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New Zealand’s 9 Great Walks (All 9 Great Walk Track Profiles)


New Zealand Department of Conservation’s nine Great Walks are unforgettable journeys. This New Zealand Great Walks Video shows all 9 Great walks of New Zealand, each of the nine walking tracks, all together.


  1. We got 125 acres of mixed bush and farm land in the Rodney district and I
    made a walking / riding track through the bush. Hats off to these guys who
    maintain those tracks. The cattle destroyed my track but it was good while
    it lasted.

  2. brack you peace of shit i bet you would not have the balls to say that to
    me face to face about Nz i would send you home in a body bag to what ever
    hole you were born in

  3. yeah, New Zealand is soo great!!
    You can watch all sorts of mice, rats, cats, wild dogs, sheep, feral pigs,
    horses, goats, not to forget foxes, quite everything you can see in Europe
    or Australia as well.
    If ya wanna see one of these fucking stinky kiwis go to a zoo!

  4. How are taxes in NZ? How conducive is the NZ economy to entrepreneurs?
    Would you say NZ would be welcoming to expats (both the govt & people)?

  5. Mesmirising. Brought a tear to the eye. I can’t wait till summer to go back
    out there. DOC do an amazing job.

  6. Please some body invite me to new zealand ,I am a software computer I think
    if we bring Some of caviour Fishes from Caspian sea to New Zealand lakes
    they can growing there because caspian sea is badly polluted by Russia &

  7. Stop DoC, AHB, Regional Councils poisoning our environment, food chain &
    water catchment areas with 1080 & Brodifacoum poisons. Search and watch the
    short sighted behaviour: Deer mass poisoned Poisoning Stewart Island –
    updated version, including marine impact Is Waikato Regional Council
    recklessly applying 1080 poison?

  8. Video’s like this make me very proud to work for DoC in the area with 3 of
    the prettiest great walks.

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