    governance and by the 4th crusade in 1204. The crusades sacked the city of
    its wealth, up to then being the wealthiest in Europe, and the greatest
    transfer of wealth of a thousand years happened. The Byzantines never
    recovered the wealth, and the Hungarian cannon builder coming for the
    byzantines, and them not having money to pay him, and the Ottomans paying 4
    times his price to build the biggest cannon of all time is indicative of
    the empty vaults and poverty.

  14. America’s gonna fuck bitches are helping the PKK organization will not
    succeed, they want to divide Turkey because the Turkish hun, göktürk are
    Uyghur, Karahanids, Ghaznavids, Seljuk, we leave our ancestors come from
    the descendants of Ottoman state, we’ll finish you break business of
    America are now a year

  15. 600 years ago the ottomans practiced religeouse tolerance. the reason they
    attacked only christians was islam forbade war against islam. when they
    occupied any country they activley encouraged religeouse freedom.

  16. Turks and Turkic speaking people are better off without Islam, they should
    go back to their nomadic religion „Tengrism“.

    1. Dont be afraid , we know that Turkey is a multicultural society made up of
      nations lwith different traditions, languages and religions like Kurds
      about 10 -20 mil., Serbs, Armenians, Greeks and many cryptocristians.
      We will then be able to integrated this mosaic in a Republic with
      Democracy. Every Turk could absorbed wholesale if he like Democracy.
      Dont worry!!

    2. +Spyros Papakonst. yes and your grand grand grand fathers always loosed the
      wars against the ottoman empire, even in 1920, where the end of the empire
      was close and when the empire was very weak, and when four five countries
      attacked the ottoman empire, even then you didn’t manage to beat us :))) my
      council for you: don’t waste your time here, you need money, go to street
      and start begging like the other greek guys hahahahah

    3. +Dahaka1905 no because it is so.
      This empire have had a relation with the planet of the apes than with a
      civilized society.
      It s the only conqueror, during the centuries we had many wars and fights,
      which for 400 years!!! had nothing to present. NOTHING!!!

    4. +Spyros Papakonst. why? because they conquered konstantinopel, your most
      important city? because they fucked you for hundreds of years? muahahahah
      poor guy, go back to your ugly life, go to street and continue begging for
      money xDDD you fucking poor greek guys hahahahhah

  17. So this is why turks are so protective of there mothers. If you called a
    prince mother a whore, he would kill you for insulting him, even if it was
    a truth. I guess the whole nation adopted the dogma of silence of the
    mother and lived on to this day.

  18. 0:26 Yet it is also remembered as an entire empire of people wearing a
    variety of fancy lampshades on their heads.

    1. Fuck you Fuck your Religion because of Islam We lost our Culture+Future you
      basically fucked us up thanks to Ataturk we opened our eyes but that
      bastard Erdoğan is destroying everything he had done !

  19. How does it feel being subhuman and poor we out here we got American
    Politicians on there knees wail you have to deal with Europe and Russia
    have fun in war can’t wait till the Kurds fuck you in the ass😂😂😂😂😂😂

    1. +Nerses Tatintsyan its people like you that prolong a conflict that long
      should be over. But you keep doing your best to add oil to fire why?
      Because without it you would have nothing? Move on at this point it is
      hurting you guys more than anyone else

  20. Oh come on. Don’t be jopking. Ottomans killed thousands of bulgarians,
    greeks, serbians, etc, just because they didn’t convert to islam. Also they
    kidnapped Young boys and girls. The boys they made brainwashed soldiers and
    send back to their homelands to fight their fathers and brothers.

  21. dont mean to insult anyone , i think the ottomans were a catastrophe to
    humanity just like the mongols were or the arabs (destroyed many great
    civilizations ) or the aztecs . the world is in worse shape because of the
    ottoman empire .
    On the other hand you have persian empire , habsburg empire , english
    empire , ROMAN empire , etc you understand

    1. +openend100 Are you crazy or what? The US bomes the living shit out of
      countries that denie to obey them. They have installed their vassals in
      nearly every country. Surly you must be trolling.

    2. +Kenny K this empire aside from the 1700s has been comparatively the most
      benign empire ever. Say what you want about America because you are but
      they have let the majority of people live their way in fact they try to
      accommodate. Just you know don’t try to fly planes into our buildings and
      kill thousands and you would be left alone…

    3. +GRphila Ellinas
      Europeans slughtered the Natives raped their womens and build their
      country on Slavery while Ottomon empire didnt wipe out Christianity.They
      still make the Major.

    4. Those colonies you say are made by genocides more than 30 million people
      died we don’t destroy any civilation we make them our vessals if we
      destroyed so many civilations no people live right now in balkans look at
      the coloni lands no native people left there and some of them lost there
      idendity todays numbers you used made by arabs and we shared to the world
      we respect every religion and race unlike you there is no genocide in our
      history no proof about that

  22. يمكنكم زيارة مقر رئاسة الجمهورية التركية و #مسجد_الأمة والتجول عبر الجولة
    الافتراضية الرابط:


  23. harems, modern days Hollywood.I guess I enjoyed more lustful naked ladies a
    week, than this sultans did in there life time;)

  24. So many ppl lived in OttomanEmpire such as cristians , jewish and muslims
    in peaceThey were neighbour and They helped each other.We should look at
    this picture.Turks always respect to humanity“Human should respect to
    human because All are human.Black one is not superior than white and white
    is not superior than black one“ Prophet Mohammed (sav).Turks have never
    used humanity as slave.We have never destroyed countries and fired books
    like mongols.We always respect humanity.Yes we were warriors in all history
    but to protect ourselves from game of enemies.Pls all do not let the
    killing ppl like animals.There is a confussion in world.They think Turks
    help ISIS.All of them are lier.We hate all terrorist groups
    ISIS,El-Kaide,PKK and others.Guys pls visit the Turkey and do not believe
    what media showes you.Turks respect all nationalities.Thx all

  25. Who writes such as shit ? Ottoman fucking slaves ( Christians women ) and
    they become rulers of Islamic country …. Are you serous people , this
    Islamic culture is weird beyond believe …

  26. turkomongols are the epitomy of the worse side of human kind, lies and
    plot, destruction, torture, rapes, killings. kidnappings, theft, pedofilia,
    murders, terrorism and close ties with ISIS… even gatbage can have a good
    use, but not turkomongols.Now they will receive what they spread around,

    1. Its a cheap excuse to say “ I forced you“ ‚to be your natural way. That’s
      why you are a turkomongol, thats who you are, you CANNOT have a dialogue
      with anyone without loosing your temper and be a barbar. Lets close this
      communication cause your case is hopeless and I wanted everyone to see your
      attitude…you are what you are so SORRY for your family to have a son like
      you. Now don’t bother to reply, its useless for me to continue with a
      turkomongol to exchange any opinion on any important matter. You have made
      a demonstration of what you are.

