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Under The Weather – Surfing in New Zealand


Under The Weather is a new surf film by Damon Meade.. The film has been shot entirely in New Zealand, taking a journey from the far North to the deep South and many places in between. Along for the ride are top Kiwi surfers Maz Quinn, Ricardo Christie, Bobby Hansen, Johnny Hicks, Luke Cederman, Billy Stairmand and friends.
Proudly sponsored by Sanuk, Sitka, Spaceships, KSM, Muvi, Aerial 7, Oakley & King of Gisy
Made possible with the support from Oakley, Electric, Quiksilver, The Boardroom, Hurley, Rip Curl, Billabong, Blitz Surf Shop, FCS, O’Neill & Volcom Ent
Artist: Junk Shop Star (Introduction & Various Instrumentals)
Artist: Diiv – Track: Doused (Johnny and friends)
Artist: The Lovely Bad Things – Track: Blood On My Moccassins (Dunedin)
Artist: The Lovely Bad Things – Track: I Just Want You To Go Away (Bobby)
Artist: Al-berto & the Fried Bikinis – Track: Dive (Luke & Alex camping)
Artist: The Lovely Bad Things – Track: New Waves (Maz)
Artist: CreaturoS – Track: Something Happened (Mix)
Artist: Jeff The Brotherhood – Track: Bone Jam (Billy & Luke at Raglan)
Artist: Clap Clap Riot – Track: Two Track (Ricardo)
Artist: Birds of Avalon – Track: Keep it Together, Thackery (Credits)
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  1. Yous can surf but yas don’t know how to cook a fucking abaloni cunts.
    Typical dum cunt surfers lol.

  2. פשוט מהמם ומהפנט ,היכולות של הגולשים האלו היא לגמרי לא אנושית.נפלא לראות את
    השליטה בגלשן עם גלים חזקים וים מאתגר.תענוג לעניים אומנות צרופה.

  3. and Ross Cope who sadly lives in Melbourne thus travelling miles and then
    there are crowds bring back Ross Cope my brother

  4. There is a huge wave on 17:49 and this is the only one moment in this video
    with wave of this size. It seems like… i dunno this moment is just
    allocated from others and i’d love to see more. So this video is appears to
    be about regular surfing that’s why this moment confused me.

  5. such great waves, really solid film , great editing , camera work and sound

    makes me wanna come buy a van and explore the islands, thanks

  6. This is a great film
    3:59 mad balls……. mad fkn balls!
    can’t believe the 27 thumbs down? I’m an Aussie and this is a free
    movie….. FREE, for nothing and peeps give it a thumbs down. Must have had
    a bad Christchurch experience. 

  7. loved parts of the video but 90% is air reverse… air reverse… air
    reverse. they were good just repetitive

    1. I agree, everyone is just doing that, what sucks is that I can’t do an air
      reverse so I feel like shit

  8. awesum vid!!! surfed most of those spots! brings back so many good
    memories.. now you can see why i overstayed for 10 years!!!

  9. just omfg, omg why haven’t I seen this before? I haven’t even watched the
    video yet but already omg 

  10. Awesome vid. I was jacked up by the pureness/simplicity of it. Damon has
    managed to show the artistry of the sport/craft and to infuse it with a
    perfectly complimentory musical score. Beautiful pairing, kid.

  11. So what’s the level of these guys‘ surfing skill/performance in relation
    with the general WQS and lower half of the WCT?

  12. Hey, what an amazing film. I’ll never get there in this lifetime, in my
    next maybe (!), but it’s great to see this

  13. hey nice vid. Hey look im goiing to NZ for 1 year, I just started surfing,
    and I would like to know where i could surf in NZ.

  14. cut out all the gay small wave closeout airiel crap and then you would have
    an awsome video. if the waves are small and crappy that you have to do airs
    to have fun thats fine but dont film it how fucking boring!!!!

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