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HK2NY Ep 7: Backpacking in New Zealand


Ever wanted to quit your job and go travelling round the world? Well these 2 guys did just that – and they filmed it all!

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Episode 7 of Karl & James‘ backpacking documentary series as they travel on the Kiwi Experience bus round both islands of the stunningly beautiful New Zealand.

This episode has everything: bungy jumps, sky diving, climbing mountains, glaciers, riding helicopters, visiting Hobbiton, plus all the crazy drunken antics from the bus.

They filmed the entire journey with just one camera, a Sony Handycam HDR-XR160E.

Watch the entire series here:

If you wanna know how much the whole trip cost and how we budgeted check out this short video here:

For all the latest updates check out Karl on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram:

Read STA Travel’s blog on our trip and HK2NY Series:

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  1. This video’s just hit 100,000 views!! As a big thank you to everyone I’ve
    made a ‚behind the scenes‘ video, talking about how the filming of the
    episode came together as well as some unseen footage and deleted scenes.
    Head over and like my Facebook page to see the video – cheers! 🙂

    1. +Karl Watson: Travel Documentaries
      yeah i just read up on all that, good shit man, cant wait for more awesome
      When you are in NZ at the end of the year msg me and we can catch up for a
      smoke, always good to know people 😉

    2. +Karl Watson: Travel Documentaries may i say this? you are wasting the trip
      that James is on now. get more footage!!

  2. I’m getting ready to go study in Melbourne, but I think I might leave a bit
    early and do this trip through New Zealand!

    1. +shuculele haha, i was just kidding. young, flirty, attractive europeans in
      a magical, far-away country…it’d be a waste not to

  3. Great video. We have left New Zealand one month ago, but we are already
    thinking about going back. Such an impressive country. We also make video’s
    from our world trip, so if you would like to check out our New Zealand
    video’s, please do so ;)

  4. Love this video 🙂 Here’s my 5 minute video of backpacking New Zealand –

    🌴 🏊 🌅 🚣 🚴

  5. It’s crack up watching people do things in New Zealand I as a New Zealander
    take for granted. 😂😂

  6. Cool vid..Am flying out Christmas Eve, got week in Auckland and New Year
    Eve, then on the 2nd Jan, am cycling the North & South Island and back up
    the west coast of the south..over 6weeks trip..Cant Wait..

  7. Man I really wanna see my beautiful country after watching yr trip thx
    man… Is the Kiwi experience OK for oldish people and for that matter
    kiwis! I’m 44 lol

  8. I´m enjoying your trip as it was my own. And in my beloved New Zealand!.
    Amazing. You are an inspiration guys.

  9. Sooo great but sad in the same moment to see those guys havng fun at places
    where I had years ago 🙁 🙂 but still hate those Wekas. Ate all our bread

    1. +Emma O Come back then, ain’t no better place on earth than New Zealand!!!
      Woah! I love my country!!!

  10. The thing that really amazed be about the glaciers and especially milford
    sound is how insignificant they make you feel. Not only how ancient the
    landscape is but say, the milford sound, you’re on your little ferry boat
    looking up at Mitre Peak, which just rises straight up out of the water to
    1,700m and the day I was there there was a cruise ship across the other
    side of the sound, a massive cruise ship, 5000 people on board and it looks
    like a minuscule little row boat in comparison to the mountains and
    landscape around it.

  11. thanks for the response karl! what would you recommend in the way of travel
    packs? you’re essentially backpacking so bring what you can carry right?

  12. This is an absolute joy to watch!! wow!!! New Zealand looks like A LOT of
    You guys did a amazing job on the editing of this video! Really awesome to

    I just wonder, do you guys still have any contact with the big group on the
    bus drive?
    Man, I really want to go travel also! I am planning to first go on holiday
    to Bonaire (Dutch Caribbean) and after one or two holidays, I want to move
    there to live there for a while.. excellent diving and surfing place!

    Thanks for sharing this awesomeness with all of us!
    Aloha! ,

  13. you might have spent a lot of money, I guess. I am heading to Queenstown
    next week. Thank for your video. It is helpful to decide what to do. thumb
    up for this clip..