    2. +Achilleas Sklatiniotis Mate,you forced me to say those words,you call me
      as a Mongolian and raper or etc
      And what do you expect ? i dont feel hate about any greeks or other nations
      dont be nationalist dont be nervous and live long make love with your woman
      Even all get a life

    1. +GameUploader King you talk about poisoning as not being a legitimate part
      of war? Do you not think the ottoman empire employed spies? This is as
      legitimate a part of war as any other thing. I have nothing against the
      ottoman empire I think it’s a very interesting history but a win is a win
      is a win and thats what they did no matter what the methods. There is no
      honor in war there is only winning and losing because a loser doesn’t get
      to live a loser gets their culture their family and their wealth destroyed
      back in those days you used whatever you could to win.

    2. +Mitchell Terrell Expedition to Italy (1480)[edit]
      Main article: Ottoman invasion of Otranto

      A bronze medal of Mehmed the Conqueror by Bertoldo di Giovanni, 1480
      An Ottoman army under Gedik Ahmed Pasha invaded Italy in 1480. The Ottoman
      army captured Otranto in 1480, Because of lack of food, Gedik Ahmed Pasha
      returned with most of his troops to Albania, leaving a garrison of 800
      infantry and 500 cavalry behind to defend Otranto. It was assumed he would
      return after the winter. Since it was only 28 years after the fall of
      Constantinople, there was some fear that Rome would suffer the same fate.
      Plans were made for the Pope and citizens of Rome to evacuate the city.
      Pope Sixtus IV repeated his 1471 call for a crusade. Several Italian
      city-states, Hungary and France responded positively to this. The Republic
      of Venice did not, as it had signed an expensive peace treaty with the
      Ottomans in 1479.

      In 1481 an army was raised by king Ferdinand I of Naples to be led by his
      son Alphonso II of Naples. A contingent of troops was provided by king
      Matthias Corvinus of Hungary. The city was besieged starting 1 May 1481.
      After the death of Mehmed on 3 May, ensuing quarrels about his succession
      possibly prevented the sending of Ottoman reinforcements to Otranto. So in
      the end the Turkish occupation of Otranto ended by negotiation with the
      Christian forces, permitting the Turks to withdraw to Albania, and Otranto
      was retaken by Papal forces in 1481

    3. +GameUploader King wtf are u talking about Europeans destroyed the ottomans
      at Vienna and malta both…idk how you can overlook that…after ottomans
      were defeated they never tried invading the heart of Europe again…

    4. +Mitchell Terrell After they conquered the Balkans,Fatih Sultan Mehmet
      began conquering Italy but a jewish man poisoned him. Europe never defeated
      the Ottomans at a fair way always cheating,i’m sorry i’m not your enemy
      i’m just telling the truth

  27. Ottomans are responsible to destroy beautiful cultures of middle east
    (Iraq, seriya, kurds, armenians, yazidis and numerous many more…….).
    This should also be mentioned in this documentary.

    1. +Seda Türk dili değişimlere uğramıştır.Lakin , Bilafasıla , Gılaf örneğin
      bunlar günümüzde eskisi gibi kullanılmamaktadır.yoksa türkçe yakın zamandan
      ibaret değildir.bende zaten canlandırmadaki adamın kullandığıyla şüphesiz
      aynı demiyorum. oda günümüzce tabir etmiştir, saygılar.

    2. Aynı olmadığı için belirttim tam olarak. O döneme ait bir metni okuma şansı
      bulursan sen de görürsün „birebir aynı“ olmadığını. +Turks Everywhere

    3. +Seda Günümüzde konuştuğumuz türkçe zaten oğuz türkçesiyle birebir aynıdır.
      Bunu belirtmendeki amacın neydi ki?

  28. Turks I’ve met are lovely people, I loved Istanbul, I really miss it.
    Intelligent and generous, at least the ones I met.

    1. Who are you? The Oslo Manga Aficionados Club? Also, I am not from Turkey, I
      just spent a wonderful holyday there some years ago. I’m not infatuated
      with them, can’t say the same about you.

    2. +John von Shepard John, I wouldn’t mention dick if my profile picture was a
      manga girl. Some people are too beautiful for this world, you ain’t one of
      them son.

  29. well a small island in the middle of the medditeranian sea 1565 kiked the
    Ottoman ass and this beautiful island is called Malta

  30. Ottomans only conquered undeveloped countries. As soon as they got in more
    developed countries like Austria or Poland they were beginning to lose.

    1. +Hafeez Khan you mean they were smart let me ask why the ottomans had
      barely any allies i think that is the more important question…maybe they
      did something a lot of people didn’t like. And also to destroy from within
      means there were a lot of citizens that were unhappy with the current
      government lets talk about that…

    2. +Firmus Piett are you fucking kidding? Ottomans conquered Constantinople.
      The Fall of Constantinople to the Ottoman Empire in 1453 ended the
      Byzantine Empire (Eastern Roman Empire ).

    3. +Firmus Piett Because all of the cowards became one against the mighty
      ones.Austria is nothing but a trash country alone.

    4. +Firmus Piett I do not think that Turkey was losing the war 1v1 with any
      other European country in that Old Testament

  31. fuck turki
    ban iranli azerim turklar bir zaman chok azeri oldurulrn turklar chok
    pazavang sherefsiz ban tabrizlim
    Before World War I, the Turks kills Azeris

    1. +aryan mikaili Sen soyunu bilmeyen durmadan havlayan bir köpeksin. Azeriler
      türktür, türklerde herzaman yanyanadır içiçedir. Sen kimsin şeref yoksunu

    2. bunu senin kim beynine sohub men de azriyem biz bir milletiy turkuz bizim
      baska dusmanlarimiz var bizi ayirmaq isteyen tarihi oyren

  32. The Turk brothers need to stop being nationalistic and saying we Turks did
    this and that because we all have keep in mind wat brought us down and
    destroyed us in the first place is nationalism my stupid Arab ancestors
    decided to nationalistic then Turks decided to nationalistic too then
    Muslims were divided and Al Quds was captured all because of NATIONALISM so
    please Muslim UNITE!!!!!

    1. there is not more than 20.000 afro turks in Turkey 😀 You dont know
      anything. I dont wanna talk with you.

    2. +tayfurtarkan gürses Most Turks are mixed, some are descendants of African
      slaves, other „Turks“ still look 100% Mongolian, others look Arab or
      Armenian, others are descendants of Greek or Slavic Christians and look
      European. In the Ottoman Empire „nationality“ was based on religion not on
      ethnic background. If you lived in the Ottoman Empire and converted
      to Muslim you were considered „Turkish“.

  33. Roger Crowley’s „City of Fortune: How Venice Won and Lost a Naval Empire“
    provides some significant insights to the power struggles for the Black Sea
    region/Mediterranean – and importantly Constantinople. Would suggest the
    book as a supplement to this video. The video does not state that Vienna
    (with the help of Poland and allies) was not defeated by the Ottoman

    1. +Ebru Barbaros Minor Asia belongs to Greece for thousands of years now
      unhistorical piece of shit.

  34. Islam is a cult of Evil they proved that by destroying the beautiful empire
    of Byzantium and killing countless Christians

    1. +‫םוזזאממיל םאהמווד‬‎ your’e letting something that happened so long ago
      affect your decision on the modern day west. You talk about brainwashing
      but you can’t let go of hate that you weren’t even alive to experience? And
      you’re telling me he’s brainwashed?!?!

    2. capitalist
      +Antoninus Pius
      Not Just Money but „Oil“ remove this extreme need for Oil and things will
      change overnight thats what the capitalist pigs are a afraid of
      And the New World Order will be upon us.
      The classes and races to weak to master the new conditions of life, must
      give way,[…] they must perish in the revolutionary holocaust

      Remove the need for Oil and it will come, but the Illuminate will go to any
      lengths to make sure that does not happen these CEO`s and shit are just
      pawns, a good guy can easily be discredited.

    1. no it was 15 million ! maybe 150 million ! …. total number of the
      population of armenians was 450 thousands ( all around the ottoman soil . )

  35. Whild, reckless Islamic conquerors….probably screaming „Allah Akbar“ as
    they attack. Nothing changed, didn’t it?

    1. I am Muslim and Turkish but never do that. Sorry for my vad English but you
      don’t know anything about Turkish.

  36. why don’t you talk of the 30 years that took the ottomans to conquer a tiny
    country as albania, history is always true but it depends to who do we have
    to rely on, why never talk of things that are not good of an empire,
    remember that if the pope would have lived before the other there would
    have been a crusade against the ottomans and they would have been done by
    then because the crusade would’ve been commander by the strongest leader of
    all time skanderbeg

  37. off topic question for my turkish friends. What does the word „garazli“

    I have read various things, like mercenary and evil….

    I would very much appreciate!

  38. Yay!! Ottoman Empire!!! (sarcasm intended) . . . . They were allied with
    Hitler in WW2 Read your Koran Muslims are anti-semitic by their own

    1. The Ottoman dynasty was gone by WW2, and Turkey was against Hitler. Also,
      read your history… the Ottomans actually saved many Jews during the
      Spanish Inquisition.

  39. I see comments like Ottoman Empire helped us they are great from countries
    like Somalis etc. And I see a lot of hateful comments from the butthurts.
    But this is the truth you use Africans You enslave them you look like you
    are helping people but your intention is money and energy resources when I
    say „you“ you know who you are. Turkiye is the only country that helps
    people without outcome.

    1. +Furkan Gungor every country and EVERY empire to INCLUDE the ottomans have
      used slaves. Don’t make it sound like its central to one empire.

  40. Such a dirty blood-thirsty empire who enslaved and slaughtered thousands
    from balkan countries , hungary ,armenia and north african regions . I hope
    the Turkey of today is less racist and violent . The Ottman empire praised
    the turkish race over all others . The governors of all regions were turks
    although the population is indigenious , non-turk .

    1. All empires were sucks dude. Look at the british, french or spanish
      colonies today, local people dont even talk in their native languages. At
      least you guys still do.

    2. Spanish Empire, Portuguese Empire, French Empire….
      Loads of empires are like this the Ottomans were the first to not force
      people to convert until the late years of the empire all the rulers then
      were retarded

    1. +Bruce Fultz „Bunch of cut thorat bastards Islamic shit “ Bruce Fultz said
      in an assuredly confident manner, quite content with his excessively
      ignorant views, even going so far as to post them on a Youtube thread for a
      documentary about the Ottoman Empire.

    2. +DKQ Im not… lol I have lots of Ammo. I want to see all the Refugees to
      be sent back on boats. So the sharks can eat them women and children all
      you Muslims must be purged from the western world

  41. Fuck theses motherfuckers!!!!! All slaughter any of these Turks!!!!!! On
    anywhere on the planet give me 10minutues with any Turk even a civilian!!!
    All make sure they remember the world Armenian and use it as a curse all
    they want it won’t matter if there 6 feet deep!!!!, my biggest joy in life
    was beating the shit out of an Azeri in philly when I was in the east coast
    which is filed with central Asian Skum!!! Get the fuck out of my
    land!!!!!!! I want you fuck Turks to message me personally on YouTube I’m
    out here in LA!!!! Let’s go mouthed fuckers !!!!!!!!!!!

    The Ottomans had such Adab for the Beloved of Allah that the train which
    would run through Madinah would be stopped as it entered the city and then
    pushed by the Ottomans until it reached the end of the city because they
    feared the sound of the train would disturb the Blessed city and its
    residents. صلى الله عليه و سلم

    1. +Mohd Irshad Ali can you explain what do you mean with other words. i
      couldn’t get the train part. what do you mean?

    1. What do you think the Child levy that Christians were obliged to pay was?
      It was a forced assimilation to Turkism and conversion to Islam. Beside the
      Child levy Entire Greek speaking regions converted in mass to Islam in
      order to protect their children and prevent land confiscations. Many
      practiced Christianity in Crypto Christians of the Ottoman

      If Christians objected to Turkish rule the entire region or island was
      massacred. see Massacre of Chios 1822.

    2. I guess you’ve never read the history of the Ottoman Empire because if you
      had you would know the Turks did everything you listed to those who had
      the misfortune of being ruled by them.