  14. hi i was wondering , if you had to add all the extras to the bus ride or is
    the kiwi bus all of the things you did togeter?

  15. This beautiful land in Asia-Pacific region needed to be returned to people
    of Asia-Pacific ; same with Australia.

  16. I’m thinking or working and living in new zeal d lime you did, what sites
    and best to look for jobs and accommodation ?????????

  17. OMG This looks soo awesome! I would love to just go to the airport and take
    the next plane to new zealand now 😂😂😉 

  18. This is amazing! You and James are adorable (especially James LMAO).
    Visiting NZ for the first time in Dec and just starting planning… I want
    to do EVERYTHING you guys did! (well, yes to the skydiving, no to the
    bungee 😛 ) But alas won’t have enough time. Gorgeous footage and
    exceedingly entertaining. The LOTR soundtrack made it even more epic. Just
    brilliant! Cheers.

    1. +anrina Thanks very much! 🙂 You’re gonna have an incredible time in NZ!!
      Check out our budgeting video there’s a bit in it about money in NZ might
      be useful

  19. so much LOTR music, really amazing! I have never felt homesick for a
    country I’ve never visited, but now I definitely do!

    1. +Roos Vervelde Best get saving and fly over there then! 😉 Glad you enjoyed
      the video 🙂

    1. +dlytempura The caption saying they’re from Netherlands kinda gives it away
      too 😉 5:48

  20. the best travel videos ever and it is so inspiring. gonna start planning my
    travel like you do. and kudos to your video edit, its very cool. 😀 keep up
    man! :)

  21. What months were you guys in New Zealand for?

    Im thinking of doing a working visa for a year in new zealand after school

    1. +Karl Watson: Travel Documentaries Thanks mate, if you ever feel like you
      need someone to help you with your trips, let me know and I’ll join you any
      time haha!

    2. Here’s a budget breakdown of the whole trip. Keep in mind we did a MASSIVE
      trip so it cost us a lot, the video has some suggestions of how to do it
      way cheaper:

    3. +Karl Watson: Travel Documentaries Would you be okay with sharing how much
      you actually spent on doing this whole trip? I’ve been really keen to do
      something similar, however, I have got no clue what to expect how much a
      trip would cost.

  22. Wow..nice filming… After watching this vid, I wana go there very soon. NZ
    was always my dream destination. It gives complete guide on how to plan
    your route.

  23. I’ve literally watched these episode after episode!! You guys must off had
    a epic time as a whole journey!! Inspired me to do it myself. 👌🏻👍

  24. This is the best adventure experience video I have seen about New Zealand
    🙂 It’s truly a gorgeous country. Thanks for all your tips, I’ll definitely
    be checking out more of your videos about traveling! I’m moving to New
    Zealand and Australia for 2 years this may to live/work there and of course
    have a shit ton of fun while visiting there!! Any advice for a first time

    1. +Karl Watson: Travel Documentaries Thanks for the advice! I’m so excited to
      start traveling but damn is it so much planning to do! Oh well it’ll all be
      worth it once I’m there, in the mean time I’ll check out some more of your
      videos for more tips 🙂

    2. +annabel zaleta Ahhh you’re gonna have SO much fun!! Best advice for a
      first time traveller, just check in to a fun hostel, you’ll make friends
      instantly and then the rest just writes itself! 🙂

  25. Really made me want to visit NZ! Wonderful video, really jealous you got to
    see all of the beautiful sights!
    Which pass did you you two get which allowed you to see all those sights?
    and did you get any Add-ons to see things which weren’t included in that
    Many thanks in advance!

    1. +Edward Boyd This is the pass we did:
      activities weren’t included but they were discounted

    1. +Charlotte McNamara We were there in June-July, February is there summer so
      you should have great weather 🙂

  26. Amazing series! I am planning my own RTW trip but having to do it in chunks
    as only allowed a month of work at a time.

    Anyway, was wondering, I was planning on doing a similar tour of NZ with
    Contiki. Do you know what the differences are between them and Kiwi
    Experience? Or aren’t there any really?

    Looking forward to watching the end of the series, especially the New York
    bit as I lived there for a month last year!

    1. Hey Rebecca 🙂 We did the Funky Chicken pass, we had a month to do it so
      you will be fine with 5 weeks. Keep an eye on their website as they often
      have 50% off on the passes

    2. So I used your Australia videos to plan my Oz trip which is now getting
      ever closer (6 weeks in July/August). Then for Christmas I got a rather
      generous cheque and my first thought was to start planning for NZ! As I
      posted months ago ^^ I was thinking of doing contiki through NZ but your
      video and the kiwi experience website has me sold on this! Am now sat
      ‚re-watching with a note pad and pen! Out of interest, which pass did you
      pick and how long did it take you? I will only have 5 weeks to do it,
      including flying to NZ and back again! Keep up the good work!

    3. +rebecca davis Thanks Rebecca! Haven’t actually heard of Contiki before but
      just gave them a quick Google and looks like you’ll be doing very similar
      stuff to the Kiwi bus! 🙂

      Enjoy the rest of the series, the USA episode is a bit of a different one
      as things don’t really go to plan!

  27. Hey Karl and James! Im planning my first trip as a 19 y/o now, so excited 🙂
    Anyway to my question. What was the rules of your game of life ? I
    recognized you cant say the number „9+1“ (haha). But where there more rules?

    Cheers from Sweden!
    PS: I will do pretty much the same trip since I recently won alot of money.
    Will be a great honor in walking the same footsteps as you!

    1. +theBebepfan Haha its ok you can say the number when you’re explaining the
      rules. So here’s the rules:
      1. You can’t say the number 10, if you do you have to do 10 push-ups
      2. You can’t say the word „mine“, if you do you have to do 10 push-ups
      3. You have to drink out of your left hand. If you see someone drinking out
      of their right hand you shout „buffalo“ and they have to down all of their
      drink with left hand. If they down it all with their right, they have to
      get another drink and down it with their left.

      Also if someone makes a false accusation, as in they think you said one of
      the words but you didn’t, they have to do 10 push ups.

      Enjoy! 🙂

  28. Did you travel NZ during their winter season? Im planning to go there but I
    wasn’t sure whether travelling NZ during their winter season is ideal?

    1. +Karl Watson: Travel Documentaries Thanks for replying. Yeah, I can imagine
      feeling a bit sad after a trip like that.

      Your channel has really inspired me to take a break from school to work and
      travel. 🙂

    2. +Linus It sucked!! We were living the dream for 9 months then it was over.
      Only way to get over it though is start planning the next trip 😉

  29. Karl, FYI – earlier on this year the TTS aircraft engine failed and the
    pilot nose dived it into the water before jumping out himself.

    1. Yeah I’m doing to do the Tongariro crossing, both times I’ve been to NZ it
      was cancelled by weather! Even spent a week there in 2006 trying to do it!!
      😉 I use Final Cut X for editing, graphics are done in After Effects

    2. Awesome, you should come back through Taupo, we have a few cool things here
      (not much) but a bit more than a skydive company and airport lol

      btw what software did you use for editing and rendering?

    3. Thanks very much Cameron! Most likely gonna be heading back to NZ in 2017
      to revisit some favourite places and explore lots of new ones! 🙂 Also I
      lived there in 2006 for a few months and did a few other spots not in this

    4. btw your video is … fantastic, you should have made your way up the east
      coast, up napier/hastings and tauranga and such, you missed the cape right
      up above auckland.
      But it was a fantastic video! The production of it is what i’d expect from
      a full paid production crew, this could easily end up on broadcast TV
      because the production and editing quality is that great!

  30. Just finished your SouthEast Asia journey. I don’t know what job you quit
    Karl, but you definitely have a talent for film-making and editing. Hope
    your working on a career in it. Your videos are absolute quality and have
    me buzzing to get back to Asia. Great work man

    1. +Patrick Cahill Cheers Patrick! Yeah I work professionally as a video
      editor. Work freelance now so I can work, travel, work travel.