    3. you are so good swimmer in the sea of ignorancy, you don’t even know
      mongols were enemy of turks. and they could fuck your ass, rape your
      mothers, destroy your churches, burn your bishops on stakes, if it weren’t
      for turks and easterns

    4. We owe nothing to nobody, but how could you know anything about anything
      since you are a brainless illiterate turkomongol !?

  43. Ottoman empire is not TURKISH ! fatih sultan mehmet han is serbian orthodox
    , abdullhamid han is armenia , at ottomans are only two people turks and
    these are the Osman Gazi and Orhan Gazi !

    1. +Bumin Kagan Most Ottoman sultans were not TurkoMongols. For centuries the
      Sultans married Christian slave girls from their harems. After hundreds of
      years of mixing they had nothing in common with the original Turkic
      barbarian hordes of the Asiatic steppes. This is why the Turkish upper
      classes look more European.

    2. +Bumin Kagan​​​ Bak senin neredeyse her dedigine katiliyorum.DİN HARİÇ.(
      Gokturk efsanesini de unutmamak gerek) Bak ben Muslumanim tamam mi her
      seyden vazgecerim ama DINIMDEN DÖNMEM.İşte o kadar!

    3. +Lila Lila TÜRK orhunca kelimedir , tercümesi INSAN demektir . bunuda diyim
      sana . ORHUN biliyorsundur ne oldugunu ? ORHUN ÖZ TÜRKCEDIR ! ANA
      DILIMIZDIR ! nasil araplar insan diyor , farslar inson diyor . bizde
      orhuncada türk derdik . ingilizler human diyor, almanlar mensch diyor .
      yani anladinmi ? simdi diyeceksinki tercümesi „insansa“ neden irkcilik
      yapiyorsun . ben irkciligi sadece evrim soylulara karsi yapiyorum . bizden
      türenenlere insan soyundan olanlara irkcilik yapmiyorum . insan soyundan
      olanlarin kafa tasinda CIKIKLIK var anlata bildimmi ? evrim soylularda yok
      . diyelim adolf hitler yahudileri yakti yahudiler ben almanim diyipte
      gizlene bilirdi , gizlenemediler , adolf hitler onlarin kafasina baktirdi
      cikiklik yoksa gaza , cikiklik varsa serbest birakti .

    4. +Lila Lila KURAN TEVRAT INCIL ! 3 tane kitap degilmi ? bu kitaplar evrim
      soylulardan uydurulmustur ! seni beni diger insanlari kiskandiklari icin ,
      zehirli meyvedir bu kitaplar hatda yasaktir . herseyi deneye bilirsin
      yapabilirsin yalniz bu kitaplardan uzak durmalisin ! bu kitaplar evrim
      soylulardan uydurulmustur , insanlari kontrol etmek icin , insanlarin
      üstünlügünü kiskanmislardir . evrim soylularin simgesi „atesdir“ onlar
      sürüngenler reptilyan diyoruz biz onlara . bunlarin ilahi „tek gözlü
      reptilyandir“ onun ismide „amon-ra“ , amon = amin demektir , ra = allah
      demektir . anlata bildimmi ? amon = yahudicede amon demektir , ra =
      yahudicede eloah demektir , amon = aramicede amen demektir , ra = aramicede
      rab demektir .
      kafanda CIKIKLIK VARMIS , bizdensin dedim . o CIKIKLIGIN ismi TIPDA „TÜRK“
      , öyle olmasaydi o cikikligin ismini doktorlar „TÜRK“ koymazdi . Biz
      Türkler üstün canlilariz , bizi bu yerde kiskandilar evrim canlilari . bu
      nedenle bu yerde haksizliklara ugruyoruz . bu nedenle IRKCI OLDUM BEN !
      daima kiskandilar , dünyanin sonu gelicek , petrol tükendiginde , yer
      yerinden oynayacak , petrol DÜNYANIN KANIDIR ! senin bedeninden kani
      emseler ne olur ? sonun gelir . DÜNYANIN bedeninden petrolü emdikleri icin
      dünyanin sonu gelicek , dünyanin cekirdegi var biliyorsundur o cekirdek o
      petrol sayesinde dönüyor , petrol tükendiginde o cekirdek kuru kuru dönecek
      ve dünya alev topuna dönüsecek dünyanin sonu böyle gelicek ! AMA BIZLER
      dünyaya saldircak diyor insanlari kiskirtmaya calisiyor . saldirmicaklar
      bizleri almaya gelicekler ! stephen hawking evrim soylu oldugu icin
      insanlari uzaylilara karsi kiskirtmaya calisiyor , o uzaylilara uzayli
      diyenler var biz onlara GÖKTÜRKLER diyoruz , GÖK – TÜRKLER ! gökten inen
      türkler . sana daha cok sey anlatirim ama sana böyle diyim dünyadaki
      piramitleri arastir bakalim neler varmis icinde diye . cevabini bulacaksin

    1. +callii100 ….i no need anybody to see me,i’m atheist..Allah is for the
      retarders and necrophilles.

    2. +cuneyt3050 drink tea-then valeriana,foot bath help enough for neurasthenia
      as well.Don’t forget to sleep 8 hours per day it calms you

    1. +Jeremy Kegley
      Get my facts straight? The gall of some people.

      The Ottoman empire is a part of my history, my people were enslaved for 450
      years. I have a great understanding of Ottoman methods. The modus operandi
      was, forced labour, between 20-30 taxes for infidels, no social priviliges
      or rights besides practicing your religion, cruel punishments for breaking
      infidel-only laws. Not to mention all the recorded massacres of innocent

      So let’s recap. If you were a christian in the ottoman empire you could
      choose between tyranical economic burdens turning you into a slave,
      enduring humiliations and abuse, having your children taken as „blood tax“
      OR becoming a muslims and saving yourself and your family. If that’s not
      conversion under duress IDK what is.

      So because christians were horrible to native americans that somehow
      justifies what the Ottomans did? That’s some foul logic you have. It’s ok,
      everyone is ignorant on something, nobody can know everything.

    2. +Ivan Petrov Spout bullshit you say? Look at what Christian’s did to the
      the Native American’s and countless other peoples of the World! Ottomans
      did have some problem’s yes but they also got along fine with Christian’s
      and other group’s! The only way they converted someone is if that someone
      fought for them! Get your fact’s straight!

    3. +Jeremy Kegley
      What do you mean „the Church“?

      Don’t spout ignorant bullshit. Historical sources are clear and unanimous.
      The Ottoman empire’s brutality and cruelty was infamous.