    2. +Patrick Cahill Cheers Patrick! Yeah I work professionally as a video
      editor. Work freelance now so I can work, travel, work travel.

  31. Literally the best travelling series on YouTube ! So well put together !
    One day I hope to travel around the world myself and you have inspired me
    to do so

    1. +Jake hart Nice one Jake!! Yeah make sure you do it – best thing you’ll
      ever experience 🙂

  32. Watched the whole video while I actually have to study.. ooops.. I do not
    regret it though.
    You two are such an inspiration to me. I want to go to NZ next year
    July/August for 6 weeks! :D

    1. +Merel .Saarloos I’m most likely going to Rotorua, Auckland and areas
      around Rotorua! What about you??

  33. what a fantastically edited little program. really showcases New Zealand. I
    really want to do the South Island! so beautiful

  34. Loved this video because I live in new zealand and a couple years ago me
    and my dad travel the whole of new zealnd and it was cool seeing you guys
    experience our amazing country.

    1. +Karl Watson: Travel Documentaries Yous should’ve done some gold panning or
      caving. The best caves are down near the pancake rocks

  35. I am loving this documentary!!! Out of all the countries you’ve been to so
    far I’d have to say I’ve enjoyed NZ the most! Been wanting to go here for
    the last 10 years and I’m finally going next month with my mom for 2 weeks!
    I am beyond excited and your video has made me look forward to my upcoming
    trip even more!

    1. +anic18 Yeah NZ is probably my favourite country in the world, absolutely
      love it! You’ll have an amazing time! 🙂

  36. What month did you go here? New Zealand’s really a beautiful country! And
    South Island is just MAJESTIC! REALLY! I’m going to do this someday! :)

    1. +Karl Watson: Travel Documentaries
      Thanks bro. I’m going to do what you did someday! Looking forward to go
      back to New Zealand someday! 🙂

  37. I live in Greece and i’m 18 years old.
    I never have seen most beautiful place from New Zealand!
    How can I go there,find job,and leave for my rest of my life?
    What papers i need?

    1. +Karl Watson: Travel Documentaries​ making me proud to be kiwi ! The other
      ep were so interesting ! Funforlouis is going on world tour soon , will be
      good to see you there with him.keep it up !

    2. +Elaine Teneti It’s hard to say because I enjoy different places for
      different reasons. New Zealand’s my favourite country, Iguazu Falls in
      Argentina is the most spectacular thing we saw, the Inca Trail in Peru was
      an incredible experience, as was the Amazon in Peru for very different
      reasons. China was just insane, big culture shock. The list goes on!

  38. Really love all your videos man, helping me loads with my planning, hoping
    to do a 5-6 month gap year travelling to NZ Aus and SE Asia and hopefully
    working in NZ wth a few friends, just a few questions, what time of year
    were u in NZ at? were all the activities you did included in your KiwiExp
    tour or did you have to pay for the on top? and how did the accommodation
    work with KiwiExp? thanks a lot!

    1. +Dan Solway Cheers Dan! We were in NZ from mid-June to mid-July. Activities
      weren’t included with the Kiwi Experience but they were discounted and
      they’d book them for you if you want. Same for accommodation, they send
      round a clipboard each day with the hostel options (everyone ticks the same
      hostel), they book it for you at a discounted rate and then you pay on
      arrival at the hostel.

  39. there is only a question …. do you think people are fucking stupid ? this
    is „how the rich guy who never worked traverl the world“ … fuck dude
    …its isi to travel like this ..luky you

    1. +Stefano Ronchi WTF you talking about? Spent over 3 years saving for this
      trip working my ass off.

  40. Amazing stuff! Great video with all the wonders of New Zealand and and your
    own adventures beautifully captured! Just came across this when browsing
    through videos on what to do in our trip to New Zealand. One question on
    this trip – what were your travel dates to New Zealand? Want to see when we
    can expect similar weather – mix of snow and sunshine. On another note it
    might be just as useful if the travel dates/period was included in all your
    other videos as well. cheers!

    1. +Karl Watson: Travel Documentaries That was wicked cool thanks for all the
      effort in putting together this footage and uploading it. I love your
      youth, you can drink like that and still manage all these amazing
      adventures. You get older you’ll find you can’t do both. So grab life by
      the balls and run with it while you can.

  41. Hi guys, I wanted to ask like how much you spent on your Trip, or atleast
    for New Zealand and South America. Just a +- Summary. Im planing to make a
    Trip about 9 months long starting in New Zealand and maybe add some of
    South american since Im half mexican and dont have any problem talking
    spanish. I already started to get some cash. Im also gonna work in New
    zealand so Ill save some cash there too. Thanks guys, btw, damn awesome
    videos. Greetings from Germany.

    1. +Marco Mendoza Hey Marco! Hopefully this budget video should answer all
      your questions 🙂
      Need anything else just gimme a shout! Cheers

  42. Hey Guys ! I LOVED this episode (first of your travelogues that I watched).
    It’s fun, it’s hilarious..nicely done 🙂 Makes me look forward to my move
    to NZ (hopefully sooner) 🙂 Good luck with all your travels.. Much Love x

  43. I’ve been wanting to move to New Zealand since a young age and you’ve made
    me want to move even more! Do you have any plans to go back to New Zealand?

    1. +Xplore Absolutely! Hoping to go back in Jan 2017 for a few weeks. I love
      it there so much I’ll probably keep going back every few years.

  44. Thanks for this NZ episode. It allows me to refresh those experiences I had
    thru this vid. For the most part of my 3 wks‘ trip in 2010, I was mainly on
    South Island and been to those places you have featured. I think you’d
    agree with me that NZ is pretty easy to get around fr pt to pt on those
    coaches and because NZ is quite compact, you are likely to bump into the
    same persons somewhere along the way and getting to know them again and
    again thru those shared experiences like ice hiking, bungy jump, cooking
    together in the kitchen etc, just made my whole NZ trip so much more
    enjoyable. best episode for me so far (yes im biased here), and great
    content on NZ. Hv u been to Mt Cook/Lake Tekapo and did the star-gazing
    thing with fellow travellers? It’s an amazing feeling!

    1. That’d seem like a long way from London. Don’t think there’s a direct
      flight, prob stopover mid-way in S’pore. 🙂

    2. only briefly stopped in that area. but i love NZ so much i reckon i’ll go
      back every 2-3 years!! glad you enjoyed the episode 🙂

  45. Thank you for sharing your videos, i’ve been addicted to watching this
    series. I watched them all in two days, found it so interesting. Also the
    way you edited all of the videos is so professional, not doubt you have a
    really talent for story telling. I am thinking about spending a month in
    New Zealand next year, i have watched your budgeting video, which i found
    very helpful, but i am wondering did you pre book the sky diving, bungee
    jumping , glacier walking tours etc, or did you sort that when you got

    1. Cheers James – yep there’s gonna be plenty more videos from new adventures
      coming online over the next few months!

    2. +Karl Watson: Travel Documentaries Cheers mate, i have been to the STA
      travel agent a spoke to them after seeing your budgeting video! Very
      helpful, i also enjoyed your China and Nepal episodes would definitely
      consider going to Nepal after seeing that! Hope you keep making videos mate!

    3. +James Holland Alright James! Glad you’ve enjoyed the series. All the
      activities we booked them as we went, in fact because we were on the Kiwi
      Experience bus they booked them for us as we went.

  46. Thank u karl watson for sharing and uploading this video.. This documentary
    probably increased my anxiety to travel to new zealand some day in near

    1. +Shaurin Dharia Thanks Shaurin!! Yeah you’ve gotta go – New Zealand is just

  47. You guys are just awesome, what a great video. Thank you for sharing your
    experiences! I’ll quit my job next month and will travel to New Zealand for
    a year with a friend of mine in september, you guys showed me some new
    sights that we’ll definetly check out! Just subscribed to your channel and
    gave a deserved thumbs up to this video!!! It must have been really
    difficult to plan such a huge journey through all these countries.Many
    greetings from germany! 🙂 

    1. Haha no no. When you’re backpacking and you don’t know someone’s name you
      just call them by what country they’re from 😉