    1. +Kulombus Productions They just survived. Others who fell before their
      power still hates them. This is why there’s is so much hate.

  44. ok so original turks are mongol like but in turkish cost line i saw white
    europian like with blue or green eyes people you are multi ethnicity nation
    lot of slavic and greek blood run in you because of the jeneseris even
    kemal had blue eyes wtf is that turkish ??? wake up people of the coast you
    are europian not asian

  45. And Islam united the tribes in common aim of killing the infidel and
    getting treasure – well done Mohammed, this man owes everything to your

  46. Christian women slaves in imperial harams, castrated male slaves I seen
    enough. get fucked Ottomans. No wonder the Christians hate Muslims so much.
    your a war mongering race a disgrace to Islam. even today you display the
    same fake qualities disgraceful.

    1. +tezcan uyanık Arabs come from the arabian peninsula. They are not the
      indigenous people of Middle East. They invaded, colonized and stole the
      lands of Natives. They also destroyed their language. This is why middle
      eastern people speak the arab language. But noway Arabs lived in Middle
      East before 7th century. Copts, orthodox and Maronites are the natives and
      Arabs should recognize their crimes against orthodox people and apologize
      to them. The most ancient civilizations have to live now without their own
      language!!! Whatever remained from their native language exists in
      religious books of the Church. This is unacceptable and a cultural genocide!

    2. arabs live in middleeast for thosund of years they retake there land
      against crusaders and before europeans take jerusalem against byzantin
      empire in 500s and raid the city christians also see nonchristians as
      heretics but we respect everyreligion and welcome then

    3. +Shery Awan Yes, who did genocides and who started Crusades? The greeks,
      the armenians, the copts, the Maronites, the middle eastern christians?
      Because if I remember correctly muslims attacked to them and stole their
      lands. My state and all orthodox states never harmed anybody. On the
      contrary: They were attacked for no reason by Arabs and Ottomans and they
      have every right to criticize muslims. Orthodox people are the indigenous
      people of Middle East, Turkey and Egypt and their hands are clean. They are
      the victims, not the villains.

    4. +Foteini Kalli
      Christians cant critisize us since they themselves were worst Genociders
      of all times so i say they need to read history first it doesnt justify it
      but its a living reality All Great Empires are build on Genocide .Moreover
      Christian did started Crusaders and Raped and murdered Muslims and Jews
      during that period whats your point being? Its Bad when Muslims do but when
      Christians do its self defence?

  47. „Ancient Turkish-Anatolian sword techniques“. What a load of bullshit!
    There is no ancient Turkish anything. The land now known as Turkey was
    occupied by Greeks, Armenians, and Assyrians for thousands of years, far
    before they crawled out of caves in Mongolia.

    1. +TheArmenian No, Armenia is not exist. What is Armenia? Turkey do not
      recognize such a poor country. One last thing, fuck all armenians with

  48. But Turkey is originally a stolen land from the Byzantines; it is
    originally a Greek land. This is such a white wash of Turkey.

    1. +beanie green All people came from africa and for centuries they fought for
      lands and they settle down in a place where they called it „our land“. For
      centuries western europeans attacked through Seljuk and Ottoman empire to
      jerusalem. Did they „originally“ had it? Don’t be stupid. People fought
      through out the history to posses where they are now and won’t give their
      land because somebody said it was his before.

  49. When Ottoman took off by force childrren to make Jannisseries by ISIS that
    traced to ancient practice on Greece to done by ISIS dark Set, set up.
    Greeks called it in the legend meaning map of empire: changlings; where a
    child is taken on a swing, in your case throwing child over the back by
    Iran-bonded moles, tearing them from their family. Greeks like Ameircans
    had your firmans Sultans for Iran by the killing of children on swings in
    parks, Persian word; were you not to consent to brutal practices in the
    house with family members an Ottoman harem for Persian diwans, then your
    child by a forn coin, a coin having 3 parts metal to two copper, the child
    while you turned to go up to the house to return in 15 minutes, to get the
    child a sweater, was removed from site by Iran in their change of usury,
    known as Greek practice by changling. You are left with a toy on the floor
    and no child. Keep your change Turks, for America had her own
    TORQUE….force..3The two-faces of Turkey to that of two columns facing of
    Roma. The forced-will Turks taking dark ISIS for their City. DARK.

  50. Before you guys are going fearmonger about the Ottomans or Turks just watch
    the documentary it’s very educating and there many things that you will
    learn that you never imagine that happend. And i recommend that you guys
    read an history book over the Ottoman empire to understand better because
    99% of you morons never readed any history book and misinterpret it wrong.
    And make up your own stupid theory picked up from stormfront or other
    turcophobic sites.

    1. +openend100 You’re absolutely right about a shared bloody history. Nobody
      is in a position to preach. So when Americans start preaching it invites

    2. +Jeremy Kegley no more bloody than any other countries before you say shit
      like that but be sure to compare it to other countries. You cannot state
      this because America has no less a bloody history than the Ottoman empire
      or the British or the Chinese all were bloody that’s what happens with
      societies there is blood shed. Don’t make it sound like America is the only
      country ever to have a bloody history I’m sick of it attacking the country
      just because it’s the biggest kid around doesn’t make you sound smart just

    3. +Lincoln Dowling Jews didnt betray germay while ww2, did they? Cany u show
      me a single german willage that killed all inhabitants by jews. U have soo
      low knowledge about this topic. And killed armenians killed by ciwillian
      kurds and turks not by army or state. How could u name thiis a genocide,
      and compare gas chambers. After all we do not wait fairness from cristian
      world. Recent syrian defector events makes everythin soo clear.

    4. +TheArmenian Armenians have always been treacherous, ungrateful,
      opportunist and muderous. They killed soo many turks and kurds under
      marching russian army and when russia retreated because of
      revolution people took reveange. That is what happend.

  51. I have to say, the Ottoman Turkish Empire has one of the greatest and most
    interesting histories of any country. It’s a shame that my country
    (Britain) broke it apart after WW1, if the Ottoman Empire was still around
    there’d be no chaos like ISIS in the Middle East

    1. +Urgod Isshit Not until you can solve the problem of limited resources and
      other human weaknesses. Conflict is a necessary part of life not just war
      conflict but conflict in general. War is a part of conflict if there were
      to be no conflict there would be no progress and no progress is stagnation
      which is what leads to extinction. This is life, life is a fight and a
      struggle it’s survival of the fittest it sucks I know. But it’s not going
      to change it is one of those things that will always be around.

    2. +Yiğit Avcı you Mongolid savage,Islam brought nothing but death and
      destruction to the west and kept Dhimmis slaves and committed genocides of
      non muslims,whilst your Sultans were pedophiles raping schoolboys etc.

    3. +Ryan Quinn You twat,they helped to murder your ancestors you Judas
      scum.Not to mention millions upon millions of people slaughtered in my
      genocides.If you like the Ottomans,then you like the Nazis,you dumb fuck.

    4. +Paladin Hoss Salafites there because of britain. They revolted ottomas
      first 18 th century. Because they think ottomans waas infidels. And britain
      made them state after collapse of empire. All shitty things in muslim world
      is made by west. Salafites do not accept anybody but themselfes as muslims.
      Turkey do not support them, but cant say as britain.

  52. Today Russians started bombing isis-turkomongol ally, with Ballistic
    missiles…more is coming LOL…bye bye turkomongols

  53. „There isn’t another respected object among people like royalty
    Royalty isn’t worth as much as a healthy breath in this world“
    Ottoman-Sultan Suleiman.

  54. Listen to these men saying ‚get it out of your mind it is reprobate’…what
    about the sultans boys,then? is THAT moral?

  55. Muslims lived with dignity and pride under Ottomon empire I love Turkey and
    greetings from Pakistan May Ottomon empire live again Salute to our brave
    turk brothers abd sisters 

    1. +finalfrontier001
      „no caliphate ever killed non-Muslims they paid taxes only.“
      I fail to see how what you said backs up what is above…?

  56. Ottomans were the ultimate fighters of the Islam!And now the whole islamic
    world call Turkey traitors…I fucking hate the religion politics!Religion
    wants stupid people to kill each other…The modern politics are nothing
    more than new religion rule!Make the people stupid and let them kill each

    1. +Youmer Hasan brother we respect
      ottomans and turks.great history brave peoples and they fight for islam and
      muslims.i am pakistani.and we are ready to sacrifice our lives in any time
      of danger for turkey.if any country attack turkey it will concerned attack
      on pakistan.we are with you whenever you need us

    2. +Youmer Hasan

      I do not cal Turkey traitors. If the Muslims are ever to dominate the work
      again, I hope it is the Hanafi Turks and Ijtihad resumed.

  57. concubines and sultan: every prince the son of a caged slave whore and
    rapist. Listen to the propaganda about the ‚wonderful‘ accommodations in
    the sultan’s bordello. what a hell hole.

  58. Bulgaria was largely turks in the greate bulgaria and 1st bulgarian empire
    in 900 they were eventually assimilated with the slavic people which are

    1. +Ebru Barbaros But even Kemal wasn’t really Turkish. His mother was of
      non-Turkish background, mainly Slavic and his father was a domne,Turkish
      Jews who took Muslim names and outwardly behaved like Muslims but secretly
      believed in Sabbetai Zevi.

  59. How come so many Anatolian Greeks „Turkified“ but most Arab subjects didn’t
    „Turkify“ ?
    Mostly bullshit. The only Christians that would have been okay with the
    Ottomans were the dissenting kinds of Christians who were persecuted by the

    1. +ktrq
      Because the US saved their asses! Seriously though, there are Muslims in
      the Balkans because they converted to Islam as a way of relieving
      persecution, and then they gave up their kids to be brainwashed
      jannissaries, and then it just spun out of control.

    1. +TheOttomanEmpireWillRiseAgainMwhahahahahaha hahaha! Not anymore you
      don’t, Ottoman is a joke now hahaha.

  60. From another priestly eye-witness of this same First
    Crusade(1096-99)-Fulcher of Charters-we have equally if not more horrifying
    account of treatment of captured Muslim women.For,after initial successes,
    and convinced as they were righteousness of their cause, the Crusaders were
    puzzled by a succession of defeats,and wondered why God had abandoned them.
    “ It was evident “
    , writes Fulcher, “ that this had befallen us because of our sins „-
    especially, the sin of plundering Turkish property and Turkish women.
    Repenting their sin,they won a great victory,storming and taking the city
    of Antioch:and,this time, “ when the (Turkish)women were found in their
    tents,the Franks did nothing evil to them except pierce their bellies with
    their lances.

    What about the Commandment: “ Thou shalt not kill „? It was considered
    irrelevant.After all Turks were “ infidels “ and as the Pope had said, “ an
    accursed race,a race wholly alienated from God “ so , within the imperious
    and legalistic mind-frame of the time,they deserve to die-even their women
    and children.

    And yet,while priestly,eye-witness chroniclers quoted above were obviously
    proud of the “ Christian zeal “ of their fellow-Crusaders, could one ever
    imagine Christ taking part in a Crusade, or mounting a charger in defence
    of Gospel of love-much less countenancing the wholesale slaughter of
    defenceless women and children?

  61. The ottoman Empire is a very powerful state ,but it has no army left behind
    shattered because Turkey can not stand back and not stay back to ottoman
    territory remained was if the other ,the whole world was ours

  62. Fuck all bastard turks!
    Only a dead turk is a good turk, kurds fucked all day, the turkish animals!!

    Biji kurdistannnn

    1. my god.have you knew that what the state is?? But I suppose that people who
      live in tent or in mountains(particularly) dont have any opinion about
      that)))while turks creating states what were you doin actually what were
      you doing in the mountains?))

  63. “Threatening on the west were Christian armies from the once great, but now
    weakened Byzantine” LOL. Yeah…“Christians.“ I’m sure that Jesus Christ
    (you know…the guy whom Christianity is centered around, the guy who
    started the religion) would have been totally down His followers violently
    attacking others. I mean, just look at all of these violent passages from
    Christ and His followers:

    Matthew 10:14
    1 Peter 3:15
    Titus 3:2
    John 13:34-35
    Romans 12:18

    The one thing that really bothers me about historians is that they think
    that groups, armies, and societies that slap the cross on their shields
    were Christians, when in fact they are, as the early founders of the
    religion called them, „wolves in sheep’s clothing,“ people who dress up as
    Christians but devour others. These do not represent Christ and His message
    of salvation and love.

  64. i have a feeling if ottoman empire had strong sultans after suleiman they
    would not lose in ww1 and start fighting more east

  65. I thought this was very well done. I didn’t know much about the Ottomans
    and this is a perfect ’starter kit‘ to go on to further study. The biggest
    surprise was I think they were the only empire builders that were tolerant
    of the conquered peoples customs & religions. Thanks for the upload!

  66. son of bithes they lie about MEHMET THE CONQUERER he didint die of natural
    causes!!!! he died because a jewish converterd doctor give him a year
    before dead POISEND a little bit regulary so he wouldnt die immeditly so
    people wouldnt doub about his dead. before his dead he was on his way to
    war but he did kept it very secret even from his army so is army needed to
    followed him no one knew exactly where but there was a big change that it
    was ROME!!!!! the city was close to suffer the same fate as constantinople
    because they already conquered otranto and were on his way to ROME! Even
    the pope was about to evacuate!!! And everthing was in favour of the ottman
    army if MEHMET also would have come ROME would have falled but then he was
    poisoned and died and the civil war between his sons cause the fail of the
    siege. Rome they were relieved and even celebrate it and said the great
    eagle is dead!!!! Of course we cant 100% know if his dead was related to
    ROME but it must be a big coincidence if the died by natural causes at the
    moment that the ottoman made progress and MEHMET was about too come to for

    1. +yamtar That is real history! It was an Arab Mongolian mix! That’s what
      Ottoman’s are Arab and Mongolian mixed together!

  67. Turks and Ottomans = The most disgusting and filthy Central Asian Kafir
    (Infidel) Muslim Turkish Terrorist Mutts in the world. Fuck them both. A
    few atomic bombs will do humanity a great favor to remove these sub-human
    genocidal homosexual and pedophile races from the earth.

    1. +Tehlirian777 Um what makes you think I’m Turkish or anyone else in my
      family? BTW I didn’t have to have a threesome like you do to please a
      women! You probably let the other guy’s do all the work while you take the

    2. +Jeremy Kegley No that was your mother, your child-molesting and pedophile
      father’s first cousin, laughing at his little microscopic limp dick. I was
      the one having threesome fucking your Turkish sister and wife at the same
      time while they were reciting namaz. Not to worry, I let you blow my dog
      you disgusting, filthy Central Asian homosexual little bitch.

  68. الحروب والغزوات شيء طبيعي في العالم القديم والحاضر,لكن المخجل بالامر ان
    يحمل السيف بحجة نشر دين الله, هل الله ضعيف لهذه الدرجة حتى يكلف انسان بقتل
    الاخرين ,وهل الله عاجز بان يحول كل من لايعبده باعجوبة, او عاجز ان يعطي
    المال والنساء للذي يؤمن به, حتى يقوم جماعة همجية باحتلال اراضي وسرقة اموال
    الناس واخذ نسأهم كي ينكحوا بهم. العثمانيين بحجة نشر دين المسلم و احتلوا
    اراضي الغير وذبحوا الناس بهمجية.

    1. Nos ergo diligamus Deum, sed non tantum Latinae Turcarum finibus nostris.
      Turca jam sumus filii patrum nostrorum tu metuis Hunnorum.

  69. The biggest stupidity of Ottoman was to respect all ethnicities,religions
    and give them concessions of self-governing, Ottomans should have imposed
    them islam and Turkish and banned their languges and religions,just like
    the European Empires did in Americas and in many regions of the world lol
    So, we wouldn’t see that much hatred by old non-Turk here lol

    1. +Jack Tillman Who gives a fuck looking like Europeans fuck headl ?And also
      we don’t give a fuck DNA, color or skull either, it’s your sickly racist
      problem idiot..Go fuck your mom or sister to stay “pure“
      ……blood-worshipping vampire…

    2. +maybeauty june Your leader (Ataturk) was a European you dumb Mongol
      spastic. You look like a Mongol, not like a European

    3. +kekule No, but our forefathers worked very hard to reclaim our outlooks
      by fucking Europeans since 350ad… so l’m a a product of this hardworking

  70. I am a christian living in a 3rd world Muslim country (Egypt), and I am
    somehow astonished to find some of the comments of Europeans shallow and
    rude…. Are you so pissed of from Muslims or ISIS ?!, and if so can we
    just appreciate things for what they are ?! and leave the haters to hate
    and admirers to admire…. Be Objective 1st world people !!

    1. +Samuel Shady From all muslim countries the best to live in as a non muslim
      = Egypt. The only reason of that is because of ur „secular“ dictator
      Mubarak and Mubarak junior. Maybe the Muslim brotherhood should gain power
      again and than you will c the true face of Islam.
      „Secular“ Dictators in the middle east need the support of religious

  71. Amk osmanlı başına adam akıllı 5 padişah geldi. 1-) Osman Bey
    2-)Murat(hüdavendigar) 3-) Fatih 4-)Yavuz 5-)Kanuni. Biraz dediğimi düzgün
    okursanız hak verirsiniz. Sen Osmanlının başındasın. Baban halifeliği
    mısırdan alıyor. Kim padişahsa halifelik ona geçiyor. Sıra sende. Hem
    müslümanlığın başındasın, hemde dünyadaki en büyük 3. devletsin. Senin 3
    kıtada sağlam yerlerde toprağın var. Senin deniz ve karadan güçlü
    askerlerin var. Rusya gibi güçlü bir devletten toprak alabilmişsin.
    Britanya senin gibi bir devlet yüzünden duraklamış. Avrupa desen, ne olduğu
    belli değil. Herşey bu kadar yolunda giderken, bir grup insan çıkıyo; ben
    avrupayı geliştiricem, rönesans başlatıyorum diyor. Ulan amına kodumun oğlu
    sen kimsin lan. Bizim kanuni de hürremden midir hasekiden midir ne
    boktansa, kaçılan fransa kralını kurtarıyor. Ulan fransa bomboş, gir
    fransaya. Ya da rönesans a katıl, reforma katıl. Kanuni eğer benim dediğim
    gibi yapsaydı, şuan da avrupa birliğinde britanyanın arkasındaydık emin

    1. +Rogerrramjet1 amına kodumun koministi. Okullarda anlatılan şeyi anlatma
      bana. Ben sosyalistim birader kemalist falan değilim yani. Ben burada
      okullarda anlatılmayan, entelektüel insanların kafasında şekil alan Osmanlı
      İmparatorluğu hakkında düşünülen yanlışları doğruya yönlendirdim. Senin
      gibi orospu çocuğu cahil amk evlatları okumasada olur. Amına kodumun

    2. +Rogerrramjet1 Hem yabancisin hemde Ataturk’e dil uzatiyorsun sen
      muhtemelen yobaz bir arap hintli ya da Pakistanli falansin ya da bir kuzey
      Afrika ulkesindensin.Senin gibi dusunen yeterince cahil var ulkemizde