    2. +Karl Watson: Travel Documentaries yes definetly! So looking forward to
      it.. can’t wait! Btw, according to your reply I hope you don’t think my
      name is germany xD

    3. +windsofplague7 Thanks Germany! New Zealand is my favourite country –
      you’ll love it! This video just scratches the surface of how MUCH there is
      to do there!! Enjoy! 😉

  48. I have to say this video is so inspiring and so well edited.

    Thank you for sharing your trip with the world, it’s really helped in my
    planning for an NZ trip in March 2018. xx

  49. love the series very well done keep up the good work. Was wondering what
    type of camera you used during this trip?

    1. Im planning my trip for March. This was an awesome video. I’ll be sure to
      watch your other adventures

    1. +Karl Watson: Travel Documentaries btw congrats for your experience,it
      takes nuts to do what you have done.It’ll surely make you richer tho

  50. Wow this video is sick! Looks like you had a gr8 time! I’m heading there in
    4 weeks for 2 years! Buzzing now after watching that! Cheers boys! 

    1. +david stuart Cheers David!! 2 years in NZ – you’re gonna have an amazing
      time!! 🙂

  51. This is an amazing video! I’m actually going to be studying abroad in NZ
    for six months next year and I definitely wanna take this trip you took!
    About how much do you think this costed in US Dollars?

    1. +Fayogee We were on the Funky Chicken pass. Check out this budget video for
      how much it cost:

    1. +matthew89461 This budget breakdown video will answer all your questions,
      but remember, we did a MASSIVE trip so it was quite expensive. There’s some
      tips towards the end of the video for doing a cheap trip:

  52. Was it expensive to eat/drink there or are these trips all inclusive? +Karl
    Watson: Travel Documentaries

    1. +Adam Harrington Its not all inclusive, all the hostels have big kitchens
      for everyone to cook in. If you’re travelling in a group like on the Kiwi
      bus, you can make things cheap by a bunch of you getting together and
      cooking a big meal together. That really keeps costs down and saves more
      money for beer 😉

  53. This video is an Amesooommme video!!! Keep on rockin the world. All
    together, How long were you out in New Zealand?

  54. Hey Karl, I’m a kiwi living in Brisbane. Growing up on the North Island I
    travelled around the world as soon as I finished school and never checked
    out the back yard (south Is). Went on youtube this weekend to find any
    footage on Queenstown/Milford to get inspired and came across your Doc and
    loved it so much, watched your whole series. Thank you so much, what
    amazing job you did and yes it got me inspired. South Island trip coming
    up. Love your work. Anthony

    1. Its always good to explore your own country as well as the rest of the
      world – especially if your own country is frickin‘ New Zealand!! 😉

    2. We’re so eager to leave and explore the rest of the world, we don’t stop to
      appreciate how amazing our own country is (from a fellow Kiwi living in
      Western Australia). 🙂

  55. im booking a kiwi experience soon, im a little confused on how the bus ride
    works? can you get off whereever you want? which package did you book and
    how long did you stay for? any tips would be great !

    1. +Tariq Mehr We did the Funky Chicken pass. You can get off at any of their
      stops for as long as you want. The pass lasts a year and you can go round
      as many times as you like.

  56. Thanks so much for posting this! I want to do the kiwi experience too!
    Which pass did you take? And did you have to book the pass a long time
    beforehand? Is 5 months beforehand enough?

    1. +blubske3 We did the Funky Chicken pass and no, you don’t have to book that
      far in advance. Keep an eye on their website as they often have 50% off the

  57. Absolutely love these videos Karl, just watched all these eps back to back!
    My boyfriend and I are planning a 6 month trip to South East Asia,
    Australia & New Zealand – so these videos have been so helpful and
    inspirational!! Cheers!

    1. +Sophie Thanks Sophie!! You might find this short budget video I made
      useful too: Hope you guys have
      an amazing trip!!

    1. +nadella pratap yeah i’ll be in india either 2015 or 2016 for sure, high up
      my to do list! plenty more videos coming at the start of the new year 🙂

    2. +nadella pratap thanks man. yeah back to work but i freelance now so i can
      work a bit, travel a bit, work, travel, etc. 🙂

    1. +XThulyX Hey – glad you enjoyed the video! We did the Funky Chicken pass
      with Kiwi. Check out this budget video on how much the whole trip cost with
      some info on saving for NZ:

  58. Beautiful! We’ve been there last year and we have done the same route as
    you guys. Except we didn’t do kiwi experience but we rented a car. Brings
    back so many memories! What did you think of kiwi experience? Do you
    recommend it? We might go again in a few years :).

    1. +ntbclips Yeah I’d absolutely recommend the Kiwi Experience!! It’s so much
      fun, you make a great group of friends, and also get money off on all the
      activities! They often have over 50% off on their passes too so keep an eye
      on their website if you do go to book them 🙂

  59. Love ur ideas mate. I’m from UK and just been on gap year in Oz! I want to
    go to New Zealand soon. What was ur favourite country u went to?

    1. Cheers mate! Tough to say because you enjoy different countries for
      different reasons, but ultimately I would say New Zealand is my favourite
      country – it just has everything!

  60. I’m starting a trip of my own in a couple months and I’m just curious on
    how much the kiwi tour costs to do everything? And how much extra would you
    recommend bringing as extra spending cash?

    1. The Kiwi Experience cost us just under £300. Keep an eye on their website
      because they often have over 50% off their bus passes, we did the Funky
      Chicken pass:

      All the activities we did (and there were a lot!) cost around £1,000 in
      total. Plus spending money on hostels, beer and food!

  61. Fellas, great video. I’ve just booked my trip to NZ and will be
    heading there for a month (from the States) in November. I’m already
    dreading Nevis. I’m also thinking about booking with the Kiwi Experience.
    It looks like you guys had a blast, would you recommend the
    company? Thanks!

    1. Yeah I’d definitely recommend Kiwi Experience, they’re awesome! Keep an eye
      on their website because they often have over 50% off their bus passes, we
      did the Funky Chicken pass:

  62. Hey I have a few questions about your trip with the Kiwi experience bus.
    Hope you are willing to answer them!
    Which ticket of Kiwi Experience bus did you buy? Do you need the add on’s
    to go where you have been? Do you also need extra tickets for the hotels or
    is it included? Do you have like a program you follow or can you just hop
    on whenever you want? How much time do you need to do all the things you
    have done? I’m going to Australia in December and am planning to go to New
    Zealand in February, so I’m very interested in how you have planned your
    trip to New Zealand. Thank you!

    1. +Sylke dj We did the Funky Chicken pass, the only add-on to that was the
      Milford Sound trip which we ended up not doing with Kiwi cos they weren’t
      running that day or something. You can buy the add-ons whilst you’re there.
      They have a set itinerary you can follow if you want to stay with the same
      bus and driver, but you can hop-on hop-off whenever, wherever you like for
      as long as you want. The pass lasts a year. Hostels aren’t included but
      they book them for you each day when you’re on the bus. We had a month in
      NZ. Check out this budget video for our RTW trip which has some tips on
      budgeting for NZ:

    1. +1234567890sunshine I didn’t. But I haven’t monetised the video so I’m not
      making a penny from it.

  63. Question:what trip package did u take with the kiwi experience,,,,,im going
    to new zealand for a month in october and just wanted to know what trip
    package u guys used,,,u guys are awesome:)))

    1. hey,i just have one more questions,when u were on the bus i heared that the
      bus drivers handed around a clip board that had all the activities and
      hotels for the next city or town they where going to stop in,i just wanted
      to know if this is true . THANK:)

    2. +KEVIN FELIX Hey Kevin we had the Funky Chicken pass:

      I’d also check out our short budget video which has some tips on saving for

      Cheers mate! 🙂

  64. Hey! Really interested in the kiwi experience, how much would you say you
    spent in total in New Zealand?

    1. Hey Lilian! This short video on the budget of our entire trip has info on
      NZ that should hopefully answer your questions
      if you wanna know anything else just ask 😊

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