    3. +Furkan Fletcher ..Sultan Selimin annesi Turk yada yabanciymis hic bir sey
      fark etmez ama babasi Musluman Turkdur.Bu Osmanli adediymis.Sultan Suleyman
      cok akilli bir liderdi..Senin dedigin gibi ilk once Avrupaya saldirsaydi
      butun Avrupa birlesip belki o zaman Osmanli yikilmis olurdu..Osmanlilar
      akilli olmasaydi Osmanli imparatorlugunu 620 fazla idare edemezdi,,Sen
      simdu bana soyle Romanli imparatorlugundan sonra hangi Imparator 600
      seneden fazla hakim oldu,(kusura bakma,turkcem biraz kit ama eminim iyi
      anlamissinizdir ,anlamadiysaniz,,sebebi tarih ilminiz az
      oldugundandir..Suleymanin hikayesi bitmedi devam
      edecek,,..Sizler(kemalistler cok acayip
      toplumsunuz,,Atalarinizi,Dedeleriniz ovulmeye cok layiktir,ne kadarda
      ovulsede hakkiyla ovulmus olamaz..Allah Osmanli Gazilere rahmet
      etsin,yerlerini mekanlarini Cennet etsin….Amin

    1. +CruiseProGaming EU dont forget that before otoman empire was Alexander the
      great who invading the east then roman empire and many others till 1300 sot
      here we are talking for more than 1500 years that you were ocupated.Balkans
      peninsula or ilyrian peninsula as was called before,are the roots of all
      europe. Most of you are europeans or at least all white turks are
      europeans. Only Albanians are more that 8 milions in Turkey! And for strong
      wariors in that time Skanderbed defeat the otoman army with 150 thousand
      solders with his army of only something more than10 thousand solders!

    2. Lol we conquered all the world all the nation have lit bit turkish genetics
      but lit bit.You can not become turk you can only born as turk.Turks are god
      of war.We are god SAİNT WARRIORS

  72. Doc has some major flaws. Never mentioning Serbs and their role in fighting
    the beast, including killing of Sultan Murat at Kosovo Polje and slowing
    their expansion into Europe for 30 some years; shameless! Obviously biased
    against Serbs in line with current but also historic Brit-German view of
    the world politics.

  73. when ottoman family came to Anatolia they weren’t muslims , they were
    Tengrist , to take the support of all Turks in Anatolia they became muslim
    and they changed Ottman’s name to an islamic name , Osman :)

    1. Rogerramjet , you are the one can’t understand what you read ! , as I said
      Ottoman became muslim after they came to Anatolia , Selçuks were already in
      Anatolia as a Kingdom when Ottomans came !

  74. A Person who actually cares about the world and its facts. and not the politics and the drama sagt:

    i Honestly fucking hate the Seljuks

    1. +Victor Von Doom I fucked your wife! You know what she said? She said wowee
      I ain’t been fucked like that that was the best! My husband sucks in bed
      she said!

    2. +Jeremy Kegley it’s spelled *their you illiterate sand nigger. i fuck hot
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    3. +Victor Von Doom You fuck dog’s and cat’s against there will! Because
      that’s the only pussy and tail you can get!

  75. The Ottoman empire is an empire which always treated their allys like shit
    and thats why the Arabs betrayed them.

  76. fuck ottoman and his shit history . he was evil. just killing woman and
    kids if am not wrong i think he was gay!!!!!

    1. +dinno ali
      Some one please reply to his stupid comment because I might lose my level
      of respect by conversing with a pig-headed stupid like dick sorry dinno ali

    2. +Usta Video OTTAMAN is fucked up long time ago!! you are nothing compere to
      any EU AND Israel and a few Asian countries.

  77. Of course Cameron and go ignore the past in favour of war mongery to please
    their banking cartel bosses. The US caused ISIs and now it’s their excuse
    for more terror and bombing to get the banks, the oil and the gas

  78. Without explaining the role of Albanian (Arnaouts) people in Ottoman Empire
    and later in Turkey state… it is mostly lies!

  79. Impressive but still none of their Sultans are considered as great and the
    one and only Genghis khan, that motherfucker made an empire larger than the
    Ottoman’s in ONE LIFE TIME. As for the Ottomans it took many sultans and
    many decades years to become big……

    1. I agree with you on that, I like to think of the ottomans as a ethnicly
      watered down Turkic empire. However Timur along with all previous Mongol
      invasions consisted of a large amount of Turkic tribes and soldiers. Timur
      him self spoke the Turkic language which is almost the same as modern day
      Turkish. If someone from Turkey went to Kazakh although they wouldn’t
      understand fully they would be able to get the points of conversation and
      be able to communicate effectively. The ottomans achieved a lot but
      compared to what their relatives empires achieved its not as much. Like I
      said they all originate from xianbei northern China/Mongolia that’s why our
      language is structured like Korean Japanese and the many many now ex soviet
      Turkic nations.

  80. Nope, the conquest of Constantinople prophesied by Prophet Muhammad didn’t
    occur yet; it will definitely take place in the future.

    1. +SCARFACE07OWNER Turkey nowadays is a member of Nato which is created by an
      alliance of enemy of Islam; exactly like Sharif Husein and Ibn Saud did
      when they had entered into an alliance with the enemy (British) of Islam in
      order to abolish the Khilafah – even today they are still ‚friend‘ with the
      enemy (like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and some Arab rulers). So tell me who Is
      supporting the Kuffar! Both Turks and Arabs are such betrayers of Islam in
      recent history. Not all of them of course, fortunately.

  81. soo what we saw here is that the ottomans started at the tends and in the
    caves…and coz of their creed,their liking in killing and the weakness
    after more than a thousand year old byzantin empire..they became
    civilized..when they conquered better and wealthier older empires..

  82. About turks being a mixed race.Sorry lads we may be ruthless race,but we
    are not that ruthless to fuk our sisters to keep power in our
    race/family.Whole europe attacked us and arabs+kurds(armenian+arabs=shitty
    kurd race.) betrayed us.If our only fault is conquer and let them be as
    they want.Thats not our weakness thats our greatness.I am not racist but
    fuck all the races which pisses on the pkate they eat like kurds.

  83. Turkish history is very deep… Turkish history isn’t start Ottoman
    empire… Turkish states started bc 4000 in asia…. Turks are very ancient

